By: hotstory4you

Page 1, laugh and get hot

A teen was fucking her grand ma in his bedroom

His dad saw that and yelled on him “what are you doing?”

Boy answered simply “I am fucking your mom”

Dad- “how dare you? you pervert”

Boy- “why are you getting angry Dad, from last 20 years you are fucking my mom, did I said a word or ever complaint about that?”

Man in s drug store asked for a packet of condom

As soon as he get that he left the store,

A lady had watched him buying condom

She went up to the sales man

“yes man how can I help you?” the salesman asked

“do you need anything?” salesman added

“no I don’t need anything, just tell me which size of condom that man bought who has just leave?” lady asked

“extra large” salesman answered and Lady went out of the store and followed that man.


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