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The Unusual Interview

Short story By: HornyJohn

Voluptuous Suzie is desperate for a job and will do anything to get it.
Does she get it?
Does she need it that bad?

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The Interview

Suzie Walker was 34 and had been out of work for longer than she cared to remember, her finances were desperate and she was frustrated and bored. She was usually a bubbly person with a generous pair of boobs and a great figure to match. She had long jet black hair and gorgeous brown eyes that smiled at you! Her friend had tipped her off about a job going at a local business. She had been in touch and was getting ready to go for an interview; She showered and stood looking in the mirror trying to decide what to wear. Short, long or trousers. Loose, tight, sexy or plain. She could not make her mind up. She rummaged through her underwear draw and eventually picked out her pale blue bra and panties set. She pulled them on and searched along her wardrobe rail for her skirt and then her shelf for a blouse. She spent time in front of the mirror putting some makeup on and doing her hair then stood up and said to herself 'good, now let's do it!'

She took a slow wander through the streets and park to the business complex thinking through her answers to questions, she rehearsed scenarios in her head to possible questions! When she arrived at the offices she was shown into a room and told to help herself to coffee and took her coat for her. She helped herself to a cup of coffee and sat down and waited. After about 15 minutes a woman entered and said 'Hi I am Anna, I think we are ready for you now, would you follow me?' She nodded and followed her through a door and down a long corridor, at the end she opened a door and ushered her in. There were 4 guys sat in a circle with two spare seats. Anna closed the door behind them and asked her to sit down. One guy said his name was Frank and said they were happy she could come and show them what she had to offer. Suzie thought it was an odd way to phrase it but shrugged it off. After introductions another guy asked Suzie if she had done this sort of thing before, she said she had limited experience but was willing to work to get the experience. They all glanced and looked at each other and a couple nodded. Frank said 'We like your looks and think you might be what we were looking for' Anna got up and went round behind Suzie and picked something up and came back into the circle and turned to face Suzie and handed her some items of clothing and said put these on. Suzie frowned and looked puzzled, she opened the items and they were what she suspected, bra and panties in a lacy material, very expensive looking and very sexy. She was very puzzled and said 'what, i don't understand' Frank said 'you have come for a job modelling underwear for our catalogue, we want to see what you look like in our underwear' Suzie's mouth fell open, she wasn't expecting this, she thought she was coming for a job in the call centre. Frank could tell from Suzie's expression and body language she was puzzled, clarifying he said 'your friend Fiona said you were desperate for a job, had a great figure and would do anything, how much do you want this job?' Suzie didn't know what to say, her mind raced, she was desperate for a job but posing for pictures in sexy underwear! Her reaction was to get up and walk out but something inside her was churning and saying to her you can do this you will find it exciting and enjoyable. Her racing thoughts were jolted to a halt by Anna's voice 'LOOK this is a dream job with perks and very good pay, there are hundreds of girls on agency books who would do anything to be given this chance, if you are here under false pretences then stop wasting our time and we can see some others!' Suzie was shocked and didn't know what to say, she started to speak 'I..I..I am grateful you have given me this chance but I wasn't expecting this, I haven't done anything like this before!' and before she knew it she said 'ok lets give it a go' Suzie had thought to herself, think of it just like wearing a bikini at the beach, with guys looking at you. Her day dreams were interrupted once more by Anna 'come on Suzie get your kit off let's see what you have to offer us' 'WHAT HERE IN FRONT OF GUYS' Suzie said, 'Of course' Anna said and moved closer to help her off with her clothes and before she knew what was happening her blouse was undone and Anna was helping her out of it. Something deep down in Suzie's groin was starting to throb as she imagined being naked in front of these 4 guys. It scared her but excited her sexually. Slowly Suzie managed to put on the sample undies without feeling as though she had stood there stark naked in front of them. The undies felt great and showed off her voluptuous figure.

'Right Suzie, give us a twirl in the middle' said Anna. She eased herself into the centre of the circle and did a half hearted twirl. The Guys nodded in appreciation and to each other. Anna moved into the circle and slowly paced around her looking her up and down and said 'very nice Suzie, very nice, you have a great figure, we get sick of girls sent here by agencies who look like stick insects and have no assets to speak of'. Her hands caressed up the sides of Suzie's hips, feeling the silky lace panties and then around her cheeks. Suzie uncontrollably shuddered with a surge of excitement she had never felt before. She knew it was sexual excitement from nights of passion with guys she had been with but this was different. It was erotic, it was in front of an audience, it was another woman caressing her. Anna had noticed Suzie shudder and instinctively knew it was sexual excitement to her caresses and knew she could now go further. She was behind Suzie caressing the cheeks of her well proportion arse, her hands moved up her back slowly and gently until they reached Suzie's bra strap, Suzie's back arch back as she flung her head and hair back enjoying the moment. Anna's hands slowly felt the bra material and slid their way around the front until she was stroking the flimsy cups of her bra. Suzie was lost in the excitement of this and hadn't realised her nipples were now poking through the flimsy material like mountains poking up from a valley. Anna's adept fingers soon found the hard juicy nipples and she made the most of them, Susie was lost in sexual excitement and didn't even think about the 4 guys sat watching, she groaned at the sheer pleasure she was experiencing. Anna knew she could do whatever she wanted to this woman who was loving every minute of her caresses. Suzie knew she had crossed a line and knew she couldn't stop or go back, she was theirs!

