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Short story By: hotstory4you


Submitted:Nov 16, 2011    Reads: 9,427    Comments: 18    Likes: 16   

PART-5 http://www.booksie.com/erotica/short_story/hotstory4you/a-hot-mistake-part5

Now Alex knew what was going on, Julie wanted his brother to do the same that Julie had just done with him. He cupped her breast and pressed them softly he did a couple of times, then Julie cupped her own breast over her brother's hands and showed Alex how to press, actually Julie wanted his brother to squeeze her breast harder and that she showed him. After that Alex had learn how to treat and play with boobs. He started squeezing them harder and this time he clearly felt the nipples of his sister Julie getting erect like bullets, he took her nipples between her finger and thumb, he crushed them pinched them. There was totally dark in the washroom and quite cold but the things were hotter.

Julie was controlling her moans avoiding any voice and keeping the silence in the washroom. She started walking to the bedroom taking little steps and Alex followed her still cupping her breast and his hard cock was hanging between the legs of Julie and caressing her inner thighs. They reached to Alex's bed but they were still standing in the same position and Alex was grabbing her breast, Julie turned to face Alex and her hands moved to hold his face and then she planted a kiss on his lips. Alex responded and kissed back, his hands moved all over Julie's back.

Julie leaned on the bed and Alex leaned next to him but Julie took him over her and wrapped her arms around his neck. They kissed for about 20 minutes and all the time Julie could feel the erect cock of Alex brushing against her pussy and thighs, Alex could also feel the wet pussy of her sister. But now they didn't have any condom so going again for a fuck wasn't possible for them, Julie knew this thing more than Alex who sometimes tried to push his cock in Julie's pussy when he felt that his cock was just on the opening of her pussy. But Julie pushed him back softly and kissed him deeper.

Now Julie was also loosing the control and one more minute with Alex in this bed could made her to get his brother's cock again in her pussy so she thought that its better to stop this hot touching and kissing and move back to her own bed. She rolled over Alex and then she got off from his bed, she went back to her bed and laid covering herself with the blanket. She showed not any inviting movements and showed that she was sleeping but in actual she was fingering her cunt.

And here Alex in his bed, he waited for his sister to come back to his bed and continue the sex session but when she didn't come back Alex also started stroking his cock. They both were masturbating. Alex heard a little sound came from Julie's bed it was the sound of the bed and right after that Julie stood up and went into the washroom. Julie had her orgasm and during the orgasm her body shook and she made some movement which made her bed shook a little. That was the sound that Alex had just heard, Alex also came near to cum and he shot his cum in her hands but he kept lying on the bed and waited for his sister to come out of the washroom. When Julie came out Alex waited and after one minute he went in to the washroom to clean himself.

Alex came back and had a nice sleep and so did Julie.

Next morning Julie woke up and didn't find Alex in his bed, she went to take a bath while having the shower she looked at her pussy and then closed her eyes like she was thinking about last night. She heard the voice of her mom who was calling her for breakfast, she got out of the shower and got dressed in her top and skirt. She went downstairs and saw Alex having sandwich at the dining table, she also sat there without looking at Alex and had some sandwich and juice as fast as she could. They both kind of avoiding to face each other and showed themselves busy in TV, games, Books etc.

But they both were waiting for the night, cause they knew that they will do it again. Julie was waiting for something else too, she was looking for a chance to steal one more condom from her parent's room so that she can have her brother's cock in her pussy like she had last night.

"Honey, I am going to do some gardening, would you like to help?" their mom asked Julie and Julie replied in a no excusing that she was busy in books. As Julie saw her mom going in the backyard, she ran to her parents room. She quickly searched for condoms but there were only three left, she calculated what she counted yesterday and came to know that her mom got fucked three times last night. Now stealing a condom from these three wasn't a good idea so she searched for birth control pills in the drawer but didn't get one. She was searching in other drawers and her mom's handbag, she was also thinking that she got fucked once last night while her mom had it three times, finding no condom and pills she came back to her room.

Alex was just busy in games and waiting for the night, they spent all the day just sneaking at each other.

After the dinner Alex went back to the bedroom and laid in her bed, he didn't forget to switch off the light, Julie was on the way to bedroom thinking what to do, she wanted to do hot things again but her mind was asking her to back off as she didn't had any precaution. Julie entered in the room, it was dark in there and she went to her bed. She was thinking how could she avoid if her brother will come in her bed or how could she avoid her own desires.



(Secret Pocket: cell phone in my pussy)



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