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Short story By: hotstory4you


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I was bored with my life, I was 20, I broke up with my girlfriend and my dad got so angry because my grades were not good. I grabbed my bag put some clothes and needy things and told my mom that I am going to my friends house for some change, my mom is the best she understand me and she knew about my girlfriend and breakup so she allowed me and assured me that she will handle dad because I knew my dad will never allow me to go, I left the house and picked a bus to my destination, I took some food packets and, chocolates etc. as my journey was going to be long almost a whole night and day. Ii entered into the bus, took my ticket and took the last corner window seat as I don't want to be with someone in journey. I grabbed my bag with my hands around it, made myself comfortable with a support of the window and closed my eyes , I was thinking about all the things happened to me and I didn't know when I got asleep, after a few hours my eyes opened adjusting with some low light as there was only light just next to the driver and bus was almost full and there was a silence like every body is sleeping and it had to as I looked at my watch, and it was almost 12 am . now I was fully awake and no more sleep, but I felt some one is touching my leg, and making some moves there, I turned my left side to ask the person what is the matter but wow, as I turned my head my eyes got stuck at a lusty face, she was beautiful but her face was just too lusty I mean she got sharp features perfect lips, blond hair glasses covering cat eyes, and her earings touching her chins and the most seductive part was her nose ring, she was looking like a sex goddess and I my cock just raised and got hard in a sec just seeing her face I didn't need to look a her body, as I was examining her face "yes can I help you" she opened her lips and asked me, "no hmmm I mean yah" I was a little nervous " actually your leg is touching mine so.." I explained my problem. " oh I am sorry I was just busy In my phone,.. I am sorry" and she moved her leg. I said thanks to her and again moved to my same previous position and closed my eyes I was thinking about her I guessed she was in her late twenties like 26 or 28, I opened my eyes a little and looked at her this time I was looking at her body wow she was wearing a shirt black tight shirt and the way she was sitting I can see some of her cleavage and the bra through the space between two buttons, but my bad luck a passenger called to switch off the lights and now nothing is there only dark I again moved my head to window, and thought about her and my luck. A few minute passed and I again felt the same touch on my legs I thought may be she again concentrated on her phone I opened my eyes but no lights of her phone looks like she was sleeping. So I moved my leg and didn't disturbed her, but the same thing happened again and this time her leg was almost on mine and her hand was moving on my thighs. My cock was already hard and I just froze there her hands were getting more close to my cock, and she almost covered my bulge with her hands, I though that she wants some fun so I moved my hand to her thighs she was wearing some kind of skirt as I touched her bare thighs, but my shock she grabbed my hand and put it away from her body, and unzipped my pants and put her fingers in to grab my cock she got it but she was having difficulty to get it out. " unbutton" I heard her seductive voice and felt her lips touching my ear. I immediately done and she took out my cock and starts stroking it slowly, then she took her hands back and with in a sec I felt those warm hands again with some wetness in there I guess her saliva, and now its easy to move her hands then I felt the movement of her body and she dropped her head in my lap and wrapped her lips on my shaft. I placed my hand on her hand and threw her hair on one side her chins were touching my tummy. And she started moving her head up and down and in a minute my whole cock was in her mouth and she was sucking it fast and without any warning I cummed in her mouth she stops for a movement and I don't know in dark if she swallowed it or spit it out and she again starts licking my cock. But suddenly bus stopped and lights on we she sit back and zipped my pants I looked at her, she was wearing a white skirt and I saw some cum on her chin and lips that's was so sexy look, I wipe off it from her face touching her warm skin. A man announced to take a few hours rest and food etc. every body was stepping out of the bus and we too at last. They were going to some kind of a restaurant I took a step to follow them but she hold my hand and took me in other direction we entered in a small hotel, she went to the counter and having some conversation the man at the counter gave her a key and she again hold my hand and we went upstairs, she looked at some doors and finally she entered the key in one door and opened it we entered and she closed the door I was taking a look at the room and she came in front of me and starts kissing me I grabbed her butt but this time she didn't made any action to avoid my touch and she grabbed me in her arms my one hand was on her head and other was on her hips. We separated and I took a full view of her body she was so hot, her boobs were perfect 34d, and slim belly and her skirt was just covering her thighs, I again hugged her and kissing her neck biting her ear lobe, brushing my lips all over her face and neck "whats your name?" I asked her, "samaira" she replied. "I wanna feed you" she whispered close my ears and grabbed my t and took me to the bed, she sat on the edge of the bed and made me sit on floor, she took of my t shirt and starts unbuttoning her shirt. I was juat waiting for boobs and my hands were caressing her back, as she finished with buttons I pulled the shirt from back and her black bra was holding her balls. She took her hand in her bra and pulled out her juicy boob and grabbed my neck and pulled me to her nipple I licked it that was so amazing, and I starts sucking it as much as I can I took it in my mouth, and in mean time I unclasped her bra and slipped it from her shoulders and moved to other tit, I bite her nipple and pulled it, and looked at her face she was felling pain and pleasure and her eyes were looking up and she was biting her lips I pushed her and she laid on bed with her legs hanging to the edge. Kissed her tummy and moved down I grabbed her skirt and panty and pulled them both, she had a clean shaved pussy that was waiting for my lips I touched it and running my finger between her pussy lips, I kissed it and starts sucking she wrapped her legs around my neck and made her grip on a pillow , she was so excited and me too. A few minutes later she just lifted her waist and there she was,,, she cummed on my face. Wow so hot, she relaxed her self on bed and I moved over her and starts making love kissing her boobs eyes, neck. She took her hands between our body and undid my pants and pulled it down with her legs and she did same with my underwear my cock was looking for her pussy and she helped me , she hold my cock and showed it to her hole as I felt her entrance I pushed it and she was so comfortable that in one push I was in her and she wrapped her legs on my waist and her arms on my back. I grabbed her and lift to be completely on bed as we done I starts making in and out my cock in her pussy. She was moaning and asking for more we were stroking each other kissing each other and I came in her pussy. We laid there in same position for some minute and then I pull myself out and she asked me that she want to taste I showed my cock in her mouth and she cleaned me and tasted herself licking her own cum through her hands I was watching cum on her chin and the way she was smiling and her moves wow she I wanted to spent my whole life with her in that room. We heard some sound I ran to the window our bus was moving , I grabbed my clothes " do you really wanna go, I paid at the counter for 2 days". My eyes just stuck to her, and my clothes dropped on the floor she moved to me and grabbed my waist and made me sat on the bed and she was on floor between my legs and she engulfed my cock and it was hard again then she stands up and sat in my lap with her legs around my waist I was holding her and sucking her boobs and she was controlling her fucking, she was pressing her ass more and more on my cock and then she stopped for a minute and hugged me tightly, we both were breathing heavily and she pulled my cock out of her pussy her eyes were meeting to my eyes and I felt my cock again entering in her hole but this time it was really tight. i looked down and my cock was trying to enter in her ass, " fuck my ass" she moaned and push herself down on my cock she was in much pain but she made a hard push and I was in her ass, she threw her head back I held her with her back, and lifted and hugged her , her eyes were closed and tears were running down from them in a few seconds she was moving her ass up and down I grabbed her butt and helped her to move her ass. "oh yah yah yah harder harder baby" she was moaning and she came again my lap was totally wet by her juice and she was still jumping. " I m near" I told her she took out my cock and sat on the floor and starts stroking my cock with her hands and her mouth was open for my cum and as I came she wrapped her lips around my wet cock head and swallowed all. She moved to the bed and invited me and put on a blanket and she was in my arms its felt like she was my life.


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