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BUNGALOW no. 707 (house of sex and crime)

Short story By: hotstory4you


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BUNGALOW no. 707

The night was darker in absence of moon, no sign of wind and there was complete silence there.

Suddenly some one's cry broke the silence, it was Kim a 16 year old girl who was in the arms of three men. They were taking her in to the bungalow no. 707 situated at the hill. Kim was crying and moving her hands and shaking her body to get a chance to escape but the men were strong enough to hold her.

With that little girl and three men there was an another girl too, it was Stacy (20). She had a camera in her hand and she was following those people to the bungalow. After getting into the bungalow she closed the door while those men threw Kim on the floor, her clothes were already been torn and there were just some strips left to cover her body.

Two men grabbed her hands and legs and the third one sat between her legs before taking out his cock he pulled away the rest of the clothes from her body and leaning on her he pushed his cock in the hole of virgin Kim. She cried in pain and her body shook with the flow of blood coming out from her pussy she was crying for help but no one was there except Stacy who was holding the cam and moving around those guys to record everything.

Stacy's eyes were switching from the real view to the virtual playing on the 3" LCD screen. "this is going to a million dollar tape" Stacy said and laughed.

"yea, yah" Jimmy said pulling out his cock which was covered in blood and then again pushing it in Kim's pussy. Mike was holding her left hand and leg, while Andy was doing same with her right hand and leg. All three of them raped the little girl and bit her every where from soft lips to her nipples and Belly to her toes. After shooting their cum in Kim's pussy all three guys got away from her and Stacy took off her bottoms and sat on Kim's face.

"You ready?" Mike asked holding the cam right in front of her capturing her pussy and Kim's face, "Yes" Stacy replied and started peeing on her face; as she emptied her bladder Mike turned off the cam and moved to Stacy to plant a kiss on her lips.

"that was good" Mike said and Both other guys also kissed Stacy and put on their clothes.

Kim's eyes were closed her body was trembling, Mike and Jimmy raised Kim's body in their hands and brought her to the backyard, in fifteen minutes all three of them dig a hole and buried Kim alive.

This wasn't the first time some one had been buried alive after getting raped, 6 months ago, Linda an 18 year old brunette was also face the same things and she is lying next to Kim under the soil.


After 12 years of all this

Somewhere in the same town, Jimmy was in a party with her second wife and a 15 year old daughter Simi. Jimmy was having drinks, his wife was having gossips with her friend and his daughter was getting attention of every male as she was wearing a mini skirt and a halter pink top.

After the party Jimmy searched his wife and daughter and they both left the place. After 2 miles the weather changed and it become scary with the thunder and heavy rain, Jimmy found that road has been blocked with a fallen tree and there is no way to move it. Jimmy looked out of the window and realize that they had stopped just few meters away from the BUNGALOW no. 707.

After raping Kim Jimmy had visited this place to sold the tape along with his friends (Mike, Andy and Stacy) as there was no other way so he asked his wife and daughter to follow him to the bungalow. As they entered Jimmy saw that the bungalow had turned in to a resort and a man was lady was on the counter reading a magazine.

Jimmy saw the hot receptionist and enquired about the bungalow staring at her breast, that lady seemed more than friendly and interacted with Jimmy in very sensual manner. Jimmy paid some money and got a key to a room. after getting in to the room he asked his wife and daughter to take rest and wait for the morning. He left the room and his feet moved to the backyard.

CH-2 http://www.booksie.com/erotica/short_story/hotstory4you/bungalow-no-707-(house-of-sex-n-crime)-ch2/chapter/1

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