Girl on Camera

By: hotstory4you

Page 1, (Not for under 18) A teen girl wanted to be a model but her uncles introduced her to the porn world, and when she came to knew about what she was doing it was too late. Now how would she take her revenge from her Uncle?

I belong to a middle class respected family, my name is Lara and I was 12 at that time. My dad worked in bank and mom was fulltime housewife. I have a younger brother and the brother of my dad (my UNCLE) also lived with us. He was a struggling photographer who was trying to have his name in the industry.
We were a good happy family, I always liked to got clicked either its somebody’s birthday party or wedding day. My uncle always try to capture different shots in garden, house, and all over the city. And I always told him that I want to be a model but I even didn’t knew the exact meaning of model. I just knew that a model is a lucky girl whom everyone want to click.
My uncle always made a fun of me as I was a little chubby and he told me that to be a model I should watch what I eat.
Then he left the city for 4 years, I got my school, more friends and things a teen girl should have. Now when ever I look in my mirror I smile as I was not chubby now , although I had weight on right places which you call curves, or I can just say that I had a full 32B breast and 34 ass with a flat belly. I was blonde naturally but I like black hair.
Now I knew that I could be a model, then one day when I got back home from school I saw my uncle sitting on the couch. He had came back after 4 years, and I smiled seeing him. But I felt a little uncomfortable don’t know why but its was all about his eyes which were moving top to bottom on my sweating body. I went back up to my room, I was changing my clothes when suddenly my uncle entered as the door wasn’t locked. Seeing him I hid behind the partition and seeing my reaction he turned and apologized.
I came in view wearing my top, he again looked at me and his eyes stopped for a few seconds on my breast. “wow Lara you have totally changed, now I take my words back. I think you can be a model” He said and hearing that I smiled like I had achieve something.
He looked around my room and smiled appreciating as I decorated my room very good. I saw a laptop in his hands, I asked about that. he told me that he had become a photographer and he wanted to show me some of his work. I giggled and we started looking at the pictures, they all were beautiful as I was not some kind of judge to find the mistakes.
We talked more and day passed, after the dinner  I was sitting in back yard when Uncle came and sat next to me. “do you really think I can be a model?” I asked my uncle without looking at him. “oh yes” he said instantly. I smiled, “and if you want I can be your photographer, I mean I am here for just two days, and then I am going back so if you have time I can shoot your photos.
“thanks uncle but I want to wait” I replied, “wait for what, you are beautiful and have really nice body” he said and I felt a little uncomfortable.
Mom called us as it was getting cold outside. Next morning I woke up it was Saturday no school, and I walked in living in my shorts and T. I saw my Uncle already there and when he saw me this time his eyes stopped at my legs or I find them on my thighs.  I grabbed an apple and went back to my room, just after a minute I heard a knock and then my uncle’s voice calling my name. I invited him in.
“So Lara what have you thought about the whole photo shoot thing” he asked sitting on my bed, I thought for a minute and then asked him to let me ask my MOM and dad. “I know my brother (my dad) he will never allow you to do that, so its your choice, and once you become famous that you would surely then everyone will accept that” he said as I was going to walk out of the room.
I though and said yes. He asked me to get dressed in my formal clothes as he had some costumes with him. We left the house, I was thinking about to go lake side or something as I had seen some of his pictures but he took me to a farm house. I didn’t say a word and followed him inside the house and in a big room, everything was set there lights were flashing, there was a chair, some costumes including most of just two pieces even shorter than my undergarments.
“I knew you will say yes so I already arranged everything” he said seeing my shocked face. he took out his camera and asked me change in a pink frock. It was beautiful  but too short to cover my thighs. Any ways I step out in font of him and he said I was looking beautiful. I did some pose on the floor, then he asked me to climb on a ladder. I felt uncomfortable as I was wearing just a piece of g string under the frock.
