Girl on Camera ID-2

By: hotstory4you

Page 1, (Not for under 18) A teenage girl always dreamed about being a model but her uncle introduced her to some new world and when she came to knew about this and her father found about her then her father also ....

My uncle closed the door; turn on all the lights and asked me to change in that school dress.
It was a simple white shirt with a platted red and blue mix color skirt. First I thought to change in the other room as I did yesterday but when I saw my uncle adjusting his camera sitting on the bed facing away me. I quickly took off top and wore that white shirt, I was standing facing away my uncle and buttoning my shirt.
“You don’t need to wear bra under the shirt” I heard my uncle’s voice and I turned to him in a shock (not very shocked) my upper two buttons were still undone and I looked straight to his face and asked “why is that?”
“because you have to look hot and without bra your nipples will poke you through this white shirt and will make u look sexy” he replied in a dirty weird manner and I stared at him for a second. I grabbed that skirt and went to the other room, I have seen many models who posed on beach wet in some one piece and you can see their nipples in that, so doing a thing like that was not an issue but they way my UNCLE said it to me was awkward.
I took off my shirt and then bra, there was a mirror in the room and I looked in the mirror, my focus was on my nipples I was staring at them with nothing in my mind, then I put on that shirt and started doing the buttons from bottom to top, I stopped at the middle of my breast, ‘my uncle was right this shirt was really tight and I couldn’t button it over my breast’. I looked in the mirror and find my self very sexy in the white shirt and revealing a deep cleavage.
But there was a problem, my nipples were not poking through my shirt as my uncle wanted them to capture in his camera. What could I do now? so I just took off my jeans and put on that skirt. I came out of the room and saw my uncle all set holding his camera and smiling at me. I smiled back which was fake as I was nervous about what I was going to do.
He stared at my cleavage and I passed through him and dropped my ass on the bed like I was very tired, “Ok! Lets start” he said and asked me to sit on the bed with my legs straight in his direction and gave me a book to hold in my lap. I did like I was studying that book and he took a couple of shots.
Then he asked me to bend and lift my one leg I did and my thighs were exposed, he took few more shots and then asked me to put down the book and came to him to the edge of the bed on my hands and knees, I went to him like a baby and stopped looking at him waiting for more instruction, he didn’t give any more instruction and clicked more shots of my face looking at him.
“Ok now unzip my pants” He said and I stayed like I didn’t hear it, “Lara! Unzip my pants” I knew why he was saying that but I replied “why don’t you unzip it and take out your penis”. He looked in my eyes and kept quite, I felt a little slow movement in his pants and then saw a little impression of something on his crotch area.
“you can see I am holding a camera” he said which was not a good excuse, “and it will be hot if I capture you undoing a zip” he added and waited for my response. I looked down and then slowly unzipped his pants, he asked me to slip my hands in there and take out his penis, I slipped my hands and there was no underwear, and his cock came in my hand, I held it.
It felt like I am holding a piece of wood or steel rod, I tried to take it out but it’s like it was stuck in there. “Uncle it’s not coming out” I said and he asked me to undo his pants and pull them down. I did as he said and his cock start moving in front of my eyes like a snake.
I was staring at it as I have never seen it in real, (not even in porn because I have never seen porn and didn’t know what it was)
“now hold it from the middle, like you are holding a rod” he instructed and I did, I wrapped my fingers around it and grabbed it. It was thick and fits in my grip. He clicked two pictures from two different angles and then asked me to grab his penis with my both hands.
Till now I was on my knees and one hands but now I sat comfortably and held his penis with my both hands. He clicked one more and then asked me to sit straight looking down at my cleavage. I did and he held his penis and pushed his cock head in my cleavage,
“Uncle!!!!” I said,
“Shhhhh!!” he replied and stay quite while he clicked some pictures in that pose. He pulled it out and I asked “what was that?”
“Nothing just some more art and style” he replied and I kept quite like I don’t know anything about modeling and poses.
He moved back a feet and clicked a picture of me, “now I want to see your nipples poking through this shirt” he said and I have no idea how he was going to take this shot because my nipples were not poking. “Come on make them hard and poky” he said and I stayed quite like a statue.
“But how” I asked, “press your breast, play with it” he replied. I got “press your breast” but not “play with it”
I pressed my breast and he asked me to do it harder, I felt a little different after a minute, my breast was getting a little harder and it felt good, but nipples were still same, before I could ask anything my nipples leaned down to me and pinched my nipple over the shirt,
“Ouuch” escaped from my mouth and he did few more times to my both nipples and they got erect and hard, they were actually poking through the shirt. “yah that’s what I was asking for” he said and clicked two pictures from a feet away from me and three close-ups of my breast which was awkward.
He again asked me to held his cock and move my hand back and forth on it, I started doing it (which I know now is jerking off, handjob) he was clicking pictures with no counts and asking me continuously to look in his eyes.
“Okkk wait a minute” he said but his “Okkk was a bit different (he was groaning, I know this now).
“Now, whatever happen, or come out just keep moving your hand like this don’t stop or this we have to shoot it again” he said and I didn’t exactly got his words “come out” I thought.
He completely took off his pants and lay down on the bed with the camera, he asked me to sit near her and grab his cock and do what I was doing a minute ago.
I started giving his handjob and he was instructing me to bring my face a little closer to his cock, look at his face, do it by both hands etc. etc. I could feel that his breathing was heavy I thought to stop and ask if he was OK but then I just kept doing what I was doing.
“what is this” I thought with a shock, but didn’t show that shock expression on my face. A stream of white thick liquid came out of his pee hole and landed on my hands. He clicked almost 8 pictures and then dropped the camera on the bed and his breathing was very heavy and his eyes were closed.
I was still holding his cock with that white liquid (which I know now is cum) on my hands. I was trying to figure out what had happened. He opened his eyes and asked me to clean my hands in the washroom. I went to the washroom and washed my hands. I came back and saw my uncle still on the bed, his cock was now looking so dull and short. He asked me to change my clothes.
I changed my clothes in the other room and when I came back he was also dressed and looking normal. We went back to our house and I went to my room to finish my homework. But I was also excited to see the response of viewers who would see my pictures so I waited for my uncle to come in my house and show me my pictures.

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