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I'm a Prostitute - Visit no. 72

Short story By: hotstory4you

(ADULTS ONLY) they pay me and I do things they like and I'm comfortable with, it wasn't my really 72 visit but when things get spicy and interesting I count that visit. So what happened in visit no. 72?

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I was chatting with my friend through text messages as she was telling me about the a man she went to give service. Suddenly the taxi stopped and I looked at the driver who was not a stranger for me. I looked out of the car and I found that the car was stopped in front of a big house.

"Is it the address?" I asked.

"Yes" he replied. "Give me a call when you are done, I will be here in 15-20 minutes" he assured me and I stepped out of the car adjusting my clothes. It was quite cold so I was wearing a long coat and now showing any up skirt view of ass or cleavage.

I knocked on the door and a few seconds later a man opened the door. I asked for Mr. Will and he showed me the way to the living room. I sat on a couch and looked a round, it was a luxurious house.

"Sir is calling you in" the man said and I went into the room he showed me.

I saw a man in her 40's, good looking dressed in blue shirt and black pants. He was working on his laptop and talking over the phone. As he saw me he signed me to take a seat and instead of sitting next to him on the couch I sat on the bed as I was standing near it.

"Sorry! Damn! Work" He said and introduced himself even though I already knew his name. He asked my name and I told him "Alisha".

He asked me for anything to drink but I just said "No thanks"

He asked me to be comfortable as he still needed a couple more minutes for his work. As he finished his work he said "Ok I'm done" and that was the sign for me to take off my clothes.

I stood up, put down my handbag on the bed and started unbuttoning the long coat. He came to me and helped me to take off my coat. While he went to put my coat on the couch I took off my top and then I started undoing the hook of my skirt.

"Leave it" I heard him saying and coming closer to me, I was in my white bra, white skirt and white panties but he couldn't see my panties. He came closer to me and looked at me telling me how beautiful I'm. He touched my face, then shoulder and then touched my boobs through my bra, felt my flat tummy and then wrapped his hand around my back pulling me closer to him.

We started kissing and I can feel his hands grabbing my ass and then his hand going up my skirt and feeling my butt through my panties. He was so close to me that I could feel his hard cock through his pants on my pelvis.

His hand went all the way up to the hook of my bra and He unhooked it. But it kept hiding my tits till we stopped kissing and I took it off. He dragged me to the one side of the bed and then made me sit on it. He leaned over me pushing me on my back and then kissing me one more time he went down to my boobs and sucked my boobs.

He was playing with my tits and licking my nipples. I felt him undoing his pants then he stood up and totally took off his pants, his dick seemed really hard through his underwear. He grabbed my skirt and pulled it to my ankles and took it off. Now I was just in my panties but he didn't seemed to be waiting and foreplay a little more. He took off my panties too.

He grabbed my legs and pulled me to the edge of the bed, he parted my legs wide and himself sat on the floor. As He pushed his tongue between wet folds of my pussy I arched back and moaned. He sucked my pussy till I started enjoying it and caressing his hair.

Now I was more aroused and wanted him to make me cum by eating my pussy but he stood up and took off his underwear. He was looking at me and stroking his cock. I sat up and I knew it was my turn to please him. I grabbed his cock and it was big. I stroked it a couple of times before wrapping my lips around it. I sucked it hard and slow and I heard him praising my sucking skills.

He let me suck till he felt the need to slip his cock between my folds, I guess he didn't wanted to cum so soon because all the man I have fucked with have told me that I suck really good. He again pushed me back and after wearing a condom he came between my legs.

I parted my legs for him and felt him sticking his cock in my pussy. As he got the tip of his cock between my wet folds he pushed it deep and kept pushing till he finally got it all in. I felt so good to feel it going down in my pussy slowly. He squeezed my tits a couple of more times and then started fucking me. He grabbed my slim waist and fucked me hard and fast.

My whole body was shaking and he was fucking me hard and good. He pulled out his cock and lie down on his back, "ride me baby" he said and I grabbed his cock and sat on it. I started riding him and he enjoyed it and then put his hands on my ass and started fucking me by thrusting his cock up in my pussy.

"You do anal?" He asked. And I stopped riding him.

"Mr. X have told you what I do and what I don't" I told him.

"Yah he sure did, I just thought to ask you" He said and I replied in "No".

"No problem, let me fuck your tits and cum on them" He said and I get off of his cock and again lie down on my back squeezing my big tits together. He came over me sat with his dick between my tits. I grabbed his dick between my tits and let him stroke it as the way he wanted.

He was stroking it fast and I knew he was near to shoot his load on my face and tits.

"Aaahh, I'm gonna cum, yes" he said and shot hot stream of cum on my face and then filled my cleavage with his cum. He squeezed his dick dropping the last drop on my boobs. I kept lying there while he got off of me and went to washroom. I got up looked for napkins. I found them on the table and I cleaned myself. Some cum was on my lips and I hate the taste of cum. I'm not a swallower so I cleaned every bit of it.

He came out of the washroom while I was still cleaning myself. "You wana take a shower" He asked.

But I replied in "No".

But I went to washroom and washed my face and then got out and grabbed my clothes. I was putting on my clothes when he came to me with his wallet in his hand and paid me my service charges. He again asked me about anal but this time I just said "sorry but I don't do".

He asked about anyone else I know who is into anal or BDSM, I told him to talk to Mr. X but he still gave me his card to call him if any friend of mine would be interested. "You didn't tell me about BDSM, I mean I wouldn't mind some handcuffs or more hard things" I said but he wasn't surprised with that.

He told me that he was not a very big fan of BDSM but he sure did sometimes and if in future he would ever think of having some BDSM fun he would definitely call me. I smiled and took the money. I put it in my handbag and again he helped me with my coat. He asked that man who had opened the door to call a cab for me but I told him that I had messaged my regular cab driver he would be here any minute.

I left the house after giving wink to the man who had opened the door when I came and waited on the street for a couple more minutes till my cab came and I left after my visit no. 72.

So why I counted this visit and why it was special? Well all the time when Mr. Will was fucking me his servant (who had opened the door and showed me the way to Mr. Will's room) was watching us from the window, I noticed it but I didn't complain about that and in fact when I felt that servant was jerking off as I saw his hands moving and stroking himself it excited me.


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