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Short story By: hotstory4you

Tags: Lust, Sex, Fuck, Stranger, Hot, Wet


Submitted:Dec 18, 2010    Reads: 14,811    Comments: 4    Likes: 5   


After a long tired day I was on the way to my home. it was very late….almost,,12.30am. I was driving quite fast, but I slow down when I saw some one making sign for a lift, it was raining as I reached to that person I drop the glass of window, n a lady bend to ask me to help her as she missed her bus. I opened the gate, n she immediately jump in, I thought she is a office girl, as she was wearing a white shirt n black coat..which was wet. I asked her to remove her coat as that was really wet n cant be safe for her health, she smiled n said thanx as I offered her a piece of cloth to dry his hair. She was really beautiful n her eyes were so charming behind those glasses which was making her even more sexy. As she took off her coat I was really shocked to see her beautiful hot cleavage..her body was totally wet water was dripping from her hair following her neck to her cleavage, as she was in white shirt I could see that she was wearing a red bra, I started driving again. She asked me that I mind if she changed her clothes , I was becoming hot n started imagined her hot body , I nodded in no n she moved to back seat, n opened her suitcase n starts searching for some clothes , I was concentrating on driving cause I didn't want her to think that I hav a bad eye on her , Just a mile after I found a new problem the road was jammed by a broken tree,,,the night was stormy, I stopped the car immediately n it just stopped before the tree she just screamed I turned back n my eyes were stopped at her breast , I was right she was in her red bra which was holding her firm juicy boobs she asked the reason to stop the car. I showed her the tree n asked her if she knew any other way ,she told that she was new there n don't know much about this place I looked out of the window for help but as I supposed no one was there it was late night n raining heavily. I asked her to wait in the car while I go out to find some help. But she stopped me n said that she will not feel good it's a scary place , so I stopped . I told her that then we had to wait for the morning, she said its ok for her, as she took his hands back to unhook her bra I again took of my eyes , I herd her laugh , I asked her the reason for her smile, she told me that she never met such a shy guy..at those words..i looked back n she had just buttoned her new shirt, this time there wasn't any bra n her nipples were making hot points on her shirt,,my cock was getting even more harder, she moved agin to front seat n I was trying to hide my erection but I can't she saw it n asked me if I m ok. I replied saying yes, then we start talking she told much about her life n me too. But I couldn't take off my eyes from her erect nipples n that sexy cleavage, she again noticed me..n asked me "do u wanna feel them"


"do u wanna see them" she smiled

I said sorry to her, but she said its ok she didn't han any problem if I wanna see, I didn't think a minute n said that if she didn't hav any problm then me too. N put my hands on those beautiful n soft balls she took of his glasses n pulled me to her holding my neck n started kissing me I also held her n we both were just feeling eachothers breath. She broke the kiss n moved back to the back seat n started unbutton her shirt by each button she was doing my cock was getting more harder now her full nude breast was in front of me I moved there n started sucking n fondling she unzipped me n I sat there n she was between my legs she licked my cock, she alredy told me that she had a boyfrnd but she wasn't satidfied with him , but I didn't know that she will give me a chance to satisfy her, I held her head n starts fucking her mouth n her beauty n hotness made me cum soon in her mouth, she cleaned my cock n then drop the window glass n spit out n said "don't mind, I don't like the taste of cum n I never had it, n I don't want to spoil ur car" I didn't say anything to her n I made her sit n unfastened her pant n she was in a red panty… I just tear it off n stuck my tounge in her hole n started eating she got too excited n just lifted her ass n wraped her legs around my shoulder forcing me deep in her pussy,,, I put my finger in her hole n started fucking her as fats as I can she was moaning loudly n soon she squirt that spoiled the head rest of my front seat.. she smiled n ask me to fuck her. She took my cock again between those red rips n again my cock was ready to tear her . I pushed my cock in her pussy she was so good n her pussy was so hot…it was raining n still I we both were sweating I started it fast n deep she was screaming for fuck n more fuck….she wraped her hands on me n her fingers were nailing my shoulder n back I thought she had her orgasm again …I stopped a moment n then she sat on me..n she was ready to ride my cock. N she did…a good job n made me cum , she was riding really hard her hands were on her head holding back her hair …I was playing with her boobs n I took out my cock n I shoot on her cleavage n boobs….we stayed in that position for a moment then she stepped out of the car n cleaned herself in the rain she was looking so hot n sexy cleaning herself in rain…I got dressed n it was 4 am she step back in car n put on her clothes n we started kissing each other,when I saw some one a few meters away from our car. I step out of the car n ran to her for help , he told me a shortcut to the highway..i started my car n headed to that way….she asked me for the airport as she had a flight we reached there n she gave me her number n said good bye giving me a kiss.


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