BOYFRIEND Raped My SOUL, COPS Raped My BODY part-2

By: hotstory4you

Page 1, cops are raping me in the lock-up but there is no sign of my boyfriend, where is he?


I guess its his cock, it is really hot and feels like a rough piece of iron rod is touching my skin, his cock is loosing precum all over my inner thighs. Rick gets off from my hands and I try to push Danni away from me but he is too strong he grabs my wrist and rubs his hard cock between my legs, I am not feeling any pleasure I am not getting excited nothing, all there is my tears and I am crying for help. Danni grabs my both hands above my head with his one hand and with other he makes me spread my legs and open my pussy lips, his nails are hurting the soft flesh of inside of my pussy.

I see Rick standing above my head and undoing his all clothes he put down the gun and handcuffs on the table which is a foot away from us. He takes off all his clothes and his black cock, which is so hard to use like a baseball bat is hanging above my head. Danni inserted his cock in my pussy and I cry more in pain his hairy chest is rubbing against my soft boobs as he is pushing his cock inside me. I feel him going inch by inch deep in my pussy, it is tearing my hole, Rick looked at Danni and don’t know what they sign each other but with in seconds Danni pulled out his cock, I feel relax but they both lifted me in their arms and throw me on the table on my breast and stomach.

My legs and head is hanging from the table, Danni grabs my legs spreading them wide and pushing his cock again in my pussy this time he does it too hard, while Rick come to my head on other side of table, he grabs my hair and slapped my face asking me to open my mouth. I opened the mouth with an idea in my mind to escape and as he pushes his cock in my mouth I bite on it, but everything goes wrong when I see Rick pointing his gun to my face and I stop biting on his cock. he starts fucking my mouth and Danni still trying to get me inside completely.

Once he has done they both get the rhythm and starts fucking me like a slut. Rick is pushing his cock deep in my throat, he is grabbing my hair and calling me bitch. Danni continuously spanking my ass, after some time they pull out their cocks from my mouth n pussy and flip me on my back, they switch their position and Danni deep throat my mouth while Rick fucks my pussy harder than Danni. Later they both comes inside my pussy and my mouth. My mouth fills with his dirty white fluid, I spit it out but Danni rubs his cock over my cheeks and forehead While Rick fills my belly button with rest of his cum.

I am exhausted and my eyes are close, they lifted me from the table and lay me on the floor they sit on their chair laughing and abusing me. I look at them, they are stroking their cocks to get themselves hard again and as they do Danni comes to me and flip me on my knees. “Fuck her ass, I am sure she must be so tight” Rick say stroking his cock, he comes to hold my hand while Danni spread my ass hole grabbing my waist. I am not a ass hole virgin but I have done it only a couple of times, I scream so loud as Danni pushes his cock deep in my ass without showing and giving any idea that he is going to insert it in my ass.

He fucks my ass really hard and after he has done Rick takes his position and starts fucking my ass while Danni again asks me to suck him on gun point. I make him cum in my mouth and this time he asks me to swallow his cum. I feel Rick fucking my ass like a machine he pulls out his cock and come to my face he shoot his load on face and sits on the chair. I am lying covered in cum my hair are so rough and untidy my ass cheeks are red like tomato. But  its not the end they makes me stand to the wall and grabs my boobs. Now they are concentrating on my boobs, they are pressing them and squeezing them and starts sucking and biting on my boobs, they are leaving bruises all over my body.

After they have done they left me in the room, I sit in a corner with knees bend and stick to my breast, I am crying looking at my clothes. I grab my clothes and put them on, Danni again enter in the room and I get afraid seeing him again. “you can go now and thanks for satisfying us”, I am busy in crying, I don’t look at Danni  and move out of the room. “Hey you are really so tight” I hear Danni behind me as I reach the out side of the police station, I see Jacob who is shaking hand to Rick, “thanks man” Jacob says to Rick, “no thank you, your girl is so good we fucked her all night, she is amazing” I hear Rick saying to Jacob. 

I am shock to hear the conversation going on between my boyfriend and Rick, “now you will have no problem in selling drugs, just do what ever you want. But remember for each deal you have to send your girl for us” now I understand why they didn’t arrested Jacob even after catching him red handed with drugs. I move to Jacob to slap him to ask him why he did that to me, but what I see next is that my car is parking next to a police cab, that car that has been stolen a month ago. Now I know that its not really has been stolen but Jacob gifted it to cop for his security. Now I don’t want to see Jacob and I don’t want to ask the stupid questions whose answers I already know.

Jacob looks at me and he is no guilty on what he has done even after seeing me in torn clothes and crawling and moving out of the police station.


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