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Short story By: hotstory4you


Submitted:Sep 23, 2011    Reads: 3,864    Comments: 3    Likes: 1   

Helena had just turned 24 and gave birth to a beautiful daughter who is now 1 months old, the father and husband of Helena worked in bank. Both Helena and her husband (Dixon) always tried some thing new in their bed and Dixon always loved Helena's breast after giving birth to her first child Helena's breast had become more soft and milky. Dixon couldn't stop his hands to squeeze them when ever he got chance.
One night Helena entered in her bedroom with a glass of milk in her hand. Dixon always had milk at night sometimes he had it right from the glass and sometime he like it when Helena poured it on her pussy and Dixon have it between her folds. That night Helena was in a very erotic mood and she placed the glass on the table and laid next to the Dixon. Before laying next to Dixon she already took off her dress and now she was just in her bra and panties.
Dixon wrapped Helena in his arms and they started kissing, Dixon couldn't stop himself and his hands started pressing her boobs slowly. "have some milk honey" Helena said and Dixon pulled out her boob from her bra and started chewing on her nipples. "ohhhhh hmmm" Helena moaned in pleasure but then she told him to have the milk from the glass not from her boobs.
"oh no no no, I mean that milk" Helena said pointing to the glass on the table. "hmmm but I want your milk tonight, I think it would be more sweet than that" Dixon said pressing her boobs and he completely took off her bra. "yah it is sweeter but it is for baby not you my darling" Helena said and kissed him.
"so what, I am also your baby, and you must feed your baby" Dixon said and rolled Helena over him, he held him tightly and started sucking her boobs. milk started coming out from Helena's boobs, Helena was getting horny and she stopped avoiding and enjoyed the feeling of breast feeding her husband. "ok now its enough" Helena said and go down brushing her nipples on Dixon's chest. There were still some drops of milk on her nipples.
Dixon was hard and Helena grabbed his cock and took it in her mouth. She was sucking his cock while Dixon started drinking milk from the glass, "hey Helena" Dixon said, and Helena replied in "hmmmm" voice engulfing his cock in her mouth. "just few more drops to make this milk sweet" Dixon said handing the half filled glass of milk to Helena.
Helena laughed and held the glass under her left boob, she squeezed her boob one spoon milk came out from her boobs and poured in glass. Helena gave back the glass to Dixon "hmmmm now its sweet" Dixon said sipping on glass. "hmmm so you think that is sweeter" Helena asked standing in front of him on the bed. "yah it is so sweet" Dixon told her and Helena pulled down her panties revealing her shaved cunt, "then how about this" Helen moved forward snatching the glass from his hands and sticking her pussy on Dixon's mouth.
"oh fuck, I guess I will get diabetes, if you will let me suck your juicy cunt every night" Dixon said and bite on her pussy "oh my naughty baby" Helena moaned and starts poring milk on her belly which was going in Dixon's mouth through her folds. As she finished pouring the milk on her belly, she pushed Dixon on his back on the bed and she grabbed his cock.
Helena spit in her hands and lube Dixon's hard cock, she stroked it and fondle his balls. Helena took his cock in her cunt and it hit her cervix. "ohhhhh" Helena moaned and raised her ass and drop it again stroking Dixon's lube cock in her wet pussy. Helena was riding his cock hard and fast till she got her orgasm, she pulled out Dixon's still hard cock and took it deep in her mouth. She tasted her own cum, "my juice is so tasty" Helena said and kissed Dixon, "yah you taste so good" Dixon replied tasting Helena's juices from her lips.
Helena again went down on Dixon's cock and sucked him till he shoot his cum in her throat. Helena swallowed most of it, she made his cock dry and laid next to Dixon holding his cock. "I love you" Helena said and got herself in Dixon's arms.
Next morning Dixon woke up and saw Helena standing next to bed with a tray having two coffee mugs in it. "good morning baby" Helena said kissing him, she was wearing a bathrobe. She put down the tray on the table and sat on the floor.
"why are you sitting on the floor?" Dixon asked, sipping on his coffee.
"because I need more milk in my coffee" Helena said grabbing her mug.
"So?" Dixon said confused.
"So I think I can use your milk" Helena said sliding her hand under the blanket and grabbing limb cock of Dixon.
"oh you naughty, are you sure?" Dixon asked sitting on the edge of the bed, and putting down his mug on the table.
"yah if you can have my milk then why can't I" Helena said and took his cock in her mouth.
Dixon closed his eyes and his cock got hard in seconds inside Helena's mouth. Helena sucked him so hard and she played her tongue on his cock head which made Dixon to cum, "oh baby, you are going to have that milk" Dixon moaned, Helena grabbed his cock in one hand and with other she carefully held the hot coffee mug under his cock. she pointed Dixon's cock to Coffee mug and she saw spurt after spurt of Dixon's cum dropping in that mug. Helena put down the mug and sucked his cock having last drops of cum.
Helena sat next Dixon, she kissed him and sipped on her Coffee with cum.





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