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I was glad to know that my aunt was going to join my school as a mathematics teacher and by luck she would me my class teacher, now I would have a friend in the school as I had no friends in school because I was somehow different from others, I didn't talk too much I was shy in nature not so fashionable so didn't get any girlfriend or friend. But my aunt was very close to me I shared almost everything except some, as every one had some secret things. But I was a well known boy of my school because of my good grades and sport activities.

My aunt "Sheena" was a very nice women she was well educated, her nature was so good and simple n beautiful, on her 29th birthday she received the worst gift of her life, her husband died in an accident that evening. After a year she moved to our place and tried to get a job but she didn't find any one so she joined my school, first day of her job she was dressed in simple white shirt and long black skirt. She did her job very confidently. And every one treated her very well in my class except some bunch of boys who had their eyes more on her curves than the blackboard. I thought to give them some hard punches but I didn't want to create any kind of scene and spoil her first day. After the school we went to our home in car now I didn't need a bicycle. As we reached the home I was shouting in whole house and telling every one how good my aunt was in school. we had our dinner and like always I hugged my aunt and wished her good night and went to my room, that was adjacent to Sheena's. days passed and I was doing better and more better in studies as now I had a bank of knowledge in my house but the place of a girl was still empty in my life some times I felt sad but it didn't hurt me much as I had other things to do. After s few months my aunt decided to move in her new house, as now she had a job and we all respected her decision to live her life as she wanted. But she wasn't much far from us just a few streets back from our house, I spent most of the time and nights at her house as she was alone and she needed help in her house work and me in my studies. We play, we talk, we do everything together, she was happy but I knew there was some sad memories in her life and I heard her crying in night but I didn't feel it good to ask her and give sympathy. But one day everything changed my life and my relation that day weather wasn't good sun was behind the black clouds and storm winds were destroying our garden. All doors were closed windows were shut and I went to the kitchen to have something to drink as I opened the refrigerator I found nothing but a bottle of water and couple of apples. I took one and headed to the hall "do we had some thing in store" I said reaching behind the couch Sheena was sitting and watching tv, she turned back "what" she asked. I told her that there is nothing to eat except an apple. She looked out of the window, she went to her bedroom and came back with her hand bag and couple of bags "we had some time before the storm" saying this she went out of the house and after seconds I head the horn of the car that was a call for me, I took the last bite and ran closing the door behind me. we went to the store and bought some food packets which were enough to sustain these few days of heavy rain and storm as told on news, while returning back the rain had started and it was rally heavy soon all the streets were full of water on highway we stuck into an accident a car got hit by a big truck we saw a man his head was on the starring wheel and her half face was covered with blood last time I had seen a man like this was my uncle, and I knew my aunt was also thinking the same as her eyes were a bit wet. We didn't had any way to pass and rain was getting more heavy and stormy so we left the car and walked to the home with our bags, as we reached the house we threw the bags on the couch and aunt got some towels, the water was really cold and we were shivering badly I turned my back to my aunt as I saw her undoing her shirt's button but then I heard her walking in kitchen so I undid my wet clothes and wrapped the towel around me, I was in my half way to the kitchen with food bags in my hand when I hard the sounds from the kitchen I left the bags and ran to the kitchen I saw my aunt crying and throwing all things in kitchen, she was missing my uncle, and now she got mad for him, I tried to caught her, i grabbed her in my arms and took her to the couch, she sat on couch still in my arms she was still crying and I noticed her body was shivering and that must be, the weather was so cold and she was in her two piece that I didn't noticed in front of her tears and madness I grabbed the towel and wrapped it around her. She stopped crying that I thought as I was not hearing any voice but when I looked at her, her tears were still rolling down on her face. I wiped out those water droplets she looked up to my face like she was saying thanks to me to handle her support her in this moment but I felt the distance between our face was getting short and she was moving up to my face before I could get my face away from her, her lips were on mine and she started kissing me I never did anything like that before and I never dream about that but now my hands were shivering and moving on her back but there was one thing going in my mind "is it right, what I am doing" but every thought just vanished when I felt her hand undoing my towel and grabbing my cock then I realized that my cock was hard I mean really hard she take my cock out of my briefs and made a sweet stroke from tip to base. I let the towel slipped off from her body and unclasped her bra but he stopped me when I was trying to take it off, she drove me on the floor and came over me and then she took off her bra that was the most beautiful and unexpected view of my life her big boobs were hanging on her chest and she was looking at like she was waiting for something, but I was such a dumb in all these so she grabbed my hands and placed them on her boobs wow they were so soft but I find them becoming a little harder and her nipples were getting erect, i tried to let myself lift to suck her boobs but she put her hands on my shoulders and drop her self down forward on me and her boobs hit my face I grabbed them in my mouth and sucked them they were so juicy and I heard her first moan I thought I did something wrong so I stopped she looked at me gave me a smile and bent again to get suck after a good sucking she untied her g string and took it off her pussy was touching my belly and my cock was hitting on her butt, she lifted her firm butt and let it drop again taking my cock in front of her wet pussy, I was looking all over her body she spit in her hands and stroked my cock for a while and made it wet and slippery, she held my cock and inserted in her pussy when she felt my cock head in her pussy she bent herself forward her hands were on shoulder and she dropped and almost pushed her butt on my cock taking my cock deep in her hole. Her pussy was flowing juices all over my cock and taking it more deep, the grip of her pussy's wet walls were much better than my hands she moved her ass up and down and I helped her making strokes from my side but our lips were still closed keeping the silence in the room all I could hear was her little moans which were making my cock even more longer and harder I again grab her boobs and squeezed them harder than before that they turned red minute by minute all the sadness in her heart was vanished and she was getting more horny that I can see on her face and hear in her voice "come over me, I am feeling tired" she said in my ear lowering her head and kissing my cheek, I turned over her and she wrapped her legs on my waist and pushed me in her pussy my lips were rubbing all over her neck and breast I grabbed her hands and started fucking her on my full speed. Her moans turned into scream and soon she was screaming that she was going to cum, and same was I she raised her breast and arched back I grabbed her head and pushed the last deep stroke in her wet hole, and she gone mad her body twisted. I pulled my cock out and shoot my cum all over her pussy and sat aside but she rubbed her pussy and squirted almost a feet away my limb cock got hard again seeing that and I again came between her lags and pushed my cock again in her squirting hole to make her squirt more, this time I took his legs on my shoulders and fucked her hole really fast and within minute she again said "I want to squirt yes I am going ohhh yahhh" and she pushed me away and rubbed her hole again and squirted I laid next to her she closed her eyes felling the pleasure I also closed my eyes resting my hand on her boobs and I didn't knew when I got slept. Next time I opened my eyes I was still on the floor with a blanket on me I got up and looked around it was just 6 pm but really dark I wrapped that blanket over my body not because of shame but because of cold because there was nothing to hide from my aunt I looked out of the window dark clouds covered the whole sky and rain and thunder was making it frightening. I turned back and my aunt was there "frightening but beautiful" she said smiling at me. I smiled back and turned again to look out side she put her hand on my shoulder and pulled me close to her. I don't knew what she was thinking but I was thinking that I got a new relation and a new person in my life.


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