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He is my DOG, n I am a Bitch

Short story By: hotstory4you


Submitted:Aug 30, 2011    Reads: 10,619    Comments: 3    Likes: 1   

Fred and Melissa had got married 2 years back when they were 26 and 24 respectively. Fred worked in a company while Melissa was an interior designer. They had a beautiful life before the wedding and even some months after the wedding also. They loved each other and they loved sex, Fred was a very romantic and soft man while Melissa was a horny woman who wanted to cross all the limits and break all the records of having sex. Melissa was always like to take charge in bed before the marriage she always liked to ride the hard cock of Fred so that she could control everything. But after the marriage things got really changed and Melissa started treating Fred like a dog, she don't care about Fred's mood, what he wanted and when did he wanted to fuck her, all she knew was that her pussy was wet always and she needed to get fucked.

Day by day things were getting more hardcore and submissive. Melissa started using handcuffs, dog collars and leashes. Sometimes Melissa asked Fred to fuck her whole night without counting how many times he had cum or how much orgasm she had. Sometimes Fred got so tired that he needed to take leave to collect what he ejaculated last night. Melissa really loved Fred and so do Fred but her urge to have sex overcome her love and made her a bitch in bed.

That night Fred was really tired, he parked his car in the garage and entered in the house in living room, Melissa was watching TV and she offered Fred a glass of water and then some wine, Fred knew that tonight was the night and he was right. Melissa left the living room and Fred had some more wine, she came back with a leather collar and leash, she stood behind the couch on which Fred was sitting, she wrapped the collar around Fred's neck and tied it. "Melissa, I am really tired now" Fred said looking at Melissa but he saw the anger in her eyes and there no word came out from his mouth.

Melissa sat next to Fred on the couch and undressed him, now there was only the collar around his neck. Melissa grabbed his cock which was hard although Fred didn't want to fuck Melissa that night but her beauty, her slutty eyes, her milky white boobs in pink bra and the wet spot on her panties pushed him to get hard as much as he could. Melissa had already took off her top and skirt when she had gone to pick up the collar and lube and now she was in her bra and wet panties.

Melissa grabbed Fred's hard cock and stroked it having some lube in her hands. She knelt down in front of him and sucked him for a minute her saliva was dripping from his cock and balls. She stood up and Fred got on his hands and knees and started his dog walk to the bedroom following and looking at Melissa's ass, when they reached the door of their bedroom, Melissa dropped her panties and they both entered in their bedroom. Melissa dropped her big ass on the bed and spread her legs wide, she looked at Fred and asked him to suck her. Fred behaved like a good dog, he came on his knees and used her hands like paws, he dropped his one hand on the bed and other on Melissa's thigh. Fred had got trained in all this as Melissa was treating him like this from a long time.

Fred buried his head between her legs and started licking her pussy, some time he even bite on her pussy making her moan louder. Melissa grabbed his hair and tilted his head up to her face, "my panties" Melissa said pointing to her wet panties that she had dropped at the door. Fred needed no further instructions and he fetch them in her mouth and gave that to Melissa. Melissa showed the wet part of her panties to Fred and He licked all her cum like he was licking some ice cream. Melissa stood up and she bent over the bed raising and pushing her ass back. "come on baby, suck your mommy's cunt. Look how wet she is right there" Melissa said looking over her shoulder at Fred and he obeyed her.

Fred licked her pussy and her ass hole, he licked her thighs and traced her ass cheeks with his tongue. "oh baby, put your paws on my back, and fuck your mommy" Melissa moaned while Fred responded as she told him. Fred's both hands were on Melissa bare smooth back and his hard cock was hanging between his legs he was trying to insert it in her pussy, Melissa grabbed his cock and shoved it in her hole. After getting his cock in Melissa's hot wet hole he pushed her hips forward pushing his cock in her hole. "ohhh wow" Melissa moaned feeling his cock going deep in her pussy. "now fuck me baby" Melissa ordered and Fred started moving his ass back and forth he was fucking her like a dog fucks a bitch.

Melissa raised her ass higher to get Fred's cock more inside her, she pulled out his cock and turned on her knees to suck and lube his cock. She again switched to her former position and ordered Fred to fuck her ass. It was difficult to penetrate a tight ass in that position, Melissa dropped her head on the edge of the bed to support her body and with her hands she grabbed her ass cheeks and stretched her ass hole, after finding the cavity of Melissa's ass Fred inserted his hard cock in her ass hole. Melissa kept on stretching her ass till Fred penetrated her ass completely, after having Fred's cock completely in her ass Melissa again Put the weight on her hands and Looked back at Fred over her shoulder giving him a kiss and then looking forward and closing her eyes. "fuck that tight hole" Melissa said.

Fred started fucking her ass harder to please Melissa but as Fred was already tired, he fell on Melissa's back, "I said fuck my ass" Fred again got up on her hands on Melissa's back and fucked her ass for few more minutes, he shoot his cum in her ass and pulled out his cock and laid on the floor. He didn't had any more energy in her body but Melissa still needed more she supported Fred to stood up and laid on the bed. Fred was laying on his back, his cock was wet and limb with his own precum shining on his cock. Melissa removed the collar from his neck and he started sucking his limb cock, she kept on stroking till his cock got hard again she used some more lube and sucked his balls also.

Melissa grabbed his cock and took it in her pussy sitting on it, she started riding Fred but Fred was asking to stop. His eyes were closed and he wanted to sleep but the hotness of Melissa's pussy and her sexy moans were not letting him to sleep, and sometimes he also pushed his cock up inside her pussy. Melissa smiled with a sexy moan as Fred's cock hit her g spot. Melissa was near to squirt, she tilted her body back putting her weight on one hand and with other she rubbed her clit to let herself squirt, she pulled out his cock and squirted her juices on Fred's chest and some on face also. Fred had slept after licking the cum from his lips but Melissa laid beside him stroking his cock.

Next morning it was Sunday so no work, Fred had woken up at 9 am he had found Melissa still sleeping beside him in her bra, Fred ran her fingers on her exposed belly and then pulled down the blanket to look at her pussy, he touched her pussy and then his hands moved up to her boobs. Melissa had woken up and she moaned with the touch of her lovely husband's fingers. Fred pulled out her one boobs and licked the nipple saying "I love you so much" Melissa looked at Fred and kissed him. She got fucked hard last night and this morning was all about just making love they had fondled each other and just kissed for almost an hour. Their night was hard but their morning was soft and full of love in their eyes.





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