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Page 1, Jackson was happy about returning back to his home after spending 10 years in jail but on the way something bad happened


This evening Jackson and his friend Criss were going back to their home after spending 10 years in jail. they were wanted persons 10 years back and they surrender themselves hoping to start a new life after returning from jail.
They collected their clothes and money that they earned in this jail by doing some work. by the evening 5 pm they left the jail with a smile on their face. now everything was changed they took a cab and started their long journey to get back to their town. just before a few miles from their town they stayed in a resort as it was 10 pm and they thought to get a bit relax and prepare themselves to meet their families. they got a room, cleaned themselves and dressed in their not so good clothes. Jackson switched on the T.V while Criss looked out of the window and he saw a club next to a building opposite to theirs. Criss asked Jackson to go to the club and have a drink with him. Jackson was tired but he said Ok.
 They went to the club and as they entered a smile flashed on their faces as it was a strip club. and very sexy girls were dancing on the stage some were topless too. They sat in a corner and ordered a drink. After having some more drinks both men were getting hot after watching these girls who were getting more wild by the night. Criss showed some money and Girls approached him, they came to him and started playing with him, they were giving him lap dance and this was making these men more hot and their cocks were getting harder and harder. Jackson also looked around and he saw a girl and asked her to come to him.
“whats your name” he asked her “Irene” she replied sitting in his lap and she felt his hard cock on her ass. Irene kissed him and asked him if he would like to spend some time in alone. Jackson was really horny now and he really wanted a nice fuck. He told Criss that he is leaving with Irene and they went back to their room. In the club it was quite dark but in his room he can examine the beauty of Irene.
She was 20 or 21, black hair pretty face slim body with medium size boobs, fair complexion and all in all she was really sexy in her top and mini skirt. after closing the door they hugged each other and started making out, they kissed for a minute and soon they were on the bed. Jackson started fondling her body her giant hands were squeezing her boobs over her top, while her hands were moving all over his bare back in excitement. she was moaning softly as Jackson was bitting on her neck and upper boobs gently. they sat on the bed and Jackson took off Irene’s top she was was all nude there no bra nothing. her fresh young boobs and hard nipples were pointing to him. Jackson pinched on her nipples and squeezed the hard. he sucked her breast hard.
Irene got off from the bed and sat on the floor next to the bed while Jackson removed his pants and knowing Irene’s intention he sat on the bed in front of her. his cock was big hard and a little curved. she grabbed his cock and stoked it before taking deep in her mouth. she blowed him very hard and almost made him cum. her small pretty head was moving up and down in his lap. Jackson was now really wild and ready to fuck her. he throw her on the bed and sat between her legs, he Grabbed his left leg and put it over his shoulder making more space to enter into her pussy that was pink, shaved and looking so beautiful. she spat in her hand and rubbed it over her pussy and fingered her hole.Irene made a soft moan and lifted her pussy a little showing that she was ready to take him in, Jackson held his cock on her entrance and pushed it inside deep. Irene screamed but Jackson stopped her putting his lips on her and gave her some soft gentle strokes after a minute he started fucking her faster, Irene was moaning for more deep and hard and Jackson was doing as she was demanding. after a few minutes Jackson laid on her back and Irene sat on his cock taking it deep in her pussy again, she was jumping on her cock and Jackson was squeezing her boobs, Irene bent a little to let jackson suck and bite her boobs. they both were Near to orgasm Irene had her orgasm and fell on Jackson. Jackson rolled letting Irene lay on her back and he pulled out his cock brought it near her face and stroked a few more times and shoot his cum in her Open mouth. like a good slut Irene swallowed much of it.jackson laid next to her and they slept together. next morning they woke up and Irene told him that she was leaving and she wanted money for the previous night. Jackson took his wallet and handed her enough money. and she left.
Jackson took a shower and get dressed to meet his family. he met Criss downstairs they went to their home. They looked at their houses which were much improved now and quite good now. They met Criss’s wife and his son outside Criss’s house. after meeting them Jackson went inside his house, He found his wife Kim washing dishes in the kitchen, as she saw him She started crying and hugged him kissed him. that was really loving moment. Kim told Jackson that they had a daughter, Jackson was confused about this then Kim clarified that she adopted her when she was 5. and now she took care of Kim. she told him that their daughter was out for her job and she will be back by the evening. at around 8 PM some one knocked the door, Jackson opened the door and shocked to see Irene there.
“oh darling he is your father and Jack, this is Irene our sweet daughter. she is a waitress” Kim introduced them. Both Jackson and Irene were started crying. Kim asked them about the tears in their eyes but they both have no good answer for this.

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