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friend's dad made me squirt and scream

Short story By: hotstory4you


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my name is Kim i am 20, 2 months ago my friend Angie invited me to spent my vacations with her at her house and i agreed. i met Angie 2 years ago in boarding school we shared same room so we came close to each other she was beautiful just like me but i can't say hot as she never wore skimpy clothes and two pieces while i was just opposite i love exposing what i got and just because of school i had to wear clothes otherwise i would like to walk around naked showing everything. but Angie and me had a very good understanding. i had lots of boyfriends in school and outside the school its like a new month a new boyfriend, i lost my virginity when i was 16 and half and after that i never counted how much time i got fucked in those 4 years i had almost 30 boyfriends who fucked me really bad in school hostel room and outside at hotels or friend's houses and number of onenight stands.
After the school when i got back home seduced my cousin and an uncle. i crossed all the boundaries my dad always got busy with his work and mom got always busy with her friends and tv so i had full freedom i spent almost everynight with my boyfriends and cousin. i always feel hungry for sex at one point of time i feel that i was getting fucked more than my mom even her pussy was much tight than me. well as Angie called me to spend my vacations with her i packed my bags and reached to her house, it was a big house with a swimming pool a good option for our vacations. i rang the door bell and she was there to welcome me. she introduced me to her mom who i felt so sweet and his dad who didn't seemed like his dad, he was looking quite young and handsome he was tall short hair and muscular body he was wearing a t and jeans. and i was standing in front of him with black long hair rosy red lips, a perfect 34c breast and long legs i was in a not so short skirt and t that was exposing my hot cleavage i said hi to him just like i am meeting a new dude. as he sat in front of me after offering me a seat i saw his erection and that was not shocking to me who ever see me he got erection and i love that, even sometimes i feel the boner in my dad's pants. when i met Angie's dad the first thought came to my mind was he on me with his hard cock in my pussy and fucking me hard. we had a little chat and Angie showed me my room i got fresh and went to sleep as i was feeling tired.
i woke up in the evening and i found that Angie and her mother had gone for some shopping and Mr. parker (angie's dad) was in the big hall watching tv. i just have to make a few signs that i need him in bed and he would definitely fuck me hard. but i didn't wanted it this way. i sat next to him watching tv and we started chatting. i felt much comfortable with him and all the time his cock was hard and i was looking at that through corner of my eyes and his eyes stuck to my all curves. he offered me some coffee and as i said yes he went to the kitchen while he was preparing coffee Angie and her mom came back. we all together had hot coffee and after the dinner i went back to my room when i felt that everyone is went to sleep i took off all my clothes opened my bags and took out my dildo and fucked my self all night just thinking about Mr. parker. next morning as i was thinking Angie called me for swimming and i said i will join her later. while i was going back to my room i passed through Mr. parker's bedroom he was working and checking some mails on his computer and there i got an idea to have his cock.
i knocked on the door "Mr.parker" i said, "oh hi Kim, so hows your night is everything okay" he asked being a good host. "oh yes thanx for everything, actually i am having a little problem in my laptop so do u mind if i use your computer, i need to check some mails" i said walking close to him. he got up and offered me his seat to use his computer and went out side giving me privacy. i created a new account and search "how to squirt" and lots of other naughty things. and after ending my internet session i went out to join Angie for swimming and i saw Mr. parker going back to his bedroom. i was sure that he would check the history and wanted to know what i did in his computer. while i was enjoying the cold water in my white bikini Mr. parker might be in his bedroom thinking about me and my search about "how to squirt". and i did all this because Angie's dad was a doctor and i knew knowing about my problem he will definitely going to help me.
during lunch time on table i asked Angie to mail me the pictures of our last day of school to my new mail account and i told her my mail address, Mr. parker was sitting next to me and i said it a little loud so that he could hear my address.
in the evening i checked my mails on my laptop and as i was expecting i got a mail from Mr. parker telling that he can help me. he was online at that time so we started chatting he apologised for viewing what i done on his computer and then he explained in a very decent manner that he could help me first i refused telling him that he is my friend's dad and i cant talk like this to him but he said that he is a doctor and maybe he could help me so i agreed . and i signed out then at the dinner i felt him more comfortable sitting next to me and all the time we were just passing smile to each other. i went out in the backyard to have some fresh air and i saw Mr. parker coming to me. this time i didn't showed any kind of shyness but i showed him that i am mature girl and i started talking about my problem but in a very decent and professional manner and he responded in same way. we were just talking when Mrs. parker called him and he left but while leaving he told me to meet him tomorrow 3 am in the night at terrace it was already 9 pm and now there are only 5 to 6 hours before my fucking. i went to my bedroom and fucked myself but only once. and i was just thinking about him. i looked at the clock and it was 2.30 am i wore a T and shorts no bra no panties. and went up to the terrace it was quite cold there but i knew soon he would be there to warm me up. and i heard him stepping up on the stairs and there he was in his t and pajamas. he asked me to follow him and there was a small room that he use to keep his medicines and other material. the room wasn't much big with a bed a chair, and only one dim light he closed the door as i entered and asked me to sit on the bed and he sat on the chair in front of me his eyes were looking in between my legs. he started talking like i am his patient he asked me about my sex life. he got a little shocked when i explained everything in a very teasing way that how i got fucked in past 5 years. i could see the impression of his hardness through his pajamas and that was making me really wet. the room was getting hot and he asked that he wanted to examine me i gave him a confused look.
