Getting naughty with my husband (in basement)

By: hotstory4you

Page 1, as after having two babies my balls grew from 34b to 36d

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Getting naughty with my husband (in basement)

I have the most beautiful family in this world, my husband Danni and my two loving children son Ron(13) and daughter Emily(11). We had a big house including a large basement. That evening we were getting ready for a party at my sister’s house my children were shouting for their things and clothes and my husband was also like a baby for me and he was also calling me for his things. I got my children ready and went to the basement to switch off the lights and check other things as we were going to spent the night at my sisters house, as I finished the stairs in the basement my hand hit the cupboard and a box that was placed on the cupboard dropped next to me, “what was that” I heard Danni’s voice concerning me. “nothing I am fine” I replied loudly. I bent to grab the box and as I picked it up the things from the box dropped fro the base, I put the box aside and tried to catch everything, those were some of my personal things some sex toys that I used with my hubby before marriage and my 34b bras that were useless as after having two babies my balls grew from 34b to 36d, and my hubby also helped me in getting big breast by squeezing and sucking them every night. I grabbed the dildo, I thought about my past days and ran the finger on the tip of the dildo feeling its curve. I was wearing a long skirt and top I reached under my skirt and touched my pussy with that dildo and I felt so hot, I wasn’t wearing any panties. I called my husband “Danni come down please” in a minute Danni was standing in front of me smiling looking at the things in my hand, “you remember these” “yes how can I forget this” he replied to my words wrapping his hands around my waist. “hmmm no no we are going out” I said taking his hands off, but he grabbed my hands and held them behind me and kissed my neck pushing my head to one side and I welcomed him saying “I love you”. he said same to me and staretd sucking on my neck, I was getting hot and I turned my head to other side allowing him to suck the other side of neck, he left my hands, and I wrapped them on his back, and kissed him, and sucked his lips, his hands moved to my ass, and lifted my skirt exposing my ass cheeks, he squeezed them hard and moved his hands up to my shoulders grabbing my top and taking it off over my head, my big boobs were trying to get out of my bra, and Danni fulfilled their wish unclasping my bra from back and letting it fall slipping through my shoulders. His hands started doing their work on my boobs, he was pressing them hard and I was moaning but not so loud “mom lets go, we are getting late” my son called us. “yes baby we are coming” Danni replied and laughed looking at me, and I smiled too” he played enough with me and now it was my turn I take his hands off from me, went on my knees and unzipped his pants and his massive cock that was full of blood and looking like a piece of wood was hanging there, I grabbed it in my mouth and started sucking it his precum was making me more horny and I was sucking him hard, his hands went on my head and held my head tightly I wrapped my lips tightly around his shaft knowing his intentions, he started fucking my mouth and deep throated me, he fucked my mouth very hard and shoot his juices in my throat , “mom we are very late” I heard my son’s voice. “baby tell your aunt that I cant come you and your sister go and enjoy” I said swallowing Danni’s cum . No more word and I heard footsteps going out of my house, Danni looked at me I stood up and kissed him, and bite on his nipple. He stuck me to the wall and started sucking my boobs, he grabbed a dildo bending down a little and brushing his lips on my flat tummy and he untied my skirt and it fell down on the floor, he stood up and started rubbing that dildo between my folds, now I was moaning loudly, he inserted that dildo deep and stroked it few times I made that dildo wet by my cum, Danni lifted me and took me to our bedroom, I laid on the bed with my legs wide open, while Danni grabbed a condom and rolled it over his shaft, and sat between my legs, he grabbed my butt and lifted my pussy a bit and placed a pillow under there, he came over me, and kissed me, we shared few more kisses and I grabbed his cock and inserted its tip in my hole, as he felt his cock in my hole he pushed it and with no restrictions it went deep in my hole hitting my g spot as it hit my spot I arched back raising my breast and he sucked my nipples, as I dropped my breast down on the bed he grabbed my waist and started fucking me harder and more  harder “ah yahhhh baby more…yah oh” I was moaning loudly and my moans turned into screams, he was pushing his cock deep and hitting my g spot his each stroke was driving me near the orgasm and I was waiting for his last stroke and I moaned that I was going to cum he pulled his cock out of my hole and bite on my clit I grabbed the head board and screamed my pussy was squirting and I was making my bed wet, Danni came over me and his cock was hanging above my head and he was stroking it, as I felt my pussy completely drenched and felt relax I grabbed his cock and started stroking it I sucked it and Danni was saying loudly that he was going to cum, and he shoot his load on my lips., I swallowed this time also and sucked his cock till I made it dry, he laid next to me and his hands were on my boobs, and pinching my nipples, it was just 9 pm and whole night was waiting for us, I again bent to his cock and sucked it and within a minute it was harder than before, I sucked my fingers and fingered my cunt , I bent on the bed on my hands and knees, ready to take him from behind. He came behind me, and rubbed his cock in my crack, he was going to insert his hard cock in my pussy again then I said “fuck my ass” hearing that he slapped my ass really hard that my eyes got wet, he kissed my ass hole and made it a bit lubricated , I felt his fingers nailing my ass cheeks and his cock tip going deep in my ass hole, he grabbed my hips, and pushed his cock harder in my hole, every time he pulled out his cock and pushed it deep with more force, after some really painful strokes he was going to give me more pain he held my shoulder by one hand and pulled my hair by other, now I was feeling like total bitch, who was going to be fucked really hard, he was filling my hole deep. Finally he came inside my ass his warm cum filled my ass and I was feeling so good, I sucked his cock, and we cleaned ourselves he wanted to do one more session but I was really tired and switched off the lights and went to sleep, in the dark I felt his hands pressing my boobs, but my eyes closed and I didn’t know when I felt asleep. Next morning I woke up feeling some weight on my body Danni was over me, making love to me his hands were running over my lips, I was still naked and when he saw that I was awake he started pressing my boobs again to get me horny “no no, children will be here at any time” I said smiling at him. “so what let them know how they come in this world” he said kissing my neck.. “you are so naughty….”I said and turn over him and left to make some breakfast….


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