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He can't be my DAD

Short story By: hotstory4you


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He can't be my dad

Paul (42) was sitting in a bar having a large mug of beer and looking over the next table where a waitress was cleaning the table by bending over it and her mini skirt was not enough to cover her ass, Paul was just staring at her ass. Paul started coming in this bar three years ago when he married a rich woman and on her expenses he started enjoying the life with beer and hookers.

Sasha the lady with whom Paul had married was an attractive business woman, she was a single mother of a daughter named Ally, She met Paul in a restaurant and soon they started dating and then got married, Paul was always interested in Sasha's money and Sasha also have idea about this but she was happy cause as Paul was unemployed then he could take care of her Ally while Sasha had to go out of town and country for business purpose.

After three months of marriage Sasha died in a car accident leaving her 14 and half year old daughter Ally.

Now after three years Paul had spent all the money in beer and fucking hookers, Sasha had saved that money for her daughter's future but now there was no future for Ally.

The waitress who was cleaning the table had left without knowing that she just gave an erection to Paul, now Paul couldn't fuck that waitress in deal of money because now he didn't had any more money to spent on fucking. He hardly had few dollars to pay for the beer. But his eyes were constantly looking at all the girls who were serving beer to the customers in their small top and mini skirt.

Paul paid for the beer and reached his house, he knew that like always Ally would be in her room watching TV, it was 9 pm and he didn't asked Ally about dinner or something else to eat, he just went straight to his room, picked out some magazines of porn and jerked off on those big asses and boobs, he slept there covering himself with blanket, here Ally was getting hungry and she knew like always she had to order a pizza or just had to eat left over from morning.

She walked to the kitchen and on the way she passed through Paul's room but didn't even think about looking in to the room. She went straight in to the kitchen and opened the door of refrigerator. There was couple of chocolate bars and soft drinks. Ally didn't bother about taking the stuff to her room and she had the chocolates right there in the kitchen and then fell asleep in her room

Next morning Ally woke up and got dressed for school, Ally could complete her studies even if she didn't have money cause Sasha had paid all the fee in advance may be because she had some idea about Paul.

Paul woke up and took a shower, he watched TV for an hour then left for the bar. Before entering in to the bar he checked his pocket and found that he had money only for a few beers. But he couldn't resist the beer and those curvy women serving that beer so he entered and looked all over to find a place to sit.

Paul sat on a stool at the end of the bar and next to him there was a man wearing expensive suit and talking on his I phone.

"Yah! I know it's late but what can I do if the girl is not ready" The man said on phone

"ok I think that would be better so you just come and we will see if she is ready or not" the man replied and disconnected the phone.

"Hi!" Paul said like always, he tried to get friendly with him so that the man can offer him a beer.

"Hi" The man replied in not so friendly manner and asked the bar tender for a drink.

Getting not a good response Paul just kept quite having beer and watching big asses swinging around the bar.

"I am sorry, I was just ….. by the way I am Dan" the man introduced himself after apologizing for being rude.

"I am Paul, you new in this town?" Paul asked being more friendly,

"Yah I am, I just came for business" Dan replied.

"Okeh,, so what's your business?" Paul asked ordering one more drink.

"Porn" Dan replied, and Paul looked at him in a strange way and then smiled. "you are funny"

"No, I am not. I came shoot my new video with this new girl who live in this town" Dan said explaining everything.

"Ok, so you mean there is a Pornstar in my town?" Paul asked in a kidding manner,

"That's what I said" Dan replied

"And I don't know about her. What her name and where she live" Paul asked curiously to meet a pornstar.

"Sorry I can't revel anything about the girl, and she is not a pornstar until she will act in my video" Dan said.

"Ok I understand, so how much do you earn by fucking a girl on camera" Paul asked putting down the mug on the wooden counter.

"No, NO, I don't act. I am a producer and what I earn.. let me tell you. This suit worth 10,000 dollars so I think now you can get an idea what I earn" Dan said.

Paul was shocked to hear all that, "Can I act?" he asked almost begging for it.

"I don't think, you are 40+ not shaped, and I only work with young man" Dan totally refused it.

"What's your size?" Dan asked

"what?" Paul didn't get him

"Your cock?" Dan explained and Paul answered in "7 inches"

"that's good for off camera but not on camera. And for men it's not a good field you are not going to earn equal to females in this work" Paul thought on Dan's word.

