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Page 1, 1. husband, wife, kid and DOG 2. father,condom,kid,mom 3. teacher,boy,penis

one night kid saw his dad fucking his mom

next morning he asked hid dad about what he saw last night

dad explained - look baby, mom is like a car, and like car mom also need fuel to do your work, my work and house work so last night i was filling mom's fule tank with my pipe. understand?

kid nodded in yes and went out to play.

one day dad came home and asked about their dog, "hey baby, where is Tommy I have brought a new food bowl for him"

kid answered- "he is upstairs filling mom's tank"

father went into a drug store and asked for condoms

his 8 year old kid asked-whats is this dad?

father answered-"its a poison to kill rats"

kid shouted-oh fuck, mom never told me that she has rats in her pussy

teacher- whats the lightest thing in the world?

a boy- Miss, its penis.

teacher shocked to hear such an answer and she asked- how?

boy- Miss, what could be more lighter than a penis because my penis lifts in air just thinking about you, no need of energy or any tool/machine.

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