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hello SFC(sex for cash)

Short story By: hotstory4you


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HELLO ! SFC (sex for cash)

three school boys were having fun with phone as their parents were not at home, they were calling numbers found in newspapers and magazine and having fun with them. "Hey dial the next one" Alan said to Fred and they called a new number


"hello, SFC"

"what is "SFC"

"sex for cash"

Hearing the word "sex" they cut the phone and looked at each other like they had done a crime. They collected all the news papers and magazines and put them in an old shelf and Fred and Jim left saying good bye to Alan. Alan closed the door as they left and switched on the tv, he was watching a movie and a love making scene was running on the screen, it wasn't hardcore or softcore but every thing that was going was too hot the actress was breathing heavily and actor was on her moving like he was stroking her pussy, alan's hand moved to her cock and he was rubbing it over her pants, and the words he heard on the phone were started hitting her ears, he got up and redial the no. he dialed last time

"hello SFC"


"who is this"

"this is Alan. What you do"

"we do sex for money"

"how much money?"

The amount that girl told was a big amount for a school boy to pay and Alan again cut the phone but the sexy voice of that girl and having sex in real was making her hot. Next morning in school Alan asked both his friends to arrange some money for him, on asking alan told them the whole story. Alan offered them that if they will arrange the money then they had a chance to see that girl

But they wanted some more, jim said that he will give him the money if he could get a chance to see that girl fucking by him. Alan agreed just thinking about a real pussy and as Alan came back home he again called that no. and he fixed all the things with that girl. Next week end Fred and Jim were at Alan's house waiting for that hot chick, door bell rang and as Alan opened the door and his eyes were fixed at this beauty she was looking so hot in that black dress that was sleeveless covering her more than half breast and showing more than half thighs as she introduced herself and came in Alan looked at her curvy ass and long legs, when she saw Fred and Jim she looked at Alan with a confusion "I told you only one" she said and sat on a couch in front of both boys while Alan moved to get something to drink for her, both boys were just looking at her and as she crossed her legs exposing her thighs their cock got harder than ever and they tried to hide their erection girl looked at them and smiled, both boys were feeling uncomfortable and they left and went to Alan who was in kitchen, Alan told them to get their position in next room and they can have a better view of live fuck from the window, both boys went to that room and sat on a sofa having a clear view of adjacent room. Alan entered in the room with a bottle of beer and he offered this to the girl, she told that her name was Amy and she was 22, Alan felt a bit bad shy as he was just 16 and he was going to fuck a girl who was much older than him, but he didn't took it more seriously he was paying for it, Amy took a few sips of that cold beer and then he started unhooking her dress, her dress was hooked from back, and she was feeling a bit difficult to unhook, she turned her back to Alan and grabbed her hair revealing her nice back Alan unhooked her dress as he unhooked her whole dress fell on the floor and she was just in her black bra and g string Fred and Jim were watching this beauty in fact they all were seeing first time a girl like this, their cocks were trying to come out of their pants, they wanted to see this girl like this till thee end of their life, but Amy was in hurry she didn't had all the time to enjoy these teens she went on her knees and undid Alan's pant and before Alan could understand any thing his cock was in Amy's hand and she took it in her mouth and held his hips pulling him to get his cock deep in her throat Alan was feeling uncomfortable as he knew his friends were watching all this but she can't resist the pleasure of his first blowjob, Amy was doing her job perfectly and she made Alan cum soon in her mouth, all three boys were shocked to see her swallowing cum, Amy knew that this boy was a virgin and had no experience to treat a girl in bed so she was helping him, she took Alan to the bed and sat over him, Alan was looking at Amy and her cleavage, his hands moved to her slim navel Amy took her hands back and unclasped her bra and her boobs got free and were hanging above Alan's face Amy bent a bit more and her huge boobs were brushed against Alan's face, he opened his mouth to grab her nipples but Amy was teasing him, she smiled and then allowed him to suck her nipples, amy started moaning, she untied her g string and her bare pussy was touching his hard cock, Fred and Jim were rubbing their cock, they took out their cock and started stroking seeing this beautiful girl, Amy grabbed Alan's cock and put it in her pussy opening and sat on it taking it deep, Alan's cock wasn't much big to cause pain but the pleasure of fucking a teen was making Amy horny, she laid on bed taking Alan on her. As Alan came over her Amy put her one leg on his shoulder and said "fuck me hard…baby come on do it hard" alan started fucking her his speed was getting more and more faster, Alan was near his orgasm and will cum any time but he didn't wanted to cum soon so he stopped stroking, Amy asked him to pulled out his cock as he did , she got on her four in doggy position and asked him to fuck her from behind, alan on her knees, pushed his hard cock again in her wet hole, and started fucking her again, this time Alan couldn't control himself and he wanted to cum, he moaned that he was going to cum, amy pulled out his cock and opened her mouth for another swallow Alan cummed all over her pink lips and mouth, after cleaning his cock Amy laid again with her legs wide open , Alan kissed her wet hole and fingered her, he sucked her hole harder Amy grabbed his head and pushed it deep in her pussy and moaned loudly, she squirted all over his face, after a few minutes she grabbed her clothes got dressed and asked her money, Alan paid her Amy kissed him and whispered "I hope your friends enjoyed the whole scene, call me again bye" and she left


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