BUNGALOW no. 707 (house of SEX n CRIME) -ch3

By: hotstory4you

Page 1, they raped a girl and buried it alive in the backyard after 12 years there are in this bungalow again and some one is waiting for them. (contain highly explicit content not for weak hearts)

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Jimmy went to Mike’s room but he didn’t find him there, he looked in the washroom and he wasn’t there too. Now he had only one place to look for him, he went in backyard and found Mike standing near the grave of Kim and Linda.
“are you ok now?” Jimmy asked standing next to him, “yah, I am fine now” mike replied.
“you remember this place?” Mike asked looking down at the grave.
“how could I forget?” Jimmy replied, “yah me too” mike agreed.
“she was so good, I don’t wanted to kill her. I just wanted to fuck her my whole life” Jimmy said,
They both looked at each other and laughed, they came back to the lobby, and sat on the couch. Jimmy looked at the reception but he didn’t find the hot receptionist. “did you see the receptionist of this place?” Jimmy asked.
“no, but why?” Mike asked, “oh man she is so hot, I think she will let me to bang her ass” Jimmy explained, instead of responding to Jimmy’s dirty comment Mike cried in fear “who the hell is she?”
Jimmy looked back where mike was looking and he didn’t see anyone, “who?” he asked to mike, “the girl” mike replied in slow voice.
“which girl, there is no one” Jimmy replied standing up and walking behind the couch. “The girl we raped 12 years ago” Mike said looking around, “oh come on, we have just visited her grave and you are saying you saw her, I think you need more rest” Jimmy said sitting next to him. He didn’t said anything else when he saw the receptionist coming out a room and sitting on the chair at the reception.
“forget about that and see that woman over there” Jimmy said and gestured pointing at the reception. Mike looked at her and his fear was gone and a huge bulge formed in his pants. Jimmy went to the reception and mike saw him talking to the receptionist. She looked at Mike and smiled, Mike responded same and Jimmy came back and sat next to Mike, before mike could ask anything about the talk between Jimmy and the receptionist, he saw the receptionist coming to them with three bottles of beer.
She sat in front of them, the buttons of her shirt were more open now and she was looking seductive. Both men grabbed the beer and they started talking, receptionist could see the bulge in their pants and the man could get the impression of her hard nipples tearing the white shirt away.
Mike again saw the girl they had raped 12 years back or I can just say he saw the ghost of that girl, this time he didn’t say a word and just walked away, “where are you going?” Jimmy asked, “In my room, I think I need more rest” Mike replied and left the lobby.
Its 11.45 pm and it was still raining……………..
Jimmy looked at receptionist and his eyes rolled down from her face to her cleavage, he stood up and sat next to her. He sat placing his hand on her thigh, and slowly started pulling up her knee high skirt, his hands touched her bare thighs and she responded leaning back on the couch, her breast was moving up and down with heavy breathing.
Jimmy’s hands reached to her inner thighs and he was near to touch her pussy when they heard a knock on the door, receptionist opened her eyes. She stood up and smiled at Jimmy but Jimmy was disappointed as this was the second time he had failed to get this woman.
Receptionist opened the door and welcomed a woman, Jimmy was shocked to see that woman. It was Stacy, she was wearing a simple red dress and she was standing on this side of counter signing in a register and getting key of her room.
“Stacy!” Jimmy said approaching her, Stacy cried seeing Jimmy in front of her “oh my god, Jimmy!” they hugged and sat there in the lobby. They started talking about each other’s work and life. Jimmy told her that mike was also there in the bungalow which was a little surprising for Stacy as they hadn’t never met after selling the tape of the Rape Kim(the ghost girl).
Mike was going back to his room when he heard a familiar voice of a male, then suddenly the door of a room opened and a woman in early 20’s came out and entered in the room just opposite to that, Mike say her waving hand and giving a flying kiss to someone who was in the first room. that woman was in a bathrobe and her messy hair were telling that she got fucked hard. Mike was in the corridor and when he walked few more steps and saw that girl closing the door of her room, he saw Andy waving his hand and smiling looking at the door of that woman’s room.
In the lobby
Jimmy and Stacy were talking and the receptionist again disappeared from there,
“what ere you doing here?” Jimmy asked, and Stacy explained the same problem that he had faced, Jimmy smiled and stared at her ample breast, “you will never change” Stacy said laughing at him, “what?” Jimmy tried to be innocent.
“you still love my breast, don’t you?” Stacy asked and Jimmy leaned forward and pressed her one boob, “wow they are still very firm” Jimmy complimented and leaned back on the couch.
“yes they are, and what about you, do you still keep steel in your pants?” Stacy said sitting next to him and landing her hand in his lap, “what do you think?” Jimmy asked as Stacy grabbed his hard cock over his pants. “I think its as same as I took it in my pussy last time” Stacy said and pressed his cock.
In the corridor, Andy and mike met and shook hands. They were also surprised seeing each other just like Stacy and Jimmy. Andy and Mike were best friends, Mike didn’t waste a minute telling him about the ghost of Kim, but like Jimmy, Andy also smiled and said that it was just his imagination as this place belongs to their crime. Mike knew that what ever he saw was not imagination but he didn’t want to look like a fool so he ended the topic right there.
“So who is that chick?” Mike asked looking around the room, “her name is Jenny, we just met in this bungalow, isn’t she hot?” Andy explained and asked his opinion, “very hot” Mike replied and they both laughed. “but what are you doing here?” Andy asked, Mike thought for few seconds and then he told everything about chased by a dog and all that which was funny for Andy and he laughed.
Mike was asking Andy’s purpose of being in this bungalow when the door opened and Jenny entered in the same bathrobe in which mike saw her earlier. “Sorry for interrupting, actually I forget my bra” Jenny said going to the other side of the bed and picking up her bra. “Hey baby, this is my friend Mike and Mike this is Jenny” Andy introduced them and Jenny came to this side of bed and shook hand with Mike saying Hi.
After a little talk jenny left both men with erections in their pants,…
In Jimmy’s room
Jimmy’s wife was lying in the bed after the dinner and Simi was still sitting at the window, Simi got up and went through the drawers next to the bed, in the last drawer she found a beautiful pink dildo. Simi was a very sexual person, she wasn’t a virgin and was masturbating from past 6 months. And she wanted to masturbate after seeing so many hot guys at the party but she hadn’t get a chance.
She looked at her mom, and by her constant normal breathing and eyes closed she found that she was sleeping. Simi grabbed the dildo and went in to the washroom, she took off her skirt and panties leaving her top and bra on, she sat on the toilet seat and spread her legs, first she touched her fresh young pussy and her fingers got a little wet.
She spitted on the tip of the dildo and inserted it in her pussy….

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