I want him in my bed ( half satisfied )

By: hotstory4you

Page 1, (5000+ reads in first chapter, here is 2nd chapter) watching him in my classroom was making my panties wet but I guess that was my lucky day and I was half satisfied with what happened at my house.

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Another regular day in college and like always I was writing down something on the board and explaining it to the student but I couldn’t explain them why I couldn’t concentrate on teaching, why I was feeling horny, why my panties were getting wet under my black skirt.

Sometimes my desires for him got so high that I had to find a place in the college to fuck my pussy with my fingers. And same was happening to me that day I was feeling more horny that I usually feel seeing him.

After the class I went to my lab and I started thinking how to fulfill my desires and after spending more than an hour alone in there I couldn’t find a good idea. Later when college finished I grabbed my files and books to go back to my house.

As I went out of the main gate of the college it was my luck or what he (Ross) was there talking to his friends. As I passed through Ross asked me to help me with my heavy books.

Yes I wanted his help… not with heavy books but with my huge boobs. If there would be some other guy asking me to help me then I would have said “I can manage” but when Ross asked me I said “yah sure, very heavy books these are”.

He grabbed books from my hand and started walking with me. I was feeling a little happy and I was also thinking “should I make a move when we get home”.

We reached to my house and as I opened the door of my house Ross tried to hand me my books and say bye but I insisted him to come in and have something coffee or juice. He kept denying till I told him that it’s my order.

He just smiled and came in. “coffee or juice” I asked and he said “Juice”

I thought if I could just pull up my skirt and let me drink my pussy juice. I was thinking really dirty, I went into the kitchen and got a glass full of juice. I came back and sat in front of him. He grabbed the glass of juice and started sipping a little. I made a little conversation about studies and asked if I was good in teaching or not. Well no student will say it on a teacher’s face that they don’t teach good so he said I’m a very good teacher.

I smiled and thought “should I unbutton a couple of buttons of my shirt and see his reaction” but that was a bad idea and it faded away soon. But today he was in my house and we both were lone and I couldn’t find any better chance to try to have him in my bed.

“Should I just go over him and kiss him, what if he will not be interested in me?” I was thinking and ‘kiss’ ‘kiss’ was going in my mind. He was leaning front to put the book down and I thought he was coming to kiss me. I moved to him too and my hand hit the glass in his hand and spilled the juice all over his pants.

“Oh I’m sorry” I said and I kept saying that till I realized that instead of saying sorry I should get him to the kitchen or washroom to clean his pant.

I asked him to follow me to the kitchen. I grabbed a cloth and after getting it wet I started cleaning his pant. I was rubbing my hand all over his crotch area and soon I realized that this is what I had dreamed about so many times, touching his cock.

I started rubbing harder and feeling his crotch area more. He was backing a little may be he was feeling uncomfortable. I dropped the cloth and started feeling him with my bare hands.

“I should leave now” He said seeing things going wild. But now I was not going to let him leave.

I grabbed his cock through his pants and looked at him, he was shocked but was not saying a word. I kept looking at him and then I pushed him on the wall. I put my lips on his and started kissing him. He was avoiding it for the first couple of minutes but when I grabbed his hands and made him feel my breast through my shirt he started kissing back.

I was still feeling his cock through his pants and it felt like he was getting hard in there. We kept kissing and his hands were now playing with my tits. He was squeezing my tits and rubbing my erect nipples through the shirt and bra.

“take off your pants” I said and he was shocked again. I guess he was thinking it would be just a kiss between us but he didn’t know my intentions. I didn’t ask him again to take off his pants and I myself unhooked his pants and pulled them down. Before he could say anything or avoid it I wrapped my lips around his cock.

And then all I heard was his soft moan. His hands moved to my head and I was sucking him. After a minute I looked up at him and then stood up. Now I knew that he was hard and horny to fuck me. I took a step back and looked at him. He looked at me and then his eyes rolled down to my cleavage as I was undoing my shirt.

Slowly I undid all the buttons and he was staring at my tits still locked in my bra. I smiled at him and unhooked my bra. It fell off on the floor and then I moved to him. I pressed my tits on his chest but he was still wearing his shirt. I kissed him and made him take off his shirt.

Now I was still in my skirt and panties but he was totally naked. And his dick was hard pointing at me.

I stood with my back sticking to the wall and I pulled him on me, I kissed him and then dragged his head down to my tits. I grabbed his cock and I was slowly stroking it. He started sucking my tits and I was enjoying it most.

“hmmm…” I moaned and he stopped sucking my tits and looked at me but I again grabbed his head and made him to keep sucking my tits. Now I pushed him more down on my body and he kissed on my stomach and then more down and soon he was on his knees with his hands around my waist.

Now I wanted him to forget that he was with his teacher and do more things with me because I was only half satisfied feeling his cock in my hand and him sucking my tits, there was still more that I wanted to do with him.

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