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Page 1, I was doing some work in kitchen and keeping an eye on my son playing in back yard when a man showed up on my door

Time : 2 pm at my house..

I was in the kitchen doing dishes after having lunch and my keeping an eye on my 7 year old son through the window of the kitchen. He was playing with the daughter of my neighbor in our backyard.

I was busy in just doing dishes when all of a sudden a hand wrapped around my tummy and somebody put his lips on my neck kissing me there softly. I got shocked and turned around. I was shocked to see a face that I knew from past 2 years.

“What are you doing here? Leave right now” I said to Stan. Stan was a handsome man and I met him in the park when I used to take evening walk. We kept meeting and our I got into an affair with him. He was a single man working as an editor in a magazine and I was a housewife and lonely in terms of sex because my husband has to travel a lot and there were only few nights of a month we used to spend together.

So the thing between me and Stan was good as friends and good as fuck buddies. I used to go to his place few times a month and we used to do things but he never came to my house and that day I was shocked to see him standing in front of me in my kitchen.

“I missed you” He said wrapping his hands around my body,

“I missed you too but please leave for now” I said not getting away from him.

“Why? you don’t want me?” He asked looking into my eyes and his hands moved a little up to my boobs.

I had no answer for that because I wanted him too and it’s been 2 weeks since we had sex and I was really horny cause in these 2 weeks my husband didn’t even touch me.

“Please, My son is playing outside” I said making excuse and asking him to leave.

“Let him play with his GF” he said and I laughed at that but that smile on my face lasted for only 2 seconds.

“Please my husband…” I said but before I could say more he interrupted me “You husband is out of city for 3 days, you had told me over the phone remember” his hands moved to my boobs and he squeezed them softly.

“My neighbor” I said

“No body have time to care what others are doing” he said and moved closer to kiss me and his hands squeezed my boobs more.

“I was losing myself in his arms and my panties were getting wet, my hands were reaching around his body and I wanted him to kiss me.

He smiled to see the lust in my eyes and put his lips on mine.

I wrapped my hands around his neck and we started kissing as his hands were undoing the buttons of my gown. We kept kissing till he moved down to kiss on my cleavage and his hands were rubbing me between my legs over my gown.

“Bedroom?” he said

“Yes bedroom” I replied like a whore who was hungry for sex.

We moved to my bedroom upstairs, didn’t close the door and he unbuttoned his shirt and I stuck him to the wall kissing his chest and then going on my knees.

He was not wearing any belt and I undid his pants and pulled then down to his knees, he was hard like wood and I grabbed his cock and took him in my mouth. I sucked him and took him deep in my throat.

He grabbed my shoulder and got me stood up, He stepped out of his jeans and took off my gown, I was not wearing any bra and my white panties were so wet.

He pushed me on the bed on my back and grabbed my panties. He pulled them down to my ankles and then took them off. He threw them on the floor and sat down on the floor on his knees and pulled me to the edge of the bed.

I spread my legs and he touched my pussy, he started eating me out, there was no tease or anything romantic because we both were hungry for total sex.

“aaahhh yes” I moaned as he pushed his tongue deep in my wet hole, I arched back as he played with my clit.

“Fuck me Stan!” I said but he was busy in eating my pussy.

“Fuck me now, I’m so wet” I said again, he looked at me, smiled and said “condom?”

“That drawer over there” I showed him and he grabbed a condom. I was watching him rolling the condom over his hard cock while I was playing with my pussy.

He came on the bed, sat between my legs and said “Let me fuck you honey” pushing my hands away from my pussy and sticking his cock into my pussy.

His cock head was inside me and I was waiting for him to push it all the way deep. He came over me and I wrapped my one leg around his back and one around his waist and he pushed it in.

“Hmm yesssss” I moaned taking him in.

He started stroking it back and forth in my wet pussy and each stroke was more pleasurable than other. He kept fucking me like that till I said “Fuck me more”.

He pulled out his cock and asked me to get on hands and knees. He came behind me and started fucking me. My head fell on pillows and I was lost in pleasure. I could still hear the voices of kids playing outside and somewhere I was afraid of being caught by them or my neighbor but I didn’t want Stan to stop.

“You are a bad bad wife” He said like he used to say and I replied “Fuck me , I’m a really dirty wife”

Few more strokes and I fell on bed crushing my tits against the mattress. Stan was still fucking me slowly and he came too right after that. After a minute when he caught his breathe he pulled out his cock. I was still feeling myself cumming more and more.

I saw him unrolling the condom and throwing it in the dust bin next to my bed. He sat and ran a finger from my neck to my crack. I smiled and he smiled back.

“Washroom?” He asked

I pointed my finger to a door in my room and watched him going naked. He came back while I just finished putting on my all clothes. I handed him his clothes which was a little rude after getting such a nice fuck from him but I was scared of being caught.

He smiled said “relax” and got dressed as soon as he could. I accompanied him to the main door of my house. He was leaning on me to kiss me before leaving while I was pushing him away asking him to leave. But he kissed me and I wanted him to keep kissing me and fuck me again but I couldn’t take any risk with my not so wonderful life.

He finally left and I saw him leaving in his car. I closed the door and went back to kitchen but instead of doing work I just kept thinking about Stan and the unexpected sex we had.

I went back to my bedroom to check if there are any traces of Stan and what happened between me and him were left or not.



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