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Desire of Cum on my Belly

Short story By: hotstory4you


Submitted:Sep 8, 2011    Reads: 5,951    Comments: 4    Likes: 1   

I am 30 years old and married. I am not any kind of bitch or slut or dirty kind of woman, I am very decent and honest with my husband in every way. I love him and he loves me. I married him when I was 25 and in these past 5 years he satisfied me every time he shoved his hard baby inside my soft cunt. He fucked me in day and in night. He banged me like most of the woman wants to get banged, he knows how to fuck the ass of a woman who has a really tight ass. He fucked my in every possible way. He got a really big thing in his pants and I love grabbing that in my arms whenever I get chance either at home or even sometimes when we are out for lunch, movie or on a long drive.
But after satisfying me physically there still had one desire that he never fulfilled and it was about his cum. I am not talking about like those whores who swallow gallons of cum, I mean yes it tastes good and I also love it sometimes but my desire is about the cum on my belly and boobs. My husband fucks me hard and for very long but when it comes to cum, he doesn't cum as much as I want on my belly. I want my belly fully covered in white thick cum and if would be really horny than may be I would lick it and swallow too.
This was the only desire left until I met Jimmy. Jimmy is my online friend and actually I am the one who sent him the request to be a friend. he is good looking, cute and very impressive that's what I found when I saw his profile. I wasn't sure if he would like to be my friend as he was 20 and I was 30 but he accepted me and we started chatting.
My husband had to go out of states for his business work so I spent time with chatting and sometimes when I feel kind of hot and need to masturbate then I do online stuff and all but I never done anything with James. He seems really nice guy, we chat about everything I told him most of my life and secrets and he also did same.
One night it was around 11pm and my husband was out of town, I was feeling a bit horny and thought to have some online thing, when I logged in I find that Jimmy was also online, seeing me online he said hi to me and I replied same.
We started chatting and when I asked him what was he doing so late at night, he honestly told me that he was looking for some hot night fun. He asked me the same question, I felt a little odd to tell him that I was also looking for same because I am married and it is weird to have online fun when you already have someone to have fun. But I told him the truth and he send a laughing smiley and I sent the same back.
I was just in my bathrobe and nothing else underneath. I was thinking to ask Jimmy If he would like to do fun with me, but before could ask he asked the same thing and even in a very better manner than I thought. I said "yes" and we started video calling, we had seen each other before in pictures but never had Video call. He was sitting bare cheated on a chair and I was on the bed as the monitor of the computer was next to my bed and I was typing with keyboard from the bed. I adjusted the camera so that he could see me.
He asked me for better light and I switched on some more lights. We talked to have hot night fun but still having video call we were talking casually, his voice was really sexy. Time was going so fast and we were still talking formal and being shy, then I asked him if I should took off the bathrobe, he replied in yes and I took off my bathrobe. He was shocked to see me all naked may be because he would be expecting me to wear bra and panties under there. then I asked him to show me his..
I left the sentence incomplete and he stood up and pulled down his shorts, his cock was not big not small just perfect I guess around 6 inches, and it was really beautiful white, clean shaved. I complimented him about his thing and he complimented me about my breast, he asked me about my breast size and I told him that I had 36DD, he smiled and we got more comfortable, he told me that he wasn't virgin and had a girlfriend in past. I joked if he would like to be my boyfriend.
We were talking more then I place the cam near my pussy and asked him if he liked what was flashing in his screen, he sent a blushing smiley and I laughed. he also took his cam to his cock and then I could clearly see his precum which was looking so thick like a drop of cream. Soon things got more hot and we started fondling our body, I was pressing my boobs and fingering my pussy, he was stroking his cock and giving me beautiful look of his cock by moving cam around hi cock.
I turned and raised my ass in doggy position, my hands reached to my ass and I spread my cheeks giving him a close look of my crack and both holes. After and hour we became very comfortable and I started fingering myself and he was stroking his cock to ejaculate. My eyes were stuck to my computer screen and waiting to see him cum, when he shoot hic cum my eyes got wide.
His cum was so thick and crystal white, he was coming more like he would never end , he cummed for almost 1 minutes and he cummed more than half cup. I got more horny and as I t=rubbed my clit and pinched it, I squirted on cam. He sat on the chair exhausted and I was on my bed with my legs spread wide and giving him the view of my cum flowing out of my pussy. after that I couldn't control myself and told him that I love his cum. I also told him about my desire.
We logged out and all night I was thinking about his cum. I didn't played with Jimmy like I used to play with my other friends. I finger my ass, use food and suck my own breast etc. but tonight with Jimmy I had done nothing. I was sure that he also did many things but just because it was our first time so we didn't try anything else.
In the morning I thought to ask Jimmy if he would like to full my desire, and I sent him the message about what I thought. In the after noon I checked my inbox and a smile flashed on my face when I found that Jimmy was ready to cum on my belly. I messaged him that my hubby wasn't at home and if it would be possible for him to come tonight and fulfill my desire.
In the evening he sent the message to pick him up from a mall next morning. I was glad but a fear of cheating my husband was there in my mind




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