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Short story By: hotstory4you


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(sorry if the image used is copyrighted)

Its been an hour and Joy was waiting for her turn to see the doctor. Today during the baseball match the ball hit right on his cock and testicles(balls), and now it was hurting too much, he couldn't sit properly. He was standing with the support of wall and looking all over the walls and posters related to health. "Okay Amy, I am leaving now" Susan the Dr. said, "but there is one more patient, and he is waiting for more than an hour" Amy told but Susan started walking to the exit.

Susan was a very good doctor, she was in her late 30's and divorced. She was not born to be a doctor in fact she was born for being a model, she was so sexy and so hot. she got beautiful eyes long black hair, she was a busty lady with her 36D pair of breast and 38 size ass, her belly was slim and her belly was pierced that was hidden under her top and covered by the white coat. She wore glasses and heels, a silver bracelet in left hand and a tattoo on her lower belly.

As Susan started to walk out of the clinic she saw Joy standing next to a couch, she could see the pain on his face, but she also had seen something else, something that awaken the desires of a woman which she was hiding from last 2 years after the divorce. Susan was flattered to see this sweet boy, she never felt attracted this much to any body and she never felt her panties getting wet by just seeing a man, but when she looked at Joy who was still so young around 18 she felt like she would explode all her juices right there on the floor.

"you are the patient" Susan enquired pointing to Joy, "yes" Joy said, "but I guess I should consult some other doctor" Joy added as he didn't wanted to consult about his cock and balls to a lady. "Come I will check you" Susan said turning back to her cabin. "no its ok, I will find some other doctor" Joy replied which made Susan to turn back to him, she said "why? am I not a good doctor?" . "no its not that" joy said, "then come on I will check you" Susan insisted and went to her cabin, Joy followed her.

Joy was already feeling so much pain in her cock but after seeing Susan and the nurse Amy who was also quite hot and was in her early 20's Joy's cock got hard and after getting hard the pain was unbearable.

As he entered in the cabin, Susan asked him to sit but joy refused and stood opposite to her on the other side of table. "so what's your problem" Susan asked looking at Joy. Joy didn't knew how to tell his problem but he finally made it "I was playing Baseball and I got hit on my private parts" Joy tried to explain in a very formal manner, but Susan ruined his formality saying "oh you mean the ball hit your balls and shaft" Joy kept quite hearing this and just nodded in agreement.

"Ok so are you felling much pain or its just a little cramp" Susan asked taking a pen and notepad. "its paining too much" Joy said although the pain was a less than earlier as his cock again became limb by the distraction of conversation between a doctor and a patient. Susan wrote down something on the paper than asked about any kind of bleeding, and Joy replied in negative.

Susan got off from her chair and came to Joy, she bent a little and asked Joy to loose his pants Joy hesitates but he did. Susan carefully pulled down her underwear and softly grab his cock which was still limb and Joy was praying not to get hard, Susan examined his cock and his balls, but every time she touched his shaft or balls Joy moaned in pain. When Susan had bent to examine his genitals Joy had a clear view of Susan's breast which was perfectly cupped by a black bra inside a red top and white coat.

Joy started to get an erection but right then Susan left his cock and asked him to pull up his pants, while Joy was doing his pants Susan wrote down some medicine and ointment for next two days and asked joy to come for a check up after two days. Joy's ears were listening to Susan's soft and sexy voice but his eyes were constantly looking at her hot cleavage, Susan shifted her glasses a little down on her nose and looked at Joy with naked eyes "you understood what I said" Susan asked as she had notice where Joy was looking.

It was not a shock or surprise for Susan that Joy was looking at her breast, almost every male patient and some females also always starred at her breast. Joy took the prescription and got out of the cabin saying thank you. Out of the cabin Joy couldn't avoid Amy and he looked at her too. Amy was not busty like Susan she had 34C breast with a pretty face.

As Susan and Joy both reached their home, they started thinking about each other. Susan was feeling so different and so hot for Joy. She took off her clothes and looked in the mirror at her naked body, she was praising her beauty because she could still attract a young boy. On the other side Joy's cock was really hard thinking about Susan, he had never seen a beauty like her. He badly needed to empty his balls and the only way for that was jerking off, but stroking his cock in this condition when he was feeling so much pain just after touching it was almost impossible.

Susan touched her boobs and her fingers brushed between her breast and all the way to her shaved pussy after following her pierced belly. She laid on her back on the bed rubbed her pussy with three fingers. A moan comes out of her mouth as she was remembering the feeling when she touched Joy's cock, although at that time she behaved truly professional but her mind examined that Joy had a almost a more than 7 inches cock which must get thick on erection.

Joy went to toilet to pee, but when he touched his cock he remember the touch of Susan's soft hands when she was examining her cock and balls. After peeing he slowly did a stroke to his cock and then one more then he did it again, it was hurting badly but his hands and heart really wanted to do that. He knew that masturbating in that condition would cause more problem but he kept on stroking his cock, and on the other hand Susan's long finger were doing there work inside her wet pussy.

NEXT CHAPTER -http://www.booksie.com/erotica/short_story/hotstory4you/joy-and-his-sexy-doctor-chapter-2




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