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Fantasy of being RAPED part 2

Short story By: hotstory4you


Submitted:Aug 18, 2011    Reads: 4,668    Comments: 0    Likes: 1   

part 1 - http://www.booksie.com/erotica/short_story/hotstory4you/fantasy-of-being-raped/chapter/1

I wake up next morning and go straight to the kitchen to make breakfast for my husband who fucked me nice last night.

We two live alone in this house so going naked in the kitchen is not a bad idea, yes its cold and I shall wear something but sometimes I like when cold air hit my smooth skin. On the way to kitchen I look into the mirror and cares my boobs. "today you both are going to feel something new. "I say to my boobs as today my husband is going to rape me.

After serving breakfast to my husband and then saying him good bye I go to the kitchen to clean the things. After about 15 minutes I heard some sound in the living room. I go in the living room to find it out as I enter someone grabbed my hand and hold it behind my back and do same to my other hand.

I try to look back over my shoulder but all I can see is a man in black clothes and black mask, "is it Sean?" I thought. I know he is always been so impatient, but why is he covering his face? may be to give me the real feel. Before I can say something more he bend me over the couch. I am all naked so he doesn't have any problem in spanking on my ass. And leaning on my back to grab and squeeze my boobs.

"please leave me" I say pretending to be afraid then I feel his hard cock rubbing against my ass and between my crack. He spread the lips of my pussy and slid his cock inside me, it feels a little different may be because he was doing it in different way so I am feeling it different.

He slid it inside me about 2 inches and then pushes it deep I cry like hell, it is much deeper than I am thinking, he is really honry today and going to give a real experience of bondage. He lifts my one leg and places it on the couch. He is fucking me like he is really a rapist or gangster. His strokes are much harder then I ever experience. His hands are spanking my ass and squeezing my boobs.

I starts screaming and these screams are very real I am not pretending, now its really hurting me. he pulls my hair back and gives really deep stroke that I my head feel on the couch,

He grabs my ass and raises it having a better access, his nails were hurting my nipples and it starts bleeding, he pulls out his cock and flipped me on the couch.

He lifts my legs over his shoulder and penetrates me, I look at him and close my eyes feeling a pain as he starts hitting my pussy. "ok stop it now" I ask him but he didn't. I try to push him away but I can't. and he keeps fucking me hard.

"Please Sean, its hurting now" I say again but he act like he is not listening to me. now I am not feeling any pleasure. All I want is to push him away.

He fall on me shooting his cum inside me, tears are rolling down from my eyes. He gets off from me and zips his pants, I am looking at him he seems a little tall and before I can show my anger and tell him how he hurts me, he left.

Now I am really angry and tonight I am going to fight with Sean. All day I am on the bed still feeling pain in my body and trying to understand why Sean hurts me like this.

I heard the sound of foot steps, my bedroom door was locked so Sean knocks on the door "honey open the door" he says but I didn't respond. "honey baby I am sorry, I have a lot of work in the office that's why I couldn't come to fulfill your desire" he says.

I am shock to hear that, and I open the door he is there in his formal clothes looking tired. "what did you say" I ask him looking confuse, "baby I know you were expecting me to come over and like rape you, but there was very important work and I couldn't make it" he says. "I fall in his arms and start crying. "oh come on don't cry I promise I will do it tomorrow" he is assuring me but what can say and how can I explain that I really get rape today. I was feeling so bad, the feeling of being raped is hitting my head again and again. I am crying like the girl I saw in the movie a day before.

Now I know how it feels to get raped my life changed in few hours, and I am trying to get out of this shock. I am 24 now and still I can't get out of the shock of being raped but what about those girls who just starts their life who are just 14 or 16 and some fucking bastard rape them.

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