Anna toyed with those nipples till she could hold back no longer; she longed to touch them, to suck them, to nibble them, to excite her! She kept up the toying of one nipple while sliding her bra strap off her shoulder with the other, then swapping hands and doing the same, once her bra straps were dangling around her elbows she shoved the cups down exposing her naked tits, her hands resumed the position on her now naked nipples, she leaned over to take an eyeful of naked flesh and check out the juicy nipples. Her hands quickly unfastened the bra and she let it drop to the floor.

Anna moved in front of Suzie and her mouth zeroed in on the erect nipples in front of her, she loved sucking nipples and loved feeling wet pussy's and loved sucking erect clits and making a woman cum, she also loved to make a man cum but what turned her on most was being watched, knowing that men and women were enjoying watching, being excited. She was in her element sucking those delicious nipples her right hand slid down Suzie's side to her waist then round her panty waist and then slowly on down and across the gusset until her hand was between her legs. Suzie gasped out in sheer delight and exclaimed 'Oh FUCK!' Anna rubbed gently back and forth feeling Suzie ease her legs apart, she knew she wanted more. She quickly moved her hand up and down inside the panties until she found a nice curly bush, whereupon she ran down it until she found the top of Suzie crack, She had done this hundreds of times and know exactly what to do, how best to excite a women. She slowly and gently eased her index finger down the crack, feeling the wetness already there, across her erect clit, pausing briefly to put a little pressure on it, which had Suzie wriggling for more pleasure. She then carried on down until she felt the slippy wet opening of her now desperate pussy, she slid the finger in and in until she heard Suzie gasp and could feel incredible wetness down there. This excited her and she wasted no time in sliding her finger in and out while rubbing her clit with her thumb.

Now Suzie had rubbed her clit and fingered herself many times but this was just something else, two areas of sensation being stimulated at the same time. It was just too much and she wriggled her hips and gasped in sheer pleasure. She was lost in the moment and she could feel a very deep orgasm building in that familiar pattern. In no time she was screaming out in ecstasy as she pushed onto those fingers and exploded around them.

Anna let go of Suzie and said 'she is all yours now!' and before Suzie could open her eyes three guys had hold of her one on each arm and quickly eased her backwards and off balance while the other had his hand between her legs feeling her crutch. She found herself on the floor with her arms held and those guys used the other hand on her tits. She gasped as her tits were caressed and squeezed at the same time then new sensation as two large fingers slid down her knickers and found that recently excited pussy. All this stimulation was too much for her she had never experienced anything remotely like it, her body was jelly her emotions were in tatters but she knew she was enjoying it and wanted more!

Her pussy and clit were being frantically rubbed by a now fresh pair of hands, his fingers large in her and much more purposeful than the gentle slim Anna. He dragged the panties down with a spare hand as she squirmed around with pleasure. The fourth guy stripped and when he was naked you could see his excited cock stood to attention at all he had witnessed and it wanted to be satisfied. He got down on his knees and bent down and pushed her legs open wide exposing her, number three stopped fingering and he quickly got his tongue in there where fingers had previously been. Suzie shrieked out in sheer pleasure as he ran around her, pulsing her clit, slipping his fingers in at the same time. Suzie was so excited by all this stimulation in different areas she could feel that tightening down there again, her mouth open and gasping out loud, her breathing rapid, her heart beating out of her chest, as she arched and stiffened she shrieked 'OH SHIITTT.....!, SHIT!'.

He stopped and slid up her body until he was between her legs then without any difficulty slid his rock hard dick into her now wide open pussy, He eased in and out a couple of times savouring that wet slippy feeling of a cum filled pussy. Then he steadily speeded up until he was thrusting into her with such force they were slapping bodies together at the end of each thrust. She tried to gasp out but her mouth was taken by one of the guys holding her arm and caressing her nipple. The other guy had the other arm and was squeezing the shit out of her left tit. She didn't know whether to scream in pain or ecstasy. At one point she heard other gasping and opened her eyes and in-between kisses and movement of these three guys she caught sight of the fourth guy on his back and a now naked Anna on top of him bouncing up and down on his dick. Suzie felt this guy stiffen and press hard into her and warm fluid course against the walls of her inner vagina. That triggered her along with all her other senses to explode once more, her pussy clenching at the throbbing cock deep inside her, milking it for all it was worth.

One of the guys squeezing her tit moved and he had his trousers down before you could blink and almost flung the spent guy out from between her legs and he was in there, fucking her hard again. He fucked and fucked until he could hold out no longer. One guy swapped places on her tits with the other and he stripped and when number two withdrew he took over in his valiant attempt to bring her to orgasm again. As he reached his peak Anna and her guy groaned out and pressed hard against each other as they came together and Suzie felt her gut tighten and ache as she exploded in an incredibly deep orgasm that was painful but incredibly enjoyable at the same time.

Anna came across to Suzie on the floor and kissed her and pulled her up and whispered in her ear 'That was fucking amazing! We must repeat this and I still look forward to getting my tongue inside you!'

Suzie smiled and knew that she would like that after the feeling that ripped through her body earlier.

Everybody dressed and Frank announced 'well I think I speak for the whole team, you definitely get the job and by the way you can keep the underwear!'



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