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I paid the cops(edited)

Short story By: hotstory4you


Submitted:Jan 30, 2011    Reads: 10,843    Comments: 26    Likes: 10   


I was sitting on a stool at a bar enjoying my drink and watching people shaking their ass on the dance floor. "can I buy you a drink" I heard the voice of a man who took a seat next to me, he was smiling at me waiting for my reply and I was looking at him. He was young around 25 dressed in a suit like kind of businessman, and very good looking.

"Yah sure" I replied finishing my drink, as I put down the empty glass on the wooden counter, bartender put two glass of vodka in front of us. The man was quite interesting he asked me for dance and I refused as I was not good in dance. We talk a little more and then I grabbed my handbag and said good bye to him.

"Hey wait can we meet again" he asked a little loud. I waited for few seconds then I asked the bartender for a pen. I wrote down my number on a tissue and gave it to the man. I left waving my hand and saying good night.

I got into my car and thought about Gresham, Gresham was a police officer and he was not honest to his job. He always helped me when I rob and I pay him 10% of the money I rob. Yes, I belong to a group of gangsters and I rob banks and some very rich people who had tons of money in their house.

I was in this job from past 3 years, and few days earlier I had rob a billionaire. It was a big amount. Every time I robbed, I deliver the share of Gresham with in 48 hrs. But this time, its been 15 days and I was not in a mood of paying him a cent.

I got out of my thoughts, started the car and moved to my house. When I reached near my house, I saw two police cabs parked outside my house. If there was only one cab then I could understand that this must be Gresham, who could come for his money but there were two cabs means I have a problem there.

Any ways I pulled over my car outside my house and entered into my house. There were three officer including Gresham, they were searching my house like a mad dog. As Gresham saw me, he pointed the gun at me and asked to get my hands on the back of my head. Other two officers also joined him with their guns, I was not shocked to be in this situation as I was expecting all this, that's why I already hide all the money that I robbed. And all the drug that I sell.

"anything wrong" I asked with no tension in my mind

"yes you are under arrest" Gresham replied pretending to be a very good officer.

"but what is my crime" I said pretending to be very good citizen and I knew that there is nothing in my house that could send me in jail.

"we have found drugs in your bedroom drawer" he answered me and winked at me like he won something.

"what " now I was shocked to see the packet of a drug in his hand, that I kept in a drawer in my bedroom where keep all my sex toys and lubes and this packet of drug was for my personal use. But how could I forget to hide this, now I was in a very big problem and I was just thinking about what to do.

"should I call a lawyer or my friends" I asked my self . "I told you, if you will not give me money then I will put you in jail" Gresham whispered in my ears as he came near me and handcuffed me. "we can talk" I said , " oh yes we can talk" he replied like he was my master. He ordered other two officers to leave as he could handle this alone.

As the two officers left my house, he removed my handcuffs and I sat on the couch. He was standing in front of me. "look ,Gresham um ummmm…." I was trying to find word to get out of this situation when a red thing caught my eyes. It was the strap of my red bra, I could recognize it anywhere that was hanging from his pant's pocket, and then my house moved to a big bulge in his pants.

Now I knew how to save my money and get out of this situation, "fuck me" I said like its not a big deal

"what" Gresham responded a little surprised, "yes fuck me, I mean you can fuck me instead of having your 10%" I explained my offer. "So you little bitch think that I can forget my money just for having sex with you" he said showing no interest in my pussy.

"yes I think you can" I replied holding the strap of my bra and taking it out from his pant. He felt embarrassed and kept quite, but I could see the bulge growing more in his pants. "so what do you think" I asked smiling like as slut, "hmm yes I think I can do that" he replied coming near to me.

I grabbed her bulge and rubbed it over his pants it was really hard, I had sex with many people so having a new cock in my hole was not a big deal infact it was very helpful if I could save millions by doing this. I undid his pants and let it fell on the floor and pulled down his underwear, his hard cock was moving like a snake in front of my face, I grabbed it and looked at him. He closed his eyes and moaned, I engulfed his cock on my mouth and stroked it taking deep in my mouth.

I sucked him for about two minutes and then I laid down on the couch I lifted my legs in air and took off my panties under my skirt. I was not making love to him, so any more sucking or kisses didn't exist in this play I revealed my pussy to him and rubbed it inviting him over me and fuck me.

He came over me and held my one leg on his shoulder, he grabbed his cock and inserted it in my pussy, I moaned a little showing him that I was enjoying him. He pushed his cock till it all disappeared in my hole and he started fucking me, he fucked me in that positing for few minutes but I was feeling pain in my waist and back laying like this on the couch so I asked him to sit on the couch while I will ride him.

He sat on the couch and I sat in his lap taking his cock again deep in my pussy. We both were moving and stroking to reach orgasm, and before I could have my orgasm, he said he that was going to cum, I immediately pulled out his cock as I didn't wanted him to ejaculate inside me and make me pregnant.

I stroked his cock sitting on the floor and he shoot his cum on my hand, I stroked him and squeezed his cock till it got dry. His eyes were closed and he was breathing heavily but what about me I wanted to have my orgasm. He opened his eyes when I was putting on my panties. I offered him a glass of water "so do you mind if I pay you like this" I asked, "never, I love your pussy" that's all he said and I opened the door saying good bye.

He left and I went to my bedroom to satisfy myself…. And I was also thinking abut the guy I met at the bar, should I wait for his call or should I just use one of my dildo or vibrator?


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