"But if you have a wife or girlfriend then you can try, like in video which sells under the tag of real or amateur" Dan said helping Paul.

Paul didn't have any of them.

"I am looking for a teen girl not exactly teen I mean she must be over 18 but on camera I will show her like 17. So if you know a girl who is interested in fucking on camera then you can help me and I will give you commission" Dan said offering a deal.

Dan left after that but Paul kept thinking about all the conversation he just had.

15 minutes later he also left all the way home when ever he saw a girl, he asked himself only one question "is that the girl Dan talking about?"

Dan searched for porn and everything related with that on internet to find a way to earn money.

It was 3 pm and Ally entered in the house and went straight in to her room, Paul looked at her but this time his eyes saw her in a different way, all the day Paul shad seen nude teen girls fucking on camera and seeing Ally it didn't take a second for Paul to imagine Ally getting nude and riding a cock.

He got out of her thoughts calling himself a bastard and went out of the house.

Ally was really tired as she started working in the school library in lunch hours to earn some money for her own stuff. She slept without and woke up in the evening when Paul knocked on her door, She opened the door and Paul gave her some packed food. Ally took that and closed the door again. Ally had the food and then did her homework, she could still hear the Voice of TV coming from the living room and avoiding all the noise she slept after finishing her homework.

Paul switched off the TV and went to his room, he was still thinking about Dan and Porn. He switched on the computer and started surfing about porn again, his cock got hard seeing pretty girls sucking huge cocks. Paul played a video of a young girl having threesome with two guys and he masturbated right there on the chair. He came over his hands he had to go to clean himself. He was exhausted and thirsty so he went to kitchen to have some water, on the way saw that light of room Ally's room were still on.

Paul took a step to go to the kitchen but next second his direction changed to Ally's room. The door was locked and when he saw through the key hole then all he could see was the edge of the bed and night lamp placed on a small table. Paul moved to the window, the curtains were down but there was some space between the curtains where could see what is going on. Next what he saw was something he never even imagined and thought about. He saw the middle part of Ally's body from her rib cage to her belly. Her one wrist was lying on the stomach and her hand was between her legs.

Everyone could understand what this means "Masturbation" Paul started trying to see more but he couldn't all he could see was the movement of hand. Then he saw Ally's body shaking and then she got relax and her hand was out of between her legs, Paul realized that her fingers were wet, Ally stood up and walked to the washroom and Paul saw Ally's full slim skinny body for just 3 seconds. But in those 5 seconds Paul saw everything, Ally's perky AA cup size boobs and cute ass, her hair were not tied in pigtails and it were falling over her shoulders. Paul again saw Ally coming to the bed and he looked at her body for again 5 seconds.

Ally laid on the bed and then put on a blanket. There was nothing to see now, Paul stood there for a minute just to collect all the pictures of what he had just seen he was out of his mind and he was walking to get some water. He went into the kitchen and had a two glass of water, he came back to his bedroom and realized the hardness of his cock which was paining inside his tight shorts. He pulled them down and saw that his cock was never been so hard and big, he could see the blood veins and precum oozing out.

Paul stood in front of mirror and saw that he wasn't looking less than a pornstar with this kind of erection. Paul tried to forget each dirty thought about Ally and tried to sleep but after 15 minutes he just couldn't manage to get off the erection. He sat up on the bed and looked at the right side of the table where there was a picture of Ally and Sasha standing in a park. Paul took the picture in his hand he looked at Sasha who was gorgeous and then he looked at Ally who was so pretty.

"I am sorry Sasha.." Paul said and started stroking his cock just looking at Ally's picture. He closed his eyes and saw Ally walking nude and masturbating just like he had seen few minutes ago. Paul shot his cum moaning the name of Ally. He was feeling relaxed and then he slept.

Next day Ally woke up and she looked at the picture of her mom which was hanging right in front of his bed, "Good morning! Mom" Ally wished like she always did, she was still naked and she went in the washroom. She took a shower and in the shower she massaged her boobs more than enough like she liked playing her perky nipples. She left for the school after having the left over food from last night.

Paul woke up and first thing he did was to put the picture of Ally and Sasha in the drawer. He cleaned himself in the shower and without having breakfast he left for the club expecting to meet Paul





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