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I'm a Lesbian : Just a Fantasy

Short story By: hotstory4you

A girl who feels sexually attracted to her teacher (No UNDER 18)

Submitted:Aug 27, 2012    Reads: 8,100    Comments: 6    Likes: 6   

I reached back to my house after college and went straight to my room.

"juice?" I heard my mom offering me some fresh juice like always.

"Later mom" I said and closed the door as quick as I got in my room. I sat on my bed after throwing my bag on a chair. I was breathing heavy as I have just walked almost a mile. I tried to take deep breathe and be calm.

I went to my washroom and started taking off my clothes. I took off my red top and leaving the matching red bra covering my C cup tits and then I took off my white skirt leaving my red panties.

I looked in the mirror and after a long tired day I was looking like shit… I washed my face and undid my bra very quick and pull down my panties. I ran naked to my room and jumped on the bed.

I lie down on my back and closed my eyes while my hands reached down between my legs and I touched myself. I was feeling so horny this morning but I was getting late so I didn't played with my pussy in shower like I do most of the time and then all day at college when ever I saw my teacher I felt so horny that all I wanted was a lonely place where I can fuck myself.

"Mrs. Patrick" that's the name of my teacher… I know shocking because it should be 'Mr. Patrick' but I didn't know when I started attracting to woman or should I say just Mrs. Patrick. I don't know if I am a lesbian or not because I had never done anything with a girl. I had spent nights at my friend's house but nothing like that happened ever. It's just Mrs. Patrick who makes me feel like I am a lesbian.

May be later in Life I will overcome my feelings for her but right now she is more that any hot guy I wanted.

So I closed my eyes and started fantasizing Mrs. Patrick, there were no dialogues or talk. I was imagining myself sitting in the class room and I was all alone there. I was looking at the door and Mrs. Patrick entered in the class room wearing a white shirt and black skirt. She had a handbag like she does in real too.

She smiled at me and I smiled back. She sat in her chair and did some work in a file while I was just staring at her. She looked up at me and I instantly looked down in my book. I hear her foot steps and she was coming to me.

"Honey! Would you like to eat something?" I heard my mom asking and standing outside my door. My whole feeling and imagination got lost and I got so angry on her…

"Not now mom, I will have something later" I said and again closed my eyes.

"Ok as u wish, but tell me OK, I will made something fresh" I heard her again, I opened my eyes and said "OK mom!"

I hear her leaving and I again closed my eyes… I again thought of Mrs. Patrick walking toward me and I was looking down in my book"

She stopped at my desk, I was looking at her sexy long legs. She wasn't wearing stocking like she used to do everyday but as it was my imagination, my world of dreams so I wanted her not to wear them…

I wanted to touch her legs and go up inside her skirt. After few seconds I finally decided to look up and face her. She was staring at me and as she looked into my eyes I saw a smile flashing on her beautiful face. She grabbed my head slowly and pulled me on her slim belly.

She kind of enjoyed that moment, I think as I wasn't looking at her face anymore but as I looked up at her, she was undoing her shirt's buttons and I felt my pussy getting so wet that I squeezed my legs tightly.

She totally undid her shirt's button and let her shirt fell on the floor, I was just looking at her tits and thought that she has much bigger tits than mine. I wanted to feel her tits and wanted same boobs for myself but right now it was just her tits I was caring for.

I stood up to look straight into her eyes and she wrapped her hands around my neck..,

-I was dreaming everything like I used to do every night -

She put her lips on mine and I kissed her, she kissed me and I kissed back… we kept kissing each other till she drag me to her cleavage like she wanted me to suck her tits. I acted to slutty and pulled out her boobs.. and started sucking.

--- my fingers were playing with my pussy and my other hand was rubbing my nipples, I was blanked for a moment but then as I again started fantasizing my teacher, I saw myself totally naked and we were near her table---

She was fondling my tiny tits and I was trying to grab her big tits. "Hmmm" I moaned as I felt her fingers going inside my pussy, "aahhh" I moaned as I felt her fingers thick and longer than mine and it was feeling so good. I let her fuck my pussy for a minute and then I tried to find her pussy as my eyes were closed.

"Wet" I felt and it was her pussy, my hands were moving between her legs, touching and rubbing her thighs and pussy. As I got it I slipped my fingers in her pussy and she slowed down as she was fucking me.

We both started fingering each other slowly….

---- I was dreaming of all this in my class, and WTF there were none other than us in the college, I again started fantasizing ----

We were on the floor and don't know how but we have two dildos in our hands.. one was pink and other was transparent glass dildo and we were fucking each other so hot. I pulled out that pink big dildo from her pussy and licked her juices, seeing me she does same with the other dildo which was in my pussy a second ago.

She put the dildo down after licking my cum and leaned over me to kiss and let her boobs pressed on mine. I again felt her fingers playing with my pussy and she made me cum within a minute.. she was really good with her fingers (Or should I say that I imagined her that she was good)

She moved a little up and finally adjusted herself on my face, she wanted me to lick and eat her pussy and I also wanted to lick her between her legs. I started eating her and I could hear her moans. After a minute she turned and then we got into 69 position.

Now I was so wet as she was eating my pussy and I was sucking her..,

---- my fingers were rubbing my clit harder and faster and I was trying to make myself cum----

She started chewing on my pussy lips gently and that made me cum.

I felt that that this time I was gonna squirt so I moved to the edge of the bed and rubbed my clit really hard and I squirted on the floor. I kept rubbing my pussy till I got relax, My legs were shaking and I was breathing heavy this was after a long time that I had squirted so loud.

I fell on my back on the bed and just closed my eyes with my hand feeling the cum all over my pussy and thighs..


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