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experiences with mask man

Short story By: hotstory4you


Submitted:Mar 22, 2011    Reads: 1,412    Comments: 0    Likes: 2   


My eyes opened when I felt some kind of weight on my tummy and cold air hitting my smooth body I got shocked to see a man on me, he was sitting on me with her legs on both side and I can't see his face as he had a mask like thieves and her giant hand were covered with leather gloves I want to scream but voice didn't came out and my heart was trying to come out from my chest then I looked aside and found why I was feeling cold my blanket was hanging to the edge of the bed and I was exposed in my red bra and panties to that man, I made some moves to get him away from me but he grabbed my hand with his one giant hand and covered my mouth to avoid any kind of voice till now I knew what was going to happen with me, if he would be a thief then right now he must be trying to open the safe instead of sitting on my tummy , he came closer to my face and whispered "I don't want any voices if I heard any this will be in your body" he showed me a sharp big knife with cuts on its sharp edges, I just kept quite and nodded in yes he grabbed a pair of handcuff and tied my hands to the bed's head rest and out the sharp tip of knife on my forehead I thought to plead not to hurt me but I changed my mind when he ran that sharp tip down to my face following my nose and ends on my lower lip he came close to my face again and kissed me, I felt some kind of mint breathe in my mouth, he got up and put the knife again on my lower lips like he wanted to start from where he left and he again started examine my body with that sharp tool and moved to my neck and pushed it on my throat I felt real pain but no voice was there as I love my life he again moved his hand nut this time not down he moved to my shoulder and moved his knife under my bra strap and cut it I don't know what was happening to my body but instead of being frighten and all that I was quite enjoying all that, that sharp tip was teasing my body, his knife moved to other strap and he did same thing to that and my half breast was exposed in cool air and peaceful light of full moon my breathing became heavy and the two balls on my chest were moving up and down. He came closer to me and bite on my left upper breast his teeth were sharp and cause a little pain and much pleasure he pressed his knife between my boobs on the bra clasp and taking the knife under the clasp he pulled it up and my whole upper body was in front of him, my nipples were erect like marvels, he put the knife on a side and took off his gloves . he pressed his palms on my boobs and cupped them his hands were cold and hard like steel, he pinched on my nipples and rubbed them in his thumb and forefinger my soul was out of my body and I was in heaven, my breast raised up in air and I started trying to get my self free from the handcuffs, I wanted to tell him to go down on my body but I didn't wanted to break that sensual silence in my room so I keep my lips locked and let him do whatever he wanted. I was thinking that he would suck my breast and chew my nipples but he again took his knife and ran it on my tummy and circled around my belly button that was pierced by a silver ring attached to a chain he brought her face really close to my belly and I could feel his breathe hitting my skin, he kissed me all over there actually he almost licked my body and it was wet he also bite there and I wanted to moan I wanted to cry for more but I didn't. now it was turn for my panties and I was waiting him to touch me there where every girl wants to be touched and every guy want to touch. But my all dreams and all happiness. Pleasure shattered in a sec when he got up from me and put his knife in her long boots, grabbed his gloves and walked to the window "hey wait" I shouted but not so loud. He looked back and I could see the smile on her face as his eyes and lips were exposed from that mask. "u cant do this to me, come back finish it" but he didn't and jumped out of the window, I wanted to catch him but I was tied but later I find that those handcuffs are not that real I just tried a bit more to let my self free and I did they were made of cheap plastic, all the night I was just thinking about him and wishing that I would be back some day to finish everything down to my panties……..


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