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Highly erotic, not for minors.

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I followed him as he entered in his apartment, he was not rich and I guessed live alone. I didn't care about that I just wanted to get paid after my work.

He asked me to take a seat on the living room while he went into the bedroom, he took a little long in there and I wasn't sure what he was doing in there.

Was he cleaning the messed up bedroom so that we can use that room for an hour or half or might he was just looking for something else. I didn't have any problem if he would do me on the couch or on the floor. After all I was not his wife or his girlfriend.

He came out in different clothes which was just a boxer, "Hmm you want something? Cold drink, Beer etc.?" he asked.

"A glass of water" I said because I was going to need water and what we were going to do take lots of energy.

He gave me a glass of water and I had half of it, "Where do you want to do?" I asked, "I have other clients too" I added reminded him that I was in his house only for an hour.

He looked around and asked me where did I feel comfortable, "You are paying me so where ever you want to do" I replied and he came closer to me.

"My bedroom is messed up so this is the only place I have" He said and I replied "Fine"

He was standing right in front of me, I took off my top and unhooked my bra. He smiled looking at my boobs like ever man did. He sat next to me and Without any permission he grabbed my boobs. I was going to stand up and take off my bottoms but when he bent over me to suck my breast then I left my bottoms on.

He sucked my boobs for a minute then moved up to kiss me and his hands were all over my breast. My hands were behind his head caressing his hair and I was making a little moans just to give him what he wanted.

He stood up and pulled down his boxers, usually people asked me to do this but this man did it himself. His hard cock popped out and it was not bad, shaved and of average size. He smiled at me when I looked up in his eyes.

I grabbed his cock and stroked it a little, I was going to suck him after a couple of more strokes but he was too excited and before I could show him my sucking skills he ordered me to suck him.

I took him in my mouth and showed him how good I was in sucking.

"Hmm you are good" I heard and now I was used to hear that compliment.

He held my head and pulled out his cock, he was breathing like he was about to cum. He sat down in front of me on the floor and grabbed my bottoms and pulled them away from my slim waist.

Now I was all naked in front of him and there was no shyness in me. He held my thighs and pulled me a little, I leaned on the couch and my legs were hanging on his shoulder. His head was between my legs and his lips were just an inch away from my love hole.

He parted my pussy lips to taste my wet pussy, he tongue fucked me a little but the way he was doing it I guess it was his first tongue fucking.

He got up and went on his knees, with his cock aiming to my pussy. "Condom" I said.

"Sorry, Give me a minute I'll be back" He said standing up but I stopped him and grabbed my hand bag.

"Take out one from my bag" I said, he picked out a condom and rolled it up on his hard cock. I looked around the room to see how much time I had, actually we had. 30 minutes, that's all we had.

"We don't have much time, 30 minutes or 40 maximum" I said and he again went on his knees, "Okay" he replied and he again aimed his member to my pussy and pushed it in.

I made a little moan although It didn't pain but he was my client and its my job to show him that he was doing good. He held my waist and started pumping between my legs.

Some times he pressed my boobs and leaned over to lick my nipples but his cock was continuously fucking me. After few minutes he was about to cum, I knew that because he was fucking me hard and fast I made some loud moans to help him cum fast.

"Oh ahhh ahhh ahh yes, fuck it hard" Just few lines and he fell on me shooting his cum in my pussy.

He got up from me after a minute and I stood up asking him the way to washroom. He pointed to it and I cleaned myself. He was taking off the condom when I came out. I looked at the clock and it was showing that we still had 10 minutes.

I sat on the couch and told him that we had a little more time if he wanted to do something more. He asked me to sit in his lap facing him and I did. He did a little kissing and biting on my nipples and neck. And I felt his cock again getting hard under my ass. But I didn't have much time to again make him cum either by sucking or fucking.

He also didn't pay me for another round of fuck so I told him that I have to leave. He booked me for next weekend for 3 hours including to fuck my ass.

I came out of his apartment after getting dressed, checked my everything in the bag and left to meet the other client.

But I hope he will not waste anytime in some cheap restaurant asking stupid questions like my this client did, that I didn't mention in the story before but if my next client would do same then I will tell him "Just fuck me and pay me"

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