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JOY and his SEXY DOCTOR chapter- 2

Short story By: hotstory4you


Submitted:Sep 12, 2011    Reads: 3,195    Comments: 5    Likes: 9   

CH-1 http://www.booksie.com/erotica/short_story/hotstory4you/joy-and-his-sexy-doctor

Susan laid nude on her bed her fingers were brushing on her labia, and inside the folds. Her eyes were closed and she couldn't resist the pictures flashing of what happen in the Clinic. She had never felt so addicted to any body. She was pleasuring her body when she heard the phone ringing she looked at the number and it was an unknown number.

"hello" Susan said on phone thinking, who could call at 9 pm.

"Hello! Dr. Susan?" Susan heard a familiar voice and she didn't took much time to recognize the person on the other side.

"Joy! Is it you?" Susan was confident about the voice she heard.

"yah its me, I am feeling so pain and the medicines aren't working" Joy said. He had jerked off thinking of Susan and by doing so he cause much trouble, he had his medicine and applied ointment but nothing was working so he found the number of Susan on the prescription note and had called Susan.

"Calm down joy, medicine will not help much you have to depend on Ointment and rub it at the right place" Susan tried to calm him down and help him over the phone.

But Joy was not listening anything, "Ok don't worry just come over my house" Susan said telling her address.

It was really difficult for joy to ride on his bike so he took his neighbor's car and drove at Susan's place as fast as he could.

Susan heard the a car pulling in front of her house at around 9.30 pm, she looked out the window and saw a person coming to her house. She opened the door before getting a knock and Joy was coming to her house. He entered without any invitation and Susan closed the door, she guided Joy to her living room.

"you better took off your trousers they must be tight and not good for your penis" Susan asked as he was going to sit. Joy took off her trouser and his cock was limb and lifeless but paining like hell was hanging freely between his legs.

Joy sat on the couch and Susan left the room, she came back with a bowl of hot water, a soft pillow and the ointment she had given to Joy earlier.

"use this you will feel comfortable on it" Susan said giving him the soft pillow and asking him to sit on it. Susan was dipping a sponge in the hot water but she was constantly staring at Joy's cock.

She grabbed his cock and examined it the swelling was much more than before, "did you do that?" Susan asked and joy looked at her confusing about Susan's question.

"did what?' Joy asked

"don't feel embarrassed or shy I know some boys can't control that but did you jerked off, I guess you did as I can see the result but I just want to confirm" Susan asked him again explaining everything.

"yes actually.." Joy said, and Susan stopped him to explain anything much by asking if he used the ointment.

Joy nodded in yes and Susan grabbed his cock softly, she could see the ointment on his cock which he applied at his home.

"You were supposed to massage It slowly not just apply it like a beauty product" Susan said grabbing the sponge in one hand and with other she held Joy's cock up sticking to his pelvis.

Susan squeezed the sponge over his cock and Joy felt the hot water falling on his cock. "oh its hot" Joy said, "Yes it is, and its good to overcome the swelling" Susan said and did same a few more times.

After washing his cock in hot water, Susan started to rub the sponge over his cock to pass the heat inside his cock.

As Susan had done her hot water treatment she grabbed a towel and dried his cock. Joy could feel the hotness coming out of his cock skin.

Susan grabbed the bowl and towel and went out of the room. she came back and sat on the floor. "you feeling better?" Susan asked and again grabbed Joy's cock which was so hat after the sponge bath.

"you should know how to use an ointment" Susan said taking some ointment in her palm. She wrapped her soft hand around Joy's limb cock and started massaging it, First few minutes Susan was actually massaging his cock and all the area around his cock and pelvis along with her testicles. But later her massage turned just in strokes, she was just stroking Joy's cock which had become semi erect.

"joy was feeling better by the hot water and now the cold feeling of this ointment, he looked at Susan and realized that saw that Susan was wearing a simple night gown which was sheer pink. It had thin straps going over her shoulder and low neck to expose her breast. she was not wearing any bra under there and her nipples were visible through it.

She was wearing a dark pink matching g strings, watching Susan like that Joy's cock got erect in seconds and Susan loosed her grip over Joy's cock to let it get thicker and bigger. After a minute Joy's cock was erect like wood and Susan was still stroking it.

"I know this is a weird situation but if you feel like ejaculate then don't try to control it will cause tension in your veins which is not good for you" Susan said and took some more ointment to stroke his cock. Although the massage just need a few minutes but Susan kept it doing as she wanted to do it. She didn't had stroke any cock in past 2 years after the divorce.

Her pussy started getting wet and her lips were dying to touch that purple head of Joy's hard cock. Joy was near to ejaculate and as Susan told him not to control he ejaculated, A thick stream of cum appeared in the air landed on Susan's hand, then there were few more streams of cum landing on Susan's hands.

Susan had felt the hotness of a man's cum on her skin after a long time, she stood up and left the room excusing to wash her hands, when she was leaving Joy told her "sorry" about the cum on her hands. Susan smiled and left. She went in to the washroom but she didn't wash her hands. She looked in the living room behind a wall and watching Joy sitting right there on the couch with his limb cock, she brought her fingers near her mouth.

Her fingers and hands were covered in white cream of Joy's she licked one finger and closed her eyes enjoying the unforgettable taste, she licked her all fingers and rubbed the cum on her chin and lips. She looked in the mirror and smiled to see the cum on her chin,

She washed her hands and grabbed a towel, she came back in the living room and sat again on the floor. She cleaned Joy's cock and after giving him medicine she covered Joy's cock with a thin blanket. She asked Joy not to put on his trousers as they would be tight around his crotch. She asked him to take rest in the couch and if he needed anything he can call her name anytime.

She went to her bedroom and locked the door,

Next morning Susan came out of her bedroom to see Joy who was still sleeping. Susan wasn't wearing any panties under her night dress which was telling that last night she had fingered her. Susan removed the blanket and saw Joy's cock, she wanted to touch it again but she didn't do that being afraid of Joy, she was afraid of being watched without panties which would be very embarrassing for her.

Susan went in to her bedroom again and took a bath she came out in her bathrobe, and made some breakfast for her and Joy. She came back in the living room and smiled to see joy that had awaken. She offered him tea and switched on the TV for news, they were sipping on their tea when some one knocked on the door.

Susan opened the door, and it was Amy standing there ..




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