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AFFAIRS by hs4u

Short story By: hotstory4you


Submitted:Nov 6, 2011    Reads: 1,978    Comments: 2    Likes: 4   

Samantha entered in this old apartment and two men on the streets stared at her big swinging ass, but as she turned to confirm that no known person is watching her entering in this apartment, she showed everyone her perfect boobs hid under her blue dress. She was wearing big dark sunglasses and her face below the nose was covered with a black scarf. She was 30 and the ring on her finger was showing that she was married.
Samantha looked at the apartment's top floor and then stepped in the apartment building. She went straight to the top floor which was exactly 4th floor. She knocked on a door but got answer, she pushed the door and it was open. She entered in the room locking the door behind her, she turned around to get a whole view of room and it was messy, a bed for one, two chairs and a small cupboard. The room was not much lighted the only source of light was a medium size window.
A young man of 25 named Ashton was sitting near the window. He had long hair and he was just wearing a rough dirty jeans, his muscular body was looking too hot in that sunset light. Samantha called his name but he didn't responded, Samantha put down her expensive red hand bag on the chair and went close to Ashton. She sat on the bed behind him and waited for Ashton's response.
"I am sorry for that day" Samantha said and sat next to him, she looked at him and then tried to kiss him on the lips, but Ashton turned his face away from her. Samantha again stood up and went to the bed,
"I hate this dress, what do you think?" Ashton heard Samantha's voice and this time he turned to response her. Ashton saw Samantha in her white lacy designer bra and matching panties, she was holding her dress in her left hand. This time Ashton didn't avoid her he kept looking at her.
"I also hate this bra" Samantha said and she took her hands to her back and unclasped her bra, she let it slipped from her shoulder and exposed her rocky mountains. Samantha stood their like that for a minute just staring in Ashton's eyes. Suddenly Aston stood up and jumped on Samantha he grabbed her in his arms and planted a kiss on her lips.
"Why don't you leave me?" Ashton said looking in her eyes.
"I can't" Samantha replied and kissed him again.
"Then leave me" Ashton asked.
"I can't" Samantha replied the same words and locked his lips. She pushed her breast on Aston's chest like she wanted to nail his flesh with her hard pointed nipples, Ashton pulled down her panties revealing her ass and he grabbed and squeezed them. Samantha fell on the bed on her back taking Ashton over her, she guided Ashton to suck on her breast, Ashton moved more down to her belly and then she lifted her legs and took off her panties. Ashton started eating her pussy while Samantha was holding her legs wide and high up in air for better satisfaction.
She got up and moved to the floor while Ashton sat on the bed, she unbuckled his belt and undid his pants. Samantha pulled Ashton's jeans down to her knees and then completely took them off, she took out his hard dick from his briefs and started sucking it. She was spitting on it, stroking it and then again sucking it, Right in middle of sucking Samantha took off his briefs. Samantha moved over to the bed and sat in his lap facing him and wrapping her legs around Ashton's waist.
Samantha lifted her waist a little to get Ashton's hard dick in her wet pussy and as it slipped in her cunt she took it deep sitting over it. Samantha fucked her cunt like this for a minute then she pushed Ashton on the bed on his back and she put her both hands on his chest. Now Samantha was in more comfortable position and she was riding this hard dick faster and harder, Samantha was going to squirt any time she was going to have a big orgasm. Samantha pulled out Ashton's dick and squirted on his crotch.
Samantha fell on Ashton's chest and her breathing was much faster than normal, Ashton kissed her and rolled over her, he got up, and took Samantha's one leg over his shoulder spreading her pussy and shoving his still hard dick between her wet folds, Samantha moaned in pleasure, Ashton started fucking her hard, sometimes he leaned over to kiss Samantha then get back to fuck her harder. Ashton was near to cum and Samantha was also ready to have another orgasm.
She screamed with her orgasm while Ashton pulled out his dick and shoot his thick white cum on Samantha wet pussy. Samantha touched her pussy and then rubbed the cum all over there. She also licked three fingers covered in cum and Ashton fell right next to her, they both looked at each other and smiled. Ashton moved to kiss Samantha and they kissed for more than 10 minutes. Now it was getting more dark outside as seen through the window.
Samantha got up and started getting dresses, she wore her panties and slipped her arms in the bra,
"Can't you stay?" Ashton asked and Samantha asked Ashton to do the hook of her bra,
"I can't he is in town" Samantha replied having her bra hooked and wearing her dress, she went to pick up her hand bag and then came back to bed, she took out an envelope and a packet of cigarettes which seems very expensive,
"here is someā€¦ I know you need it" Samantha said and put the envelope on the table and the cigarette packet on it, she leaned over to kiss Aston and then she again took out something from her bag,
"From me" Samantha said handing him a cigarette lighter, "you liked it?" Samantha asked and then gave the last kiss. She slipped her feet in her red high heels shoes and walked out of the room looking at Aston. Ashton was still on the bed examining the lighter, he got up and put a cigarette in his mouth. He again sat near the window naked smoking the cigarette and playing with that lighter.

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