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he fucked his neighbor on be half of his uncle

Short story By: hotstory4you


Submitted:Jan 16, 2011    Reads: 4,769    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   


Rick a 17 year old boy lived with his uncle Robbin who is a business man and most of the time out of country. So rick had all the time to enjoy with his friends, watching adult movies, having late night parties etc. but there was something more in his life his neighbor who was in her late twenties, and she is in a relationship with his uncle, from past 1 year. And they were really close, her name was Cindy and rick liked her as she was so sexy and hot, even rick liked him more than his college girls, she had got perfect body and she showed it too to make a guy cum in his pants. Most of the time when his uncle was at home he used to see Cindy coming out of his uncles's room after a long tired night, and rick instantly and he masturbate seeing her pics that he had taken secretly. This afternoon robbin called rick and asked him a little help, he told rick that he promised Cindy to had dinner with her but now he had to go for a meeting out of country and Cindy will kill him if he told him this excuse. So he wants rick to took her for dinner in a hotel as he already booked a table. It was a great chance for rick to spent time with hot lady. And he said yes, showing him not any kind of excitement that he was feeling . at around 8 pm rick knocked at Cindy's door she opened the door and invited him in. she was in her home clothes a simple gown "only" as rick saw the nipples making there impression on her gown, and the cleavage she was showing was too hot, her hair was tied in a bun and some flour was increasing her beauty on her face. After making himself comfortable and taking a pillow in his lap to hide his erection he told her everything about his uncle's emergency and work, Cindy looks a bit upset but she smiled and told him that she already made the dinner and she thought to have dinner at her home. Rick just smiled and they start talking Cindy asked him about his friends , girlfriends, and more things . they watch tv and had fun, at 9 pm Cindy went to the kitchen and called rick at the dinning table. Rick sat in front of her and they were having their food and still talking. As they finished their food Cindy offered him some vine and they again sat in the room and cindy played some music, rick asked hesitatingly for dance to Cindy. Cindy didn't thought a minute and accepted his hand smilingly his hands were on his back and her hands were on his shoulder and they were dancing like lovers, as the night got dark and calm, they were getting much close, Rick's hands moved to her hips and even Cindy also grabbed him more tightly. As Rick found her head on his shoulder and her hands moving on his back, he broke the silence in the room saying its too late and he must left now, because rick knew that if he will stay there one more minute than he cant stop himself fucking that bitch. As he stepped back Cindy hold his hand and said you cant haven't done your uncle's job. Cindy hugged him again grabbing him in her warm hands and pressing him on her breast "you still have something to do for your uncle" . "what" rick asked in a confusing manner, "you had done everything to make my night like your uncle do, except one" Cindy said . rick again whispered "what". He come to my bedroom and ……you know that, and I don't think you will spoil my night and after all your uncle gave you a job to make me happy" Cindy whispered in his ear with her hot breathe and before Rick could say anything Cindy put her lips on him, and she started kissing him, Rick thought for a minute that this is what he wanted and he didn't had to do any thing to fuck this beauty. And he started kissing her back. As Cindy felt his response she held his hand and took her to her bedroom. She was still kissing him and she laid on the bed taking him on her and moving his head to her neck and placing his hands on his head and back, Rick was brushing his lips on her neck, her sweet perfume and sweat making him horny, Cindy felt the hardness of his cock on her thighs but she want it more hard and she was just enjoying his lips on her neck and cleavage, rick moved his hands to her shoulder and pulled down the strips of her gown revealing her beautiful breast and he took her nipples in his mouth and started playing with her breast and pinching her nipples Cindy was moaning in pain and these moans helped his cock to grow more, then Cindy switched their position and she took off his t shirt and pulled down her gown to her waist exposing her slim tummy and belly , she pulled up her gown exposing her thighs and sat on her cock with her legs on both side and started rubbing her pussy on her cock over her pant, her hands were on his chest and her head was up and eyes closed and just feeling the thrill in her, Rick grabbed her boobs and started pressing them and pulling herself down to him to feel his boobs on her face, he took his hands to her back and then down to her waist and he took of her gown fully exposing her hot flesh, she was all naked no panties and her pussy was so wet and dripping that his pants were also wet by her juice, she sat beside him and unbuttoned his pants, and started pulling it down to his feet, he lifted his ass to help her to getting himself naked and she done same with her underwear, and she smiled to see his erect 6.3 inches cock, she took it and squeezed it, she teased him with her tongue tip running on her cock head, rick was holding his cum from past 2 hours and now he couldn't control much and he cummed on her hands she lowered her head to his cock and sucked his cum, and made it erect again, with the softness of her lips, she got away from him and took out some condoms from his cupboard, she torn the packet with her mouth and tasting the condom, she again sat on his thighs and put the condom on his cock, and sucked it to lubricate it, Rick was watching this bitch doing slutty things , she held his cock and put it on her pussy, she took his hands on the back of her head, and untied her hair and lowered herself on his cock, the pleasure made her to threw her body back, Rick held her by her waist and then to her back and made himself sit with Cindy in his lap, her legs wrapped around his waist, Cindy was still pushing herself down on his cock, as she felt the whole stick in her hole she started jumping and making fast moves, Rick made her lay down on the bed , and started pounding her hard . her boobs were moving back and forth on her chest with each thrust of his cock in her, Cindy was moaning loudly and as she made her grip on the bed head, her pussy flooded with her cum, and Rick felt more comfortable thrusting himself more deep and hard ,and after a few minute he cummed in her. She could feel the condom full of his cum in her pussy, Rick fall down on her boobs and they kissed and sucked each other till next morning. So finally Rick had done a great job for his uncle ,or he fucked his aunt on be half of his uncle


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