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Desire of CUM on my belly -2

Short story By: hotstory4you


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Next morning I woke up and got dressed in a blue gown and matching undergarments, I tied my hair in a bun and matching blue heels enhanced the beauty of my feet. I left for the mall and reached their in around 15 minutes. I started looking for Jimmy after 10 minutes I saw a boy standing at a counter, I tap on his shoulder but it wasn't him. I came out of the mall and saw Jimmy standing out side the mall in parking area looking for someone and that someone was me.

I went to him and stood behind him, "you are looking for me?" I asked flashing a smile like we were lovers, he turned and smiled seeing me. I don't know why and how but I just hugged him he didn't showed any response for 2 seconds but he also wrapped his arms around me after few seconds. I realized that we were in a public place and I should not have done that. "Hi" I said looking down in an embarrassment of hugging him like that.

"Hi" he replied in a low and soft voice, we talk for a couple of minutes standing there then we left the mall and got to my car. Before sitting in the car I said "Jimmy I am so thankful to you that you have come to just fulfill my desire but I want to explain that its just about my belly and your.." I stopped "nothing else, you understand what I mean?" I added and he smiled, "I understand, don't worry about anything" he said and sat in the car.

I was driving and all the way to home we were casually talking about everything going on in our life. My gown had lifted up showing my thighs and as he was sitting next to me in front seat he could see my boobs through my low neck gown. I looked at him and saw his erection that he was trying to hide. "I understand how you are feeling" I said and he looked at me while he rolled my eyes down from his face to his crotch. He looked away in embarrassment.

"its ok, don't feel bad. Even I am getting wet" I said and laughed to make him comfortable but I was really getting wet. "I am sorry actually I never had think about anything like this with a lady like you" he said.

"like me?" I questioned, "I mean you are more mature than me, so beautiful, you have big.." he stopped "boobs and..?" I completed his sentence and asked about what else he likes.

"you are so good, a dream of everyman" he said some really beautiful words, that made my heart happy and my pussy more wet. "do you like my nipples?" I asked teasing him as I was liking that moment and whole conversation going on, he again blushed and nodded in yes. I asked few more naughty questions and we were getting more comfortable with each other.

"you said the dream of everyman right?" I asked and he responded being quite, "so have you ever dreamed about me?" I asked and stared at his cock through the corner of my eyes his bulge was looking more bigger and tighter. "once" he honestly answered and I was eager to know that what he done with me in his dream but refuse to share that. Even I didn't insisted much.

I was driving slow and choose a long way to home so that we can talk more because I knew that once we are in the house and doors would be closed then none of us will wait to talk. There was complete silence for a minute in the car. I spoke again this time I complimented him as he complimented to me.

"You are also really handsome and have a really.." I said and couldn't complete my sentence, but he did saying the word "hard". He didn't said 'big' or 'giant' as he didn't had that but yes he had hard like steel which I could had seen once and could imagine in the car as his hard cock was trying to tear his pants. This time I blushed and laughed and he did a few minute ago.

"What else youuuuu like about me?" he asked in way that I did to him, but I didn't gave him a formal answer like he said that I am the dream of everyman or something. I told him what came from my heart "you cum so good and a lot, I just love that, my husband never did like that" I said insulting my husband and making him proud.

He knew that my husband had a giant cock but I didn't mention that in the car because that could make him feel a little bad.

"Nice house" he said as I pulled over the car in front of my house, I smiled and we step out of the car. he waited for me while I parked the car. he was looking around the greenery and garden when I went to him and grabbed his hand, we entered in the house and I showed him my living room offering a seat. I left to get something to drink from the kitchen.

I came back with some fresh juice and sat next to him. We were sipping on our juices and talking more, then I took a sip and turned his head to me placing my palm on his cheek, he got only two seconds to look into my eyes after that I locked his lips we shared the juice and he licked my lips. I guess he liked the taste of my lipstick.

I put down my glass and kissed his more deeply then I get away from him, "I guess it was good to start" I said and he agreed with a smile. "So can we start now?" I asked watching him having the last sip and putting down the glass on the table. "as you wish" he replied and I stood up and started walking to my bedroom, "this way" I said looking at him and he followed me.

We entered in my bedroom, I had already pictured a lot of things so I placed a couch near my bed where he can sit and jerk off and I could use my bed to finger. My desire was just to see my pierced belly covered in cum, we were not going to fuck. I asked him to sit on the couch and I opened the drawer of a table in my room and took out some tissue papers. I put them next to the couch saying "guess we will need them" I grabbed a towel from the washroom and threw it on the bed.

He was watching me doing everything. I put down a bottle of lube that me and my husband use during anal fuck. I thought he might need that to stroke his cock. when everything was done I sat on the bed and he was on the couch. He was hard again and I was wet from the morning. Now we were ready to go, I played the porn on TV and I looked in his eyes.

wait for next chapter and comment of like to get it soon.

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