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I sit on the couch, looking at the door, here she comes in a red silky dress. Thin strings going over her shoulder holding her dress against her boobs, which are trying to tear her dress, a long cut from bottom of the dress to her waist showing the strings of her panties. The dress it low cut but not too much just enough to show a cleavage that can make any cock alive. Hairs falling down on both side of her shoulder, pink lip gloss on her rosy red lips, matching high heels along with matching ear rings and a bracelet. She turns to get a glass of water showing me her bare back, all I can see is just a string tied on the back of her behind her silky hair and a long piece of cloth trying to cover her ass to her feet.

She comes and sits in front of me, offering me glass of water.

Me- Hi.

Mw- Hi,

Me- so shall we start?

Mw- yah sure, I am all yours today. (wink)

Me- what is your name?

My wife- You can call me just "rose".

Me- Age?

My wife- 26.

Me- Are you married?

My wife- yes, I got married 3 years back?

Me- what do you do?

Mw- I am full time housewife.(smile)

Me- your are a very sexy housewife.

Mw- thank you.

Me- you are all natural?

Mw- yes, I wanted to get a boob job but my husband didn't allowed me to do that.

Me- your husband loves you very much.

Mw- yes and he said he wants me all natural nothing artificial.

Me- your boobs are perfect, what's the size?

Mw- 36C-26-38

Me- I just asked your breast size(laugh)

Mw- but you wanted to know all(wink)

Me- (blush) do you have any children?

Mw- no, we are planning to adopt one.

Me- ok that's a really good idea.

Mw- Yes I think so.

Me- How's your sex life?

Mw- Its great, I am fully satisfied with my husband. He is amazing in bed.

Me- Have you ever cheated on him?

Mw- Once, he was my friend's boyfriend in a party.

Me- Was he better than your husband?

Mw- He was huge but not a good performer, he fell with in 2 minutes.

Me- Does your husband know about his one?

Mw- Yes I told him and assured him that it will never happen again.

Me- Ok, when did you lost your virginity?

Mw- When I was 17 n half. It was a guy from high school, we did it in our computer lab.(laughs)

Me- How was he?

Mw- Good, he just nailed me nothing else.

Me- When did you first squirt?

Mw- After the marriage, when my husband gave me the best oral.

Me- What do you mean by best oral?

Mw- The time was perfect, I was really horny, he touched me on right spots, chocolate was hot (laugh) and I squirted on his face.

Me- You have sex every night?

Mw- Not daily but yah almost, and when we miss it we cover it on other night. (crossing legs and showing hot thighs)

Me- Oh (laugh), What size do you prefer to drill you?

Mw- What do you think?(bending and showing cleavage)

Me- 9 Or may be 10.

Mw- Never, 7 is perfect for me. I don't like it much big I mean what's the use of such thing which give you only pain but no pleasure.

Me- Hmmm you have a point.

Mw- (smile)

Me- How many persons you have been slept?

Mw- around 50, I never counted them.

Me- And your husband know about them?

Mw- not all of them (laughs)

Me- So they were you boyfriend?

Mw- some boyfriend and some just one night stands, I was a party girl during college days.

Me- You like being shaved or hairy?

Mw- always shaved, I hate hairs as I always want oral and getting sucked with hairs around my pussy. I don't like that.

Me- Are you shaved right now?

Mw- yes, I did in the morning. (laughs)

Me- describe your first sex with your husband?


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