3 woman 3 stories

By: hotstory4you

Page 1, story of 3 woman who got arrested and taken to the jail, they don\'t know each other and they all meet up in the van, what happens next? why they got arrested? will they really go to jail? know all in the story.

Three woman three stories
A police van was parked outside the police station, the driver was in the van and two man came out of the police station with a gorgeous lady who must be in early 30’s she was wearing a knee high grey colored skirt and red low neck top, she was blonde and had very nice measurements to make any guy cum in their pants. She was handcuffed and brought to the van by those two men. They asked her to step in the back side of the van and they closed and locked the door after her. One man again went back in to the police station while one man who had a gun sat with the driver and they left.
20 minutes later the van stopped at another police station and this time a man came out with a woman who was in late 20’s. She had black hair, medium size breast, white top and low waist blue jeans exposing the sexy belly and the panty line. Her belly was pierced and making her more sexy. The man put her too in the van with the first woman and locked the door again.
Now it was afternoon and they were in this van from past 30 minutes. Its really hot inside the van and both woman were badly sweating the white top of the young lady was became transparent and showing that she wasn’t wearing any bra under there, the other lady was sweating and all the drops of sweat were dripping from her chin to her hot cleavage making it more hot. Suddenly the van stopped and they heard the police driver and guard screaming on some one then after 5 minutes the door of the van opened and they put another woman in there.
The third woman was in early 20’s and she was wearing a short black skirt and tiny pink top, her belly was pierced too, she was wearing too much makeup and she was a bit skinny her boobs were like an average woman around 32b and she had a pretty face. She was also blonde.
All the women were looking at each other and no one was talking. They were going to travel a long way to the jail. Finally the third woman spoke.
“I am Kandy” hearing her, the second woman also introduced her as Eva and then the first woman told her name “Ginny”
“so why are you here?” Kandy asked lighting a cigarette, it was actually weird that Kandy still had her hand bag while both other woman didn’t allow them to carry anything with them in the van. By curious Eva asked Kandy about the handbag without answering Kandy’s question that she asked to Eva and Ginny.
“I am not a prisoner” Kandy replied, “then?” Ginny asked showing interest in the talk and Kandy.
“I am a prostitute, Last week I slapped the man who is right now driving this van, that time I escaped but today he caught me and put me here with you” Kandy explained, “So what now?” Ginny asked.
“Nothing much, he will fuck me or may be I have to please his fried too and I am free” Kandy said like it wasn’t a big deal for her. She offered Cigarette to both women. Eva denied saying that she don’t smoke while Ginny had one. Now everything seems a little good for Ginny.
“So what’s you case?” Kandy asked Ginny as she felt that Ginny was friendly “I had sex with a teen boy?” Ginny said “so what?” Kandy asked. “So the parents of the kid filed a case of illegal sex against me.
“How old was he?” Kandy asked as it was an interesting story for her, “he was around 15” Ginny replied, “So the parents caught you right in middle of that, and what about boy, did he wanted to fuck you?” Kandy asked as she was curious to know everything. Eva was also listening to her.
“ok, let me tell you everything” Ginny said as she thought to share her story and pass the time and as now she had been sentenced and she was with two other bitches so she wasn’t feeling ashamed or guilty on what she had done.
“I was a maid at this house to a rich and well known family, they have only one son named Justin and he was so cute so good looking. I worked there 2 years the first one and half years were good but when Justin came home from his uncle’s house to complete his studies in his hometown everything changed.
He didn’t get enrolled in the middle of the session so he used to stay at home all day and naturally being a maid I became his kind of babysitter LOL, I work all over the house and he follow me everywhere in kitchen, living room garden etc.  we talk and share things he used to tell me about his girlfriends and ask about my husband.
But no matter who you are, how old you are but when you got these (Ginny said cupping her boobs and shaking them) no one can avoid see you in that lusty way and same happened to Justin. He started spending more time with me and I also like him hanging around me. He always look at my cleavage and boobs and I could see the result on my hotness in her pants but that was natural so I didn’t mind or mention that thing to his parents.
Then one day I was I was sitting on a chair at dinning table and he was sitting near me, hey I forgot to tell that when he started to you know check out my boobs so I also teased him a little wearing some more exposing tops and shirts. So he was sitting near me looking at my cleavage through the corner of his eyes. I was cutting vegetables for the dinner just for two of us as the Mr. and Mrs. Peterson were out for the party.
Then suddenly Justin said something that I was expecting in his mind but never expected that he will let out it from his mind. He said that I got beautiful breast and he likes them. He told me that he wanted to touch my breast”
“Hey tell me the exact words he said?” this time Eva asked as she was getting into Ginny’s story
“Ginny, you have big boobs, can I please touch them?’ That what he exactly said” Ginny told both woman in the van. “aww did he said PLEASE?” Eva said and Ginny nodded in yes. Kandy looked at Eva and seeing her erect nipples through her transparent white wet T, Kandy understood that Eva was getting hot. “Hey this bitch Is getting hot” Kandy shouted and Ginny also noticed the erect nipples of Eva, Eva blushed a little then asked Ginny to continue.
“so he asked me to touch my nipples and I couldn’t deny him, I turned to him and waited for him to cup my breast and feel them. I mean I should have just slap him or yell on him but I didn’t. he touched my breast over my thin yellow top and he was still staring at my cleavage. He was just moving his hands all over my boobs and then he ran a finger in my cleavage which was like an electric shock to my body, and I asked him if he would like to feel my boobs without clothes.
He didn’t replied my question and I took him silence as a yes, I took my hand in my top through my neck line and pulled out my one boob, I saw a sparkle in his eyes and he touched my boobs, I never felt so seductive ever in my life, his fingers were trying to measure the size of my nipple and I was lost in pleasure of touch. I closed my eyes shifting myself a little and leaning on the edge of dinning table, I thought to let him play with my boob and then I felt his movement and he pulled out my other boob.
He started playing them, pressing them, then I thought that its enough and I was going to ask him to go and play video game but then I totally fell and lost my mind when his lips wrapped around my erect nipples. He started sucking me like a baby and he sucked my both nipples making them so wet and erect.
Ginny stopped for a minute smiling at both girls like she was waiting for some words from Kandy and Eva.
“Ok I am getting hot and my pussy is dripping” Eva said laughing, “I am wet too” Kandy said, she took her hands under her skirt and ......CONTINUE IN NEXT CHAPTER AND PLEASE COMMENT OR LIKE



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