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Page 1, Monica\'s friend told her that she did anal, hearing that Monica also wanted to do that she always thought that she can do anything that her friend can do. Will she really go for anal? and if yes then how will she handle it?

Monica and Fred were in college enjoying their last year. This day they were sitting in the class while their teacher was explaining them the concepts of motion. There was silence in whole class and everyone was concentrating and trying to get what teacher was teaching them. Monica and Fred were also writing something in their notebooks but they were not following their teacher. They were having a conversation through writing in their notebooks.
With in the conversation Monica told Fred that her friend had got her first anal, and she told Monica that it was so good, Fred wrote on her notebook “So?”
Monica replied writing that she also wanted to try it.
Fred and Monica were in this relationship from past 2 years and they were having a good relationship in the bedroom and outside the bedroom, they had talked about this anal thing before but Monica avoided that now as Monica herself wanted to do it so Fred was ready too but he replied that they will try it this weekend.
Monica again wrote something on in her notebook telling that she wanted to do it today after the school as today her parents are going to a party and they will be alone in the house and she didn’t want to wait for the weekend. Fred told her that he had his practice class for football. Monica showed a sad face and tried to concentrate on her teacher’s voice but then Fred wrote something, he told Monica that they will do it today. Monica smiled and as the teacher turned to write something on the board she planted a kiss on Fred’s lips.
After the college Fred asked Monica to go home and he will be there soon, Monica reached her home and after 15 minutes she heard the sound of a car parking in the backdoor of her house, she ran to open the door for Fred and welcomed him by locking his lips, Monica was a busty girl with a big pair of boobs. She jumped on Fred to kiss him and her firm breast and hard nipples pressed on Fred’s chest and this was enough to give him a hard on. They reached to Monica’s bedroom without breaking their kiss and caressing each other’s body.
Monica took off her clothes and sat on the bed waiting for Fred to loose his T and drop his pants. Fred did as she was expecting and he pulled out his medium size dick and stood in front of Monica. Monica grabbed his cock and looked in his eyes, she squeezed and stroked it first and then engulfed it in her mouth. Like always Monica again tried to deep throat him but couldn’t tale it full so she just kept on sucking it seductively and licking his shaft from head to base.
“Where is it?” Monica asked taking out Fred’s cock from her mouth and stroking it, Fred bent to pick up his pants and then took a condom and gave it to Monica. Monica had always preferred safe sex, she was not one of those girls who thought that it feels better without protection and later in life they have to face some major problems. She rolled the condom on Fred’s erect shaft and spit on it. Now it was the time for something different and new.
Monica got on her hands and knees raising her ass, throwing her head on the pillow and spreading her ass. Fred came behind her and he pointed his cock to Monica’s ass hole, he tried to push it in but it seems like impossible for both of them. Monica was trying to bear the pain of penetration but she couldn’t and Fred also failed to enter in Monica’s ass. They thought for few seconds then Fred jumped off the bed and pick out a small bottle of some kind of lube from his pocket,
“What’s this?” Monica asked still on her hands and knees,
“Its lubricant, I bought on the way. It says it help in anal penetration” Fred replied and jumped on the bed again
Monica smiled and got her position again, she again raised her ass and waited for Fred to fuck her ass, Fred was again behind Monica, lubing his cock and applying more lube on Monica’s ass but when he lube the inside of her ass hole Monica lost in pleasure and moaned, Fred pulled out his finger and replaced it with his hard dick and started pushing it in her ass. Monica was clenching her teeth and Fred was holding her waist tightly and pushing his cock deep, but Monica was tight like hell, after two minutes only Fred’s cock head was inside Monica’s ass and it was paining badly.
“take it out, take it out please” Monica sad breaking the silence when she realized that she can’t bear this pain, Fred pulled out his cock and he also felt good and relaxed.
“I don’t think you can have it in your ass” Fred said laying on the bed next to Monica, “Why not, if that bitch can do it then why can’t I” Monica replied telling about her friend.
She came over Fred and sat on his tummy with her legs both side, she leaned to kiss Fred and then she moved her waist over his cock and raised it to take his cock in her ass. She held his cock and stick it to her ass hole, she took a deep breathe and then pushed her ass down in the hard cock. This time she had it more than earlier but Fred could see the pain on her face , Monica was holding the wrist of Fred tightly which was showing how much pain she was feeling, and tears started running down from her pretty eyes.
“I can’t do this” Fred said and pushed Monica to his right side and came over her, “I love you and you don’t need to do this” Fred said and locked her lips, his fingers rubbed her clit to get her hot,
“All you need to do is this” Fred said and shoved his cock in Monica’s pussy and it slipped in her love hole, Monica moaned in pleasure and wrapped her legs around Fred’s waist. Fred started fucking Monica in that position and then he sat up and kept fucking her, he was also playing with her boobs and pinching her nipples, the fingers of his other hand were rubbing her clit. Fred was trying everything to Please Monica and wanted to tell him that anal is not the only source of pleasure.
Soon Monica was totally wet and would cum at any time just like Fred, Monica started having her orgasm after orgasm. She had three in a row and in the last one Fred also joined him by shooting his cum in her pussy. Monica was shaking and breathing heavily, Fred had still something for Monica, he went down to her pussy and started eating her out and licking all her juices, he tongue fucked her pussy and when he bit on her clit softly Monica screamed in pleasure and squirted badly.
Fred’s face was covered in Monica’s cum and he laid there with his head between her legs, after a few minutes Monica caresses his hair and pulled him up to his lips and kissed him, “I am sorry, I was jealous of bitch. I thought if she can do it then why can’t I” Monica said and Fred kissed her again, “Don’t worry about that, you don’t know if she was telling the truth or not” Fred said and Monica replied in “hmm”.
“And for me you are the biggest, hottest and cutest bitch in the world” Fred said and once again a long intense passionate kiss began.


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