He looked at me again and I climbed on the ladder and sat my ass on a piece of wood. He sat on the floor and his camera was focusing me, I knew that he could see under my frock and I was feeling so shy about all that. then he asked me to change the costume. He gave me a T and mini denim skirt, but when I wore them the skirt was very short like a strip of denim wrapped around my ass, and the top was exposing my stomach and very low neck to expose my boobs.
I asked my uncle if he gave me the right costume, and I hear him saying yes.
I came back in the room with those costumes and he stared at me for almost a minute. “so what next” I asked distracting his mind. “Hmmm Lara something is not right” he said and I asked him about that. “your bikini top is black and this top is white so as they are not matching so its looking a little weird” he said and I knew what he would say, and he said that. he asked me to took off my bra. “don’t worry Lara you are going to be a international model, and you have to learn more and more about your work” he said and I went in other room to change.
I came back with just my top, my boobs were moving freely inside the top, and by brushing against the fabric my nipples got hard. they were trying to nail the top, my boobs were trying to jump out of my top as I have told you that it was too low neck top.
He asked me to go behind a couch and when I was there he captured a picture, then he asked me bent on the head rest of the couch. As I did my hands moved to my beast as I felt them coming out of my top. “don’t fell uncomfortable, just relax you have to look natural” he said. I took back my hands and my boobs were totally exposed. He could see the erect nipples inside my top. Then suddenly one boob jumped out of my top and I heard the sound of camera clicking me, but I didn’t asked if he really captured my boob or not.
Every time I went back in room to change the costume I was getting more and more nude. Then the last shot came and I was in a g sting and a string bra. He asked me to sit on the couch, I crossed my legs without asking him and he gladly took a picture of that pose, then he asked me to spread my legs, “uncle I think I have done enough” I said standing up.
“come on Lara this is the best costume, and you are going to be famous with these pictures” he said and unwillingly I again sat on the couch spreading my legs. “yah now that’s hot” He said and took few more pictures. “now show me your back, and untie the string of your bikini top” he said I turned but I didn’t untie the string. “yes like this” he said undoing my top and I covered my breast with my hands and elbows.
Then he asked me to lay down on the couch I leaned my back on the couch and let him took more pictures. As he said finish I ran to other room and put on my clothes.
We got back home and I went in my room, there was happiness of my fist shoot, and the fear of what I shoot in my mind.
Next day early in the morning, I opened my eyes and my uncle was sitting next to me on my bed. I got shocked seeing him and covered my self with the blanket as I was just in my bra and panties. I guess he saw everything, he smiled and opened his laptop “what happen?” I asked.
“let me show you something” he said and typed an URL next I saw my pictures that he took yesterday, “see the views count” he said and I was amazed to find thousands of view of pictures.
“I told you, you will be famous and now you are on your way” he said and I smiled being a model. All the fear of shooting in those costumes was gone. “so do you wanna shoot more and get more famous” he asked closing his laptop.
“Yes I want to” I replied instantly smiling, “ok then meet me downstairs we are going to shoot more” he said.
We reached the same farmhouse and like I had seen yesterday, today also everything was set. But in a different way, there was a bed more lights and a costume of a school girl. there was a handy cam on the bed.
“today we are going to shoot something different and hot” he said and I felt ok, what could be more hotter than untying one string of my g string. “let me give you an idea of today’s photo shoot” he said showing me some pictures on his laptop.
I was shocked to see the pictures those were so dirty and so vulgar. Some girls were grabbing cock and fondling testicles.
“You want me to shoot this” I asked and he nodded in yes. “No way, this is so vulgar and dirty” I said, “its art, and you have to just hold it and give some seductive expressions that’s it” he said. “I showed you your pictures in untying bra, they were just ok, and you got so many views but this one” he said pointing to the pictures on the laptop “are going to be the hottest and you will be famous all over the world” he added and closed the laptop.
I thought for a moment and said ok as it was just to hold a hard meat.



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