hot lady gave him the best tip

By: hotstory4you

Page 1, a lady found a boy at the store, and she felt something about him,

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hot lady gave him the best tip

Katie was a hot beautiful lady, she was in her late twenties and lived alone after her divorce, she was independent and rich. She was happy with her life, but she can’t avoid the demands of her body in night in her cozy large bed, she just used her pillows put them between her legs and tried to satisfy her desire rubbing his body all over his bed. Every Sunday she used to go a store to buy her daily needs one day she was like a regular customer and every one there knew her. One day she was taking a look at some bras for her beautiful big breast, she was running her finger on the pads of bra to feel the quality of fabric, “you will not feel comfortable in that, its tight for you” a strange voice came from her back, she turned with same bra in her hand, a young boy who was around 18 or 19 was smiling in front of her, he was handsome, hot he got every thing a girl wanted in a man. “ hi I am Alan, I just joined this store as a sales man.” He introduced himself, Katie replied with a smile, and introduced herself too, she asked him how he knew things about bras with a grin, he told her that he used to work in a lingerie shop so he got some skills from there. but the talk about her undergarments with this no more stranger making her a lil bit hot, she was rich and she can fuck any guy but she didn’t . after meeting this boy she felt some kind of freshness and some itching in her pussy. That day she shared some more stuff with Alan and after getting back home she undress herself and took a look in the mirror  she grabbed her boobs and thought about the word of Alan he was right, Katie always wore bra that she felt tight but she wore to enhance her heavy milky boobs, boy was so mature that he told her the truth on first look of her body, she touched her pussy it was wet, wet for that boy she thought now she started dreaming about Alan to fuck her to satisfy her dreams, she again looked all over her body and thought could she seduce that boy to come over her house and fuck her hard, she smiled and said yes to herself, after two days she again visited the store she asked about Alan as she didn’t found him,  someone told her that he was in the basement, she followed the way and before getting into basement she undid her upper buttons of her tight shirt revealing her bra that she bought that day, she entered, and found Alan doing some work, “hey” she said . Alan turned back and after taking a look to her, he said now she was looking more good and hot, Katie smiled and said thanks to her, she understood that now she can took him to her bedroom, Alan was staring at her cleavage, she went upstairs Alan followed her. She bought a lot of things and asked the manager to help him to got things to her home, Alan was just standing a few feet away, and as the manger was looking for some one, Katie pointed to Alan, manager smiled and called Alan to help Katie, he picked the packets and boxes and followed her to her house, all the way he was staring at  her huge ass. After getting into house Katie offered him a glass of water. After that as Alan walked to the door to leave Katie said “what about your tip to help me” he turned back and saw Katie taking out some money from her hand bag, she gave him the money, Alan said thanks, she smiled and said “this is for today every thing you done, and what about the help you did that day”

“What help” he asked. “about my bra” Katie replied with lust in her eyes he grabbed his hand and took him to her bed, she made him sit on the bed and took off her shirt, her huge boobs in lacy red bra were teasing his cock, that was hard from the store. He grabbed her boobs and said “yah they look good in this bra” Katie took back her hands and unclasped her bra, now Alan was holding the bra cups, as he took off his hands , bra fell on the floor and her boobs were hanging in front of his eyes, Katie grabbed his head and pushed it between her boobs, Alan placed his hands on her bare back and he moved his head a little and started sucking her nipple after a long time Katie was feeling the touch of a man on her body she moaned in pleasure and pushed him on his back and came over him and bent her boobs were hanging above his face she bent a bit more and her boobs touched his lips he again started sucking her, after some time she got up and threw off her skirt and panties and pulled down his pants along with his under garment, she didn’t want any more teasing and she came over him in 69 position an lowered her sweet wet pussy to his lips at the first touch of his wet tongue on her love hole she felt her body falling down she collected some energy and grabbed his hard cock and started sucking it she was stroking and sucking both and Katie didn’t took time to make him cum and he blasted his cum deep in her throat, after swallowing much as she opened his mouth cum started flowing down on his cock to her tummy she licked it and made him clean she switched and kissed him , his cock was hitting her pussy, she felt a surprise as she felt that Alan was trying to insert his cock that was hard again by the touch of her pussy, as she felt the touch of the tip of his cock on her ass hole she pushed herself back on his cock, and his cock went deep in his ass, she threw her head back and started riding him, her huge boobs were jumping up and down , Alan grabbed them squeezed them, she was moaning and screaming loudly, after few minute, she turned herself in reverse cowboy position, and started her movement again, Alan took the advantage and took her in doggy, he grabbed her hair and started fucking her more deep, he was slapping her ass and it was blood red, she was crying “oh yah fuck fuck meeeee hard, yah”

“yah you big bitch take me deep” after fucking her ass he pulled out his cock and pushed it in her pussy and started drilling it hard he pumped her very hard and she came soon, her cum was flowing out of her pussy he pulled out his cock and laid next to her, she too laid on the bed with her boobs pressing on the bed he ran his hand on her back and said “thanks for such a hot tip” Katie replied “you are always welcome in my bedroom ha ha ha”

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