BOYFRIEND raped my SOUL, COPS raped my BODY

By: hotstory4you


(This story is just a work of fiction and no intentions to hurt or offend anyone)

I am in my bedroom thinking about my boyfriend Jacob and my car that I lost a month ago. My dad gifted me that car a year ago on my 18th birthday and that was much more than a car for me. A month ago cops had arrested my boyfriend red handed selling drugs that was a shock for me I was a t home when I heard that news but with in 2 hours he was at home with me in bed fucking me harder. Cops had set him free saying that was innocent.

I was happy and thanked god, but next day I came to know that my car had been stolen, I immediately called the cops they assured me that they would find my car soon, but now its been a month and there is no sign of my car. Phone rings and I come out of my thoughts picking up the phone,

“hey sweetheart” my boyfriend says in a very romantic voice

“hi baby” I reply showing my love to him

“ok listen, I am waiting for you in this club please come here we will have fun” he asks telling me the name of that club

“ok I will be there in 15 minutes” I reply thinking that its good to have some fun.

I put down the phone and take out a mini dress and a short top from my closet, I think it’s a good to wear something hot as I am going to club. I slipped out of my T and jeans leaving a string red bra and g string on my body. I put on the mini dress and looked in the mirror. “hmmm hot aha” I compliment myself and turn my back to mirror bending and raising my ass I look over my shoulder “hmmm nice” I think looking at my bare mini skirt which is trying to cover my ass, I put on the top and grabbed my boobs and trying to push them inside my tight top.

I am ready just need something good for my feet, I slipped my feet in my red high heels matching with my red top. I take a cab and reach the club, I find Jacob in a corner having some drink so I go to him and he grabs my hand pulling me and letting me sit in his lap. He wraps his hands around my shoulder and gives me glass of wine, we are talking, enjoying music when he moves his hand lower to my waist and brushes his fingers on my lower bare back.

A shiver runs through my body he puts down the drink and starts kissing me, we kiss each other for about 2 then he offers me another drink I refuse as I don’t drink much and more than a glass always makes trouble for me. but he insists and I have to take it. The first drink was ok but this one is some how very hard but he pushes me to have it. After taking down the whole glass my head starts spinning and I starts falling in his arms. He lets me sit on the couch and left saying he has an important work and he will be right back in 10 minutes.

I am half lying on the couch looking at the people on the dance floor which are just exploring each others genitals instead doing dance. After a few minutes I felt a little good but not completely I realized that its more than 30 minutes and there is no sign of Jacob. I call him and he asks me to collect the key of his car from the bar and go to home. I thinks about telling him that I am not feeling well but I don’t tell him and grab the key.

I come outside the club and find Jacob’s car I step inside and move to my house I am good in driving but those two drinks are making me to drive like a kid. I am just two mile away from my home when I hear the siren of police cab, it take over my cab and I have to pull over. A giant man step out of the car and comes to me, he asks me to step out, I do but I am not able to stand on my feet and fell in his arms.

“you are drunk and you are driving in this condition” the other cop who just join us says, “where is your license and papers of this car” that man added while I am still in first cop’s arm. “I don’t have right now” I reply in a very low dull voice, before I can say or explain anything to them they throw me in their cab and take me to the police station. They offer me a glass of water while drop my ass on a wooden chair, I have some water and feel a little fresh and good.

They leave me in this room and an hour later when I am completely out my hangover I realize where I am. here is nothing more than a table and four chair in this room, suddenly the door opens and two cops enter looking at me, they sit on the chairs opposite to me. “so why were you driving after having so much alcohol” they ask me and I don’t have any answer. One of them stands up and came behind me, his hands are on my chair both side of my neck but soon they wraps around my neck and slipped down to my breast, “oh man Danni what she got” he says grabbing my boobs in his hands. “get off from me” I say grabbing his hands and throwing them away from my breast. “I will call my boyfriend and we will pay the fine” I say looking at both of them turn by turn. They looked at me and then to each other and smiled, “ok you little drunk bitch come with me” the man sitting in front of me says leave the room I follow him leaving the other man in the room.

“hello Jacob! I am in police station please come and get me” I say on the phone looking at the cop who is staring on my bare thighs, “I don’t have time to explain everything, you just come and get me” I add and put down the phone. “go and wait for your boyfriend Rick will keep an eye on you” he says.

I again enter in to the room where I was before the and Rick was there who have grabbed my boobs a few minutes before. I sit on the chair and he sits next to me, I am trying to ignore him but he keeps staring on my body. 30 minutes have passed but no sign of Jacob. my heart starts beating fater and I am sweating.“So miss where is your boyfriend” Danni asks entering the room “I guess he is fucking some other chick” Rick says grinning over me.

“then why don’t we fuck her” Danni says grabbing my hair like I am a slut. “yah, why not” Rick replies getting off from the chair and coming to me. I try to escape but Danni lifts me holding my hand throw me on the floor my knees hurts and its painful. Tear drops from my eyes, I try to stand up and run but Rick grabs my wrist and lay me on the floor grabbing my both wrist in his one hand over my head while Danni grabs my legs.

There is no way to escape Rick grabs my top from other hand and took it off, and Danni does same to my skirt. I am in my bra and g string while two giant guys are holding me down the floor, Rick lifts me a little and unhooks my bra he again stick me to the floor, Danni unfastens both strings of my g string and takes it off, I am feeling so bad showing my shaved pussy to these bastards. Rick grabs my bra and took it off exposing my boobs which are looking like mountains.

“oh man look how beautiful she is down here” Danni says running his finger between my folds, his fingers were rough and thick. “and what do you have to say about these “ Rick says grabbing and squeezing my boobs. They were treating me like I am a doll to fuck. Danni straighten my legs and sits on my knees, he penetrates my pussy with his thick long finger and I arched raising my breast in air “oh she fucking so tight” Danni says adding one more finger and penetrating my hole deep. Rick bend over my breast and starts sucking over my nipples, he is biting my nipples and all over my boobs, he is hurting my soft skin and on down there Danni is adding more fingers in my hole, he is fucking my hole with all four fingers and his thumb is rubbing over my clit.

I come to orgasm and cum over Danni’s fingers, my whole body shakes in orgasm, I am crying and tears are continuously running out from my pretty eyes. Rick get off his head from my boobs and pinched my nipples while Danni moves over my body and rubs his wet fingers on my lips asking me to taste myself. He again sits on my knee loosing my one leg and taking it over his shoulder I try to look at him and I feel him undoing his pants then a hot rod of meat touches my inner thighs leaving some liquid on my thighs, I guess its his cock….


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