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I planed my RAPE

Short story By: hotstory4you


Submitted:Jan 26, 2011    Reads: 6,825    Comments: 10    Likes: 2   

I planed my RAPE

Every one have their own choice in every thing, every thing means everything sex too, some like lots of love and less hardcore, some wants quick etc. etc. , so was I . I was married and having a beautiful life, but every night I was missing something, something really hard and horny, I was satisfied with my husband was great but he loved me so much and never thought about hurting me in any way, but I wanted that I wanted him to hurt me treat me like his bitch, I wanted him to slap my ass cheeks very hard, I wanted him to push his cock deep in my throat, but he always treated me like his princess. Once he tried but he didn't make it that good. Now I had no choice to fulfill my desire by some one else, but I belonged to a rich and respected family, I was sitting on a stool in a club wearing a black gown exposing my beautiful arms and teasing cleavage with long cut that was showing my leg from my toe to my upper thighs, I heard two women talking about a girl who got raped , "raped" that word hit my mind and it didn't took much time to think about its advantage for me, I made me decision and I wanted some one to rape me, as if I got raped then there will be no question on my dignity and status, it would be just an accident a tragedy that would be good for you, I was thinking about how it felt when some one grabbed you and do every thing without your permission and treat you like a slut, I got attention to a voice coming from my right "hey buddy that women so hot, what a bitch she is" I turned and find two young buys who were around 20 and 21, they were looking at a women who was I thought same in my age around 28, but she was much poor in looks, and beauty. I thought I got my boys. And I offered them drinks saying that it was my birthday. Now no one can reject even poison from a lady like me so hot so sexy. And they accepted we talked for several minute , they complimented me for my beauty, they told me their name Joy and Rick and I asked them for a little help that was a part of my plan, I asked them to accompanied me to my house as it was late night and streets will be darker. I saw the 2nd boy sitting beside 1st one adjusting some thing in his pants, I got a good feeling that they were got seduced, they smiled and nodded in yes. We got out of the club, we all were walking side by side with me in between them I saw the impressions of their hardness in their pants that was looking so huge my pussy was getting really wet, after walking a bit I felt, Rick's hand on my waist I looked at him pretending to be angry, he smiled but I had to show that I didn't like that but in real I wanted that, he looked at Joy and winked, that showed me that they had something really dirty in their mind, "take off your hand" I said showing him anger, "oh you don't like that darling" he said grabbing my ass cheeks more harder " what do you mean" I shouted. "I mean…." Saying that rick held my hand and pushed me to the wall of an abandoned building, I cried but not so loud as I didn't wanted any body to spoil my horny night "let me go, help"

They stuck me to the wall with my back and came both side holding my hands, Joy grabbed my panty that was just a little above the cut of the gown, and pulled it, it torn in pieces and I felt pain on my pussy lips, I was trying to free myself but their grip was much strong and I wanted it more strong, they looked at each other and with an instant they took of my gown over my head I tried to run as they loosed my hand to took of the gown, but they grabbed me again, or I can say I was not that fast. I wasn't wearing any bra and I was totally nude between them it was like I was posing for some kind of photo shoot with them. They took me to the back side of the building and threw me on the floor I was just quite and my heart was beating faster they came near me and started undoing their pants, I couldn't believed my eyes finally I was getting what I wanted always, as they dropped their pants there were huge tents in their undergarments, they were just sliding it from their muscular body when my heart said to me "what I am doing, I am betraying my love my husband just for a night of wild sex, is that the only thing that matters for me, how can a girl do any thing like thing" the life of that raped girl I heard in the club came to my mind , how will she live, who will marry her. And lots of different thoughts now I didn't wanted those boys to touch me any more I cried louder and more louder but how can any one come that's the place where no one ever came. I was all alone with them my eyes got wet, I was crying from my heart, I pleaded them to let me go but they were hungry for my pussy, they were laughing at me. I was helpless, joy slapped me and rick came between my legs and I felt him inserting his hard cock I cried even more louder, joy came over and sat on my breast his cock was just a few centimeters above my lips and he blocked my breathe holding my nose as I opened my mouth he filled my throat with his hard big cock, and started pumping me, but I was thinking about rick did he get pity on me as I didn't felt any movement down there in my pussy but I was wrong I felt the hardest push in my life, my throat got even more wider and joy pushed him self more deep, now both were fucking me harder, then they both pulled out and rick slapped my pussy and I felt a shiver run through my body, he made me stand and joy came in front of me and he lifted my leg in his arm, and pushed his cock in my pussy after getting himself completely in he lifted me grabbing my ass cheeks, rick spanked my ass continuously I was crying in pain then I felt him running his finger in my crack like he was looking for something and he got that he inserted his finger in my ass, I wasn't ass virgin but my husband never did much anal he thought that there is only one love hole that's my pussy I felt his precum on my ass hole and he pushed himself I was tight but he kept giving me pain till he completely got in , he waited for a minute and then the discovered a rhythm of fucking my both holes I was having my orgasm after orgasm they also had their orgasm but they didn't pulled me out and their cum was dripping from my both holes , they fucked me for around one hour after getting each hard on in my holes their hands just spoiled my boobs they pinched them bite them, I was like going to unconscious when they pulled out their cock and came over to my face and they were still stroking their cock and then joy came over my face and ended it on my boobs and tummy, but rick wanted more, now there was no reaction from me he slapped my face and opened my mouth and cummed in me I closed my mouth but didn't swallowed, when I thought they had done, I got surprised again my eyes were closed and I felt some hot liquid on my body, as I opened my eyes I saw them peeing on my body , after doing everything they left me throwing my gown on my body I spat out the cum and sat their with sticking my back to that old buildings wall and no tears in my eyes but my heart was crying, I ruined my life myself, I dressed up in that gown and walked to the hill to end my life.


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