Comment and like for the victims of 9/11

By: hotstory4you

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Comment and like for the victims of 9/11

Last night I saw this show on TV about what happened on 9/11. I had seen mush of those pictures 10 years back when I was 10 but now after ten years I can understand what really happened. I saw those towers collapsing one by one and with that so many people lost their relatives, friends, and strangers whom they never met.

After the falling of towers which were a symbol of Human’s excellent architecture skills, there was nothing more than just 15 million ton steel and concrete. There was smoke and fire all around and people were running to save their lives. Relatives and friends of those people who were inside those towers were crying and just praying for the victims after seeing the hell on the earth on their TV screens.

Somewhere in the city an old lady was happy to know that his son finally got a job but now she was crying to know that her son had that job in one of these towers. And now may be she could never see her son again.

A young lady was dreaming about the coming life of her coming child  with his husband who had been working somewhere in these towers, but seeing the destruction of those towers her dream shattered and she didn’t know what to tell her son/daughter, when he/she would born.

That day there were so many people, who lost their love. Some lovers must blaming themselves about why did they had a fight with their soul mates that morning, why they didn’t stopped their relatives and friends from going to work.

9/11 was the day when every one’s eyes were in tears and people like me, who didn’t knew about the pain of loosing some one and tears also felt something bad and very sad.

America had faced a big loss of money and people.

After the falling of towers the whole place where the towers fell named as GROUND ZERO. And there were 100’s of fore workers who were searching for peoples either they were dead or alive.

Some people lost their hopes to get back their people while some were still praying for the victims. The fire workers were working as hard as they could because they knew if there are people inside the towers then they didn’t had much time to survive.

The whole world was praying for totally strange people because there were a relation between these strangers. A relation of humanity, which is bigger than all other relations.

Although the country had fulfilled the economical loss but we all know that no one would ever get back what they had lost.

Around 3000 peoples were in the tower and only 300 dead bodies were discovered from the destructed towers.

I am praying for those people who had lost their relatives/friends. And I wish you will also do.

Comment and like for the victims of 9/11

(comment about what you feel about 9/11 or just like it if you have no word to express your pain)


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