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She fucks him awake

Short story By: Hotmama

Tags: Oral, Sex, Love, Desire

Waking one's lover with a surprise

Submitted:Nov 4, 2012    Reads: 3,831    Comments: 3    Likes: 3   

She opens the bedroom door, and pads quietly across the floor. He is asleep, naked, stretched out across the bed. His sleeping cock lies across his left leg. She watches his lips, that drive her over the edge of sanity. His face beautiful, still full of passion even in his sleep. Careful not to wake him, she lays down next to him. Kisses his abdomen, licks his hip. Sucks at his pubic mound. Nicely man-scaped. Cock twitches now, though he still sleeps. She loves him so. She licks his flaccid cock. Kisses his balls. They move beneath her lips. Takes one gently in her mouth, rolling them on her tongue. She crawls between his legs and continues to adore his cock. Cradling his balls in her hand, while guiding his cock to her mouth with the other. Soft and spongy, his cock slides in her mouth. She lightly bites down and it twitches. She feels it filling with blood, growing in her mouth. He drives her mad, and he is still asleep. She can't seem to get enough of him. Always wanting. His cock now hard, rigid on her tongue. She groans. She loves his cock. He stirs tossing his head on the pillow. Quickly she stops, let's him settle. He was up late last night, let him sleep. Breathing even again. She watches him, her angel. God she loves him. Licking the head of his cock, like a lollipop. Tongue teasing the slit, rewarded by pre cum. She devours his cock, swallowing him. Suckling with each each stroke of her mouth. Lips tight, caressing his rigid member. Holds it in her hand and sucks the vein underneath, following up to the V. He groans. Her heart beats faster. Her mouth and tongue make passionate love to his cock. Thrusting and sucking in rhythm. His hips start moving, rising to meet her mouth. She turns to look, and his eyes are open, watching her. Dark, full of emotion. He's never been loved like this, so completely. She smiles, and winks at him. She straddles his hips, letting him fill her cunt. His cock deep inside, thrusting deeper and deeper. She bucks wildly. Her tits are bouncing, what a lovely sight. She throws back her head, her long hair tickling his leg. A guttural moan fills the room. His hands are on her hips, guiding her rhythm. He is awake. He is VERY awake. She grinds her pussy against him, trembling with each thrust. Their breathing is labored, the room filled with sounds of passion. He can tell she is very close, she bites her lip. His groin is soaked, she is so wet. Lifting his hips to help her thrust again and again. He feels her pussy clench tightly, her breath catch, her eyes close. She cums hard. Moaning over and over. Her body trembles as each wave crashes over her. His fingers find her nipples, rolling them between his fingers. He tells her he loves her. She screams out loud, incredible sensations flooding her body. Cum splashes him, running out of her pussy. Dripping down his hip. He groans loudly, and thrusts deep feeling his cock spasm with each spurt. Hitting her cervix with each stream. Once she feels the warmth and pulsing of his cock she cums again, placing her hands on his chest leaning forward. She stares into his eyes.. Hearing the unspoken words. Feeling the passion. She kisses his mouth, still impaled by his cock. Their juices running everywhere. Her tongue touches his, and dances in his mouth. His hands holding her face, mingled in her hair. They breathe each other in. Full of love.


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