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Short story By: hotstory4you


Submitted:Jan 7, 2011    Reads: 6,877    Comments: 9    Likes: 6   

"I don't think so" Kelly replied to her friends as they were discussing the hot thing , Kelly said she thinks that men are in interested in teen girls, she thinks that they love young teen girls in bed, but kimmy and Shasha her friends didn't agreed it , they thinks that they are right that men likes women and boys like girls. They were sitting in their school yard behind a tree missing her lectures, Kelly took out her lip gloss and rubbing it on her beautiful rosy lips " ok here is the bet I will try to seduce a man and I will tell you what I experience, then we will decide who wins and who lose" kimmy thought a minute and agreed shasha too.

Now they need a guy or I can say a mature man, shasha suggest them a teacher in their own school but Kelly didn't want any trouble in her school, "how about your dads " Kelly said in a low voice. "what" kimmy shouted, "what, its just a bet why are u getting angry I m not going to steel your dad from your mother" kellu told her with a laugh. Shasha said "yah I think Kelly is right , its just a bet and fun" so they decided to do it with Mr. Van Kimmy's dad.

After the school they went to kimmy's house, it was their luck that mr.van was at home in kitchen having some ice cream. "hi girls…" mr. van said to them. "hiiii" all three shouted. Kimmy moved to her room telling that he need some help of her friends in her work. Both beautiful girls followed her. Door closed and kimmy asked Kelly that what she is going to do. Kelly opened the door "come and both of you just hang upstairs" Kelly moved downstairs unfastening her top button to show a glimpse of her beautiful cleavage .both girls just freezed there without any noise they can saw mr.van sitting on chair with a bowl of ice on table as Kelly finished the stairs she pretend to slipping and falling in front of mr. van rubbing and showing her cleavage to him on his knees. Mr. van immediately hold her from her shoulders and helped her to sit on chair and asked her if she is ok. Kelly replied she is and looked at kimmy and shasha, both were smiling as mr. van didn't showed any interest in Kelly. Doing some more tricks she went up thinking something . kimmy laughed and said she win. Kelly asked for some more chances and they both agreed. Next day Kelly didn't find kimmy in class. Shasha asked her for her mission seduction, Kelly told her that she didn't hav anything now. After school Kelly went to kimmy's house for kimmy. But rain starts in halfway and she was all wer her white school uniform shirt was transparent and she felt embarrassed as her red bra was clearly seen by the word, and every one was just turning to her to look at those amazing tits, her wet hair was covering her half face, and her black skirt just stick to her curved ass she was looking so hot in that cold water. She knocked the door mr.van opened the door taking her in, she closed the door behind her, "oh you are all wet let me grab a towel for you" saying that mr. van left to his room. Kelly asked in loud voice for Kelly. "she went to her cousin with her mom, she will be back tomorrow" mr. van's voice came from the room. Kelly decided to use this opportunity she took of her shirt and sit on the chair giving a side look in mr. van's way . as mr. van came she shocked and still to see her daughters hot and sexy friend just in her bra and skirt, Kelly looked at him " oh I hav allergy to rain water" mr. van just gave her towel and sat facing her. This time Kelly finds a change in mr. van's behavior, he was starring at her, as Kelly drained herself, mr. van shifted next to her chair and starts talking about her studies, but his eyes were still stick to her boobs, Kelly thought that she wins, and a smile came on her face. But suddenly she felt his hand on her shoulder she turned to see his hand and when she turned again to face mr.van she finds his lips rubbing on her, he was kissing her like mad, Kelly was shocked to see such a change in him, her 2nd hand moved to her breast to cup her one boob,now Kelly was also excited this is the first time Kelly was doing something hot, her hands moved to his head pressing him more on her lips, mr. van stands up and lifted her and turned to his bedroom, and next they were kissing each other , and his hands were moving all over her body they were like mad lovers, and showed her slutty side and moved her hand to his pant and finds his hard cock, he pulled the cup of her bra and her boobs were flashing to his eyes and she was sucking them like a child sucked a milk bottle with nipple , he moved to her belly, streaching her skirt down showing her black panty line, Kelly holds the pillow with one hand and her other hand was moving on his head, now she totally lost with her friends dad, Kelly shifted herself on top of him and within a minute she stripped him naked and grabbed his cock and wrap her lusty lips around it, "ahhhhh hmmm" he moaned , "mumumum mumumumum mwahhhhhh" Kelly was doing a good job, mr. van stopped her head moving, as he was near to cum, they again kissed and licked each other, and shifted , mr. van grabbed Kelly to her belly and stuck his mouth on her panty, and pull it off and now, he was eating her pussy, and Kelly was moaning loudly, she was almost going to tear the pillow in her hand and with a loud screem she squirted on his face, this was first time she experienced this, and she was so exhausted, she just left her hot body relax in his arms, her eyes were closed , her breast were up and down with her heavy breathing, after a few minute she again felt his lips on her wet and dripping pussy, shifting her to the edge of the bed placing a pillow under there, she saw mr. van standing between her legs with his hard cock with a condom on it. " don't worry it will hurt a little not much" he said with a smile, and he grabbed her thighs and moved his cock to her enterance and push, "aaaaaaaaaaaa" Kelly screamed. He stopped for a minute and again he pushed with more power " aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh" Kelly screamed too loud and grabbed his shoulder and nailing it with her long nails, her eyes were wet, and tears rolled down from her pretty eyes, "relax baby…..just relax" mr. van said placing his lips on her, Kelly grabbed him in her arms, and wrapped her legs around his waist. " are you ok" mr. van whispered in her ear, breaking their kiss, she nodded in yes, he starts making in and out in her pussy, the edge of the bed was spoiled and wet by her juice and blood, now she became a women, her virginity lost in her friend's dad's bedroom. Mr. van was fucking her hard and fast, Kelly experienced her 2nd orgasm but mr. van was still busy in his job. He made her sit on him, and Kelly needed no instruction and she starts riding him, her hands were behind her head, and she was jumping like a pro, she again felt her juices coming out and she fall down on his chest and her hard nipples nailed his chest, mr. van also filled the condom with his cum, they both just stayed in same position and then Kelly moved next to him, taking out his limb cock, mr. van sat on bed pulled out the condom and drop all the cum on her belly. He kissed her and went to bathroom, till now the rain had been stopped, and her shirt was also much dried, she dressed herself and left, after one day, when she meets kimmy, she told her that she wins, as his father looked at her with a lust in her eyes and brushed his hand on her tits, that's it, and she won….but she lost her virginity that kimmy never came to know


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