Chat room to bedroom

By: hotstory4you

Page 1, a 26 year old lady met with an 18 year old boy for chat..but it went more than chat

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Chat room to bedroom

Its been 3 years of my beautiful marriage life, my husband is a business man and most of the time he had to out of country, I spent my day in just taking care of my house and chatting on internet, I had many online friends and I spent lots of time on internet with them, but soon this all casual chat and chat rooms became a place to partially satisfy my needs I said partially because I want that thing I need that in real not in words. I created a separate account only for hot things, soon I got many invitations I accepted a name that was really interesting, he told me he is 18 years and by the way I was 26, full mature by mind and by body I got a beautiful pair in my bra and all perfect curves, even my neighbors also wanted to have me that I could see in their eyes most of the time. I always liked to chat with teen and young boys, as I wanted to know what they felt about women, some times they asked me really funny question, so the guy I used to chat was Nick. He told me he is a virgin and had no girlfriend soon we became so close friends we shared most of the things but I never saw him, one night at around 10 pm we were chatting and I asked him if he has a cam, he replied in a yes and I asked him that I wanted to see him. With in few minutes we were looking at each other, he complimented me that I was beautiful and so did I, saying him that he is sweet. I was in just one piece of cloth but it was covering my hole body it was like a robe. That was revealing my cleavage and I came to know that he was hard in his pants, as I saw his hands adjusting his tool under the table. I asked him with a grin “are you ok”. He smiled and said yes. We chatted for about 30 minute and we were just behaving formal, but now I was out of control all the time my left hand was brushing my pussy and I was totally wet, but he didn’t asked me anything or gave any sign of getting on cam, now I took the step saying  “I have a problem, I think my breast is small and not so good” saying that I pull out my one tit.  His eyes got a little wide and he told me that its perfect, I smiled and covered it again, after few more minutes, he said he also had a problem, he thought his cock is not that big to satisfy a women, and he did the same thing he showed me his cock , I was a bit shocked the boy was not less than 8 it was clean shaved with huge hanging balls full of cum, his big cock was flashing on my screen and in my eyes, I wished if I could caught that thing but that wasn’t possible . I treated him same like he treated me for my breast, and I also added that he had bigger than my husband giving him signs that I was a slut. But  I was happy as he didn’t covered his cock and I could still see his cock head it was hard and big, it got a big hole to shoot a thick stream of cum, we chatted some more hot and then I stood up and undid my robe and it fell down revealing my hot body, h e was just starring at my shaved pussy, I sat again on my chair we kept quite for a minute , now it was going and I bent to the table taking out something as face the camera again, I had a dildo in my hand I showed it to him asking “do you want some….?” I left my sentence uncompleted an he understood what I wanted moved his cam a bit lower and now I had a clear view of his cock, I moved to my bed and stared playing with my body and finally I fucked my self, we did one more time, and then we logged out. We did all these things for around a month now I wanted something more and he too. One night after cam sex I asked him if he would like to come over my place and had dinner and all that, first he was a little resisting as he had to took permission from his parents and he didn’t had any excuse for it. Then I got an idea, I called at his house an told his parents that his son had been short listed for a contest and if he would win, he would get 5 thousand dollars. Like their son first they said no but later they accepted it, that night we again did that on cam and I told him that I would pick him near his place. next morning I picked him and we reached to my house by the evening I prepared a good dinner and after taking it I took him to my bed room, he said thanks and asked me about my room. I laughed and said “do you still want cam to cam”. He smiled with a blushing face but I was ready to behave like a bitch I grabbed him in my arms and I locked his lips with mine, its been about four months to had any thing with my husband, and tonight I was so horny , my hands moved to his head, I was pressing him on me. his hands started pressing my hips and soon the got under my short dress I was in a g string panties and his hands were touching my bares ass cheeks, I felt my panties getting loose as he untied one string and then other he moved his hands from my ass to my wet pussy. “you are so wet” he whispered. “Only for you, but you are still hiding that” I replied. He smiled and undid his pants I knelt down and pulled his underwear he was more hard than I had seen him on cam, I felt its warmness in my hands and pushed him to sat on the bed, I comfortable myself between his legs and stared sucking him, that feeling was amazing after a long time I was having that hard meat, he was really hot and he cummed soon in my mouth I swallowed it like it was my reward. I took of my dress, and unclasped my bra. I was over him kissing and sucking his body, je turned on me and stared playing with my breast I was feeling his each movement on my body. I felt his hard cock again hitting my pussy, without saying any word I grabbed it and showed it to my open, after that he didn’t need any invitation to fuck me, and he pushed it I was like in heaven, he did it hard and fast, after cumming first time in my mouth he was doing a good job this time, he was pushing it deep hitting my points, and making me orgasm after orgasm. I was totally drenched my eyes were going to be closed and I felt his warm juice filling my thirsty pussy he fell down on me, I hugged him like my baby. After an hour of fondling and sharing more secrets he said that he wants to feel a tit job. I smiled planted a kiss on his already wet lips by my saliva. I asked him to again like when I was sucking him. As he did I got on the floor and I grabbed my big melons squeezed them and asked him to push his cock between them, as he did I started moving my breast up and down, mean time I was sucking him  too, after a great session he unloaded his thick cum between my tits. Before he finished I took it in my mouth and sucked him tasting him. We did it again in doggy and standing he was not a muscular boy, so he didn’t lifted me but I enjoyed it a lot, and we stayed in my bed for a whole week, after that I gave him 5 thousand dollar as I told his parents after that we continued.

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