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Fantasy of being RAPED

Short story By: hotstory4you


Submitted:Aug 17, 2011    Reads: 4,141    Comments: 2    Likes: 2   

Its been 2 year of my marriage and I am happy with Sean. He is good looking, caring, successful almost everything a girl wants in a husband. I met him when I was 20 and then after two years of beautiful relationship we decided to get married. Apart from our beautiful day life, our night life is totally fucking full of excitement and joy.

He first touched me after 4 months of our relationship, and after that I don't think there is any thing left that we haven't tried. He fucked my pussy, my ass and my mouth. He uses dildo to give me the pleasure of DP, double vaginal and anal both. We have fucked in shopping mall and movie theater. I have given him handjob in a restaurant having coffee and a nice blowjob in the backseat of a bus. My fantasy is being forced, submissive like kind of bondage. We try it so many times but I never get fully satisfied.

This day I am watching a movie and there is a scene of "rape" the girl is crying, trying to escape while the man is doing his work. And I am enjoying it, I am enjoying a rape scene "what the fuck is this?" I said to my self. I switch off the TV and realize that I am wet, my panties are dripping my juices. "hey honey I'm home" I her the voice of my husband and I turn to the direction of voice. He comes to me with his briefcase and blazer, he throws the briefcase on the couch opposite to me and leave the blazer on the edge of the couch that we are sitting.

He sits next to me wrapping his hands around me. "How's your day?" I ask him caressing his hair and loosing his tie, "ah really hard" he replies and tilted my face up. He kisses me and I am already wet so my hands move to his bulge automatically , feeling my hand on his bulge he moves his hand under my skirt and he finds that I am wet. He breaks the kiss and looks at me, "you are so wet, what were you doing in my absence" he asks moving his other hand on my breast. "I was watching a rape scene and .." I leave the sentence incomplete "and you get excited" he completes that for me "you get excited watching a rape scene" he says that again with surprise.

I unzip his pants and take put his hard cock, "Sean I want you to rape me" I say wrapping my hand son his cock. "what" he shouts, "yes I want you to rape me, like you come home tomorrow a little earlier from office then you will act like a stranger and rape me" I explain him my idea to fulfill my fantasy. "hmmm that sound good but.." I stop him saying anything more kissing his lips and stroking his cock. "hmm hmmm" we are moaning and kissing his cock is getting more hard in my hand.

He pushes me on the couch and grabs my one wrist showing that he is my master. I wrap my leg on his waist while my other hand is still stroking his cock between us. He lifted my pushes my skirt up to my bellybutton revealing my panty which is really wet, he breaks the kiss and take off my panty lifting my legs. He again come over me I grab his cock and place it on my opening, I pull his ass on my pussy so that he can penetrate me, knowing what I am waiting for he pushes his cock deep inside me and I throw my head back on the couch. He penetrates my pussy fully in one push and without wasting a second he starts fucking me, his cock hit my g spot every time he strokes, and I grab him in my arms. He fucks me like that for bout 6-7 minutes and then he pulls out his cock which was wet and shiny with my juices and sits on the couch, I get off from the couch and sit in his lap holding his cock and sliding it inside me again.

I take it inside me till it hit the end of my pussy, my hands are on his shoulders and he is fucking me by pushing his cock up in my hole. My pussy is continuously secreting juices and making it more easier to stroke his hard thing inside my tight hole. He grabs my boobs and sucks them, he bites on my nipples and his hands move to my ass. He lifts me pulling out his cock and then drops me again his cock slides inside me like butter and hits the end of my pussy, it is painful and I cry. Then I starts riding him and I am moving up and down on his cock controlling each stroke and reaching to climax. My pussy starts getting more tight and wet, "aaaah oh yes I am cumming" I moan and have my orgasm squirting my cum in his lap, he grabs my ass and fucks my pussy like hell for 30 more seconds after my orgasm. He pulls out his cock and I sit on the floor taking his cock in my mouth and wrapping my lips around his cock head. He shoots three loads of cum and I swallowed each as I get them. We both are breathing heavily and I sit there on the floor licking his cock head and enjoying the last few drops of cum.

After a quick session we have a bath and go to sleep without having dinner. In bed I am thinking about tomorrow when he will come home and rape me like a total stranger.

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