"i have to examine you" he said again pointing between my legs. i smiled in a very shy manner and opened my legs wide, he moved close to me, i was getting excited to feel his hands on me, and then he put his hands on my bare thighs and grabbed my waist band of the shorts and looked at me like a gentleman who was waiting for my permission and i smiled lifting my waist and allowed him to took of the short. and my pink not so tight cunt was in front of his eyes.
he was shocked to see that, i guess he was expecting some more clothes on my ass like kind of panties or g-string, but he didn't know what kind of bitch i am. he threw my shorts on the ground and touched my pussy oh wow i wanted to tell me how good it felt but being his patient and as everything was just professional so i didn't said anything and just enjoyed that moment.
his fingers searched a lil inside my pussy and his finger got wet by my juices i was getting really horny and i lifted my one leg and put it on the bed giving him a more space to examine me. his cock made atent in her pajamas and he even didn't try to hide it. i am not saying that never had seen such a huge bulge but as it was my friends dad so that feel was a little different "so u never had a squirt?" he asked examine my love hole. "i do but..not as much as i want" i said "i mean the last time i got a stream out of my hole was 4 months back" i added in not so seductive tone. " ok tonight you are going to squirt" he told me and asked me to stand up taking back his hand from my pussy.and as i stood up he put his palms on my inner thighs and seperated my legs a little bit and he slapped between my legs very very hard i was going to scream but his other hand covered my mouth i fell on my knees and i was squirting badly stream after stream of my cunt juice was flowing out of my hole and making my legs, feet, and inner thighs so wet that i felt like i was standing under a shower. tears were rolling down on my face because of that pain and the pleasure i was having at that time, he was still standing in front of me and his bulge was just an inch away from my face. my body was shuddering and i was still squirting last few drops of my juice. when recovered its energy and i came back to my senses i thought about all the fucking sessions i had but i never felt like this. i looked down at my pussy and it was red like rose. i closed my eyes and rubbed my palm over my pussy. "you all right" i heard his voice over my head and i nodded in yes making a soft vice "hmmm". now i wanted to end all this professional thing and i wanted him in my pussy, no more patient, no more doctor, and no more exmination of my juicy cunt. he was still standing there and i grabbed his waist band and pulled it down and his cock popped up in front of my face and i looked at him his eyes were closed i guess he already knew about my intentions. i grabbed his cock and sucked it hard no handjob, nothing silly and he was ready to bang me hard and i realized that when he grabbed my head and pushed his cock deep hitting the back of my throat and his balls hit my chin. i pulled his cock out and took a few deep breath and took his cock again in my mouth this time i sucked him for about ten minutes and his whole cock and balls were shining because of my saliva. i stroked his cock in my hand and he pulled over my T over my head and sit on the chair grabbing my boobs and playing with them. i stood up and sat in his laps facing him my boobs were rubbing against his face and i liked that put my hands on the back of his head and pushed his head between my boobs and he bite on my nipples and boobs. while he was bussy in sucking my breast and his fingers were doing their work on my ass hole i lifted my ass and grabbed his cock and pushed its head in my pussy and sat back and as i was getting down in his lap. his cock was going deep into pussy i had taken so many big and fat cocks but the pleasure of fucking by your own best friends dad is very different i closed my eyes and threw my head on shoulder his hands were on my ass cheeks and helping myself to stroke his cock deep inside my pussy. i opened my eyes and started kissing him he was sucking all over my neck upper breast, biting my ear lobe. he was so passionate to me. i stood up pulling out his cock from my really dripping wet pussy and i was going again to sit in his lap facing away taking his cock again in my pussy. but he had something different in his mind hic cock head was touching my pussy and i was just going to take it in but he shifted his cock to my ass hole. i looked at him over ,my shoulder gave him a lusty smile and sat down and his cock was going deep into my ass and i just moaned "aaaaaah its going aaaaaaaaahhh" his hands cupped my boobs and now he had a better grip over my boobs he played, pressed and squeezed the hard till they were red like apple. he was still squeezing my boobs and nw i can't bear any more pain so i grabbed his hands and guided him to my pussy so that he can engage in fingering my hole and i can took care of my boobs. i licked my own nipples his fingers were fucking my pussy very fast and with a scream "ohhhhh aaaaaaaa" i squirted again. i just fell down in his arms and he pulled out his cock that was still hard and wet because of my juices that was running between my legs to my feet. he lifted me and threw me on the bed. he came over me and started kissing my lips and neckline. after a few minutes when i felt relaxed i started responding him and my hands were moving all over his back. and i was ready to go again i moved my hand between our bodies, grabbed his hard cock and put its head on my pussy lips, feeling my movements and my wet pussy opening he pushed his cock and in a one long hard stroke he was completely inside me and without wasting any more time he continously fucked me for about 10 minutes and as he was about to cum he showed his cock deep in my throat and fucked my mouth badly, and he shoot all his cum in my mouth and i swallowed all like a good slut. i thought its done and got up and sat on the edge of the bed cleaning my chins and lips with back of my hand when he knelt down on the floor in front of me grabbed my legs and put them over his shoulder and stick his head between my legs, he was eating my pussy so well that i didn't last for two minutes and i felt my body shivering and my pussy was overflowing with my own juices and he was drinking all like a nice drink. i grabbed his head and one more stream comes out of my pussy. he looked up at me his whole face was wet. and i fell down on the bed on my back. oh god i never felt that good in my life. ......


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