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The Uninvited Intruders

Short story By: HornyJohn

Not quite my usual theme but this was inspired by a woman who told me of these fantasies.
It is based on her fantasy of been roughly taken by a group of guys.

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The Uninvited Guests

Suzanne was 44 and single, she was a very curvy woman and had been in a lesbian relationship and had two lovers. She lived alone in an apartment run by a housing association. She had jet black hair, large brown eyes, a very curvy figure and liked sexy underwear. She fantasised about rough sex, about being forced and taken and gang banged.

One Saturday she was about to go out and had dressed in a tight dress when she answered the door to a man in overalls who said he was from the housing association and was here to service the boiler. She let him in and he went to the boiler, looked at it and said he was going for his tools in the van, he let himself out and came straight back in with three other guys. Suzanne shouted 'what's going on, who are all these?', he said 'they have come to look through your underwear drawer'! She stopped in her tracks and her mouth dropped open in disbelief. Three went into the bedroom while he locked and bolted the door. Suzanne rushed in behind them and before she could stop the lead guy he had open the drawers in her dresser and found her underwear drawer and started pulling them out and holding them up to the rest, who made exclamations of 'mmm.., nice, sexy, oh yes'. She pushed past them and tried to grab her undies of them and stop them. This action trapped her inside the room, the leader said 'Now it's time to see what you have on right now' she quickly replied 'you have got to be fucking joking!',

'NO! Get that dress off'

She looked horrified and froze when she realized she was trapped in the room with them and her escape route was cut off. She suddenly tried to run past them and reach the door but they quickly blocked her route and roughly pushed her back in, now there were two on one side of her and two behind her. They pushed her back and forth between them for a few times then the leader caught hold of the top of the back of her dress and shoved her forward very hard towards the other two.

Her dress ripped down the back with a loud rip and jolted her with the force. She screamed out with shock and the pain of it digging in to her. They pushed her quickly back and forth some more before she had any chance to regain her composure or thoughts or take stock of what had happened.

Then one of the other guys hooked the top of the front of her dress and shoved her backwards, again causing it to rip right down the front. By the time they pushed her back and forth a few more times, the remains of her dress had tripped her up and was on the floor and so was she.

She tried to cover herself and was whimpering. They stood her up and the leader grabbed her arms and pulled them forcibly behind her back and held her tight. The other three now in front of her, looked her up and down and one said 'very nice, I knew they would look better on than off!' Then he moved forward and slowly ran his hands around her bra cups, giving then a good squeeze while there. She struggled like mad to break free but was held tight, then he grabbed the bottom of the bra and yanked it hard up over and over her head. Her tits fell out free of the bra and she screamed out as it scrapped across her nipples.

His eyes widened and his mouth dropped open as he looked at her now naked tits, 'Fucking hell! What a size, Wow!' he exclaimed and immediately grabbed them and gave them a good feel and squeeze. They used her bra to tie her wrists together above her head. Another guy was giving her tits a good check out. She was lost in her own thoughts, her eyes closed, she was shit scared, trembling, but feeling emotions she hadn't felt for a long time. Her mind said NO, scared, frightened but she knew her body was saying yummy! Her thoughts recounted her numerous fantasises about this sort of scenario and that just excited her even more.

She was brought back to reality and her eyes flew open as her knickers were quickly dragged down to her ankles and she heard 'Oh look at that big hairy pussy! Whoop!'. A hand slid down from her tit down her side. She knew where it was heading and she took a deep breath and made an enormous struggle to free herself but she was held fast. The hand slid between her legs and cupped her pussy. The guy doing it opened his eyes wide and said 'Wow! What a wet pussy we have here guys! Its a bit excited I think!'

Then with a nod from the leader they spun her round and marched her quickly, one dragging each arm out of the bedroom, she tripped on the knickers round her ankles and ended up being manhandled, dragged, rushed up the corridor, her knickers coming off half way up it. They quickly dragged her face down across the kitchen table so that her arse was on the edge and her legs down the edge, she was held tight both sides by two of them.

Her mind wandered, she knew it was useless, she knew she had to struggle, she knew she could not stop what was about to happen, she flashed back to the fantasy she had thought about many times alone in her bed. Should she just join in this game and enjoy it? Should she struggle? Should she object? One think she did know, the guy was right her pussy was very wet, her body was enjoying the stimulation, her mind was working overtime.

The leader bent down next to her ear, she could feel his breath on it, he whispered 'when was your last orgasm?'. Her eyes sprung open wide and looked at him in disbelief! She froze and didn't answer, she was taken aback. The thought of cumming just made her more excited.

'I will take the silence to mean fairly recently, ...., Well unless there is something wrong with you, and from the current evidence that is not the case, you ARE going to cum now!'.

She instantly and instinctively yanked at her arms and tried to struggle free but she was held fast. His hand slowly slid down her back and as it slowly passed the small of her back she arched and shuddered, he noticed and nodded to himself, his hand slowed and eased it's way to her arse, her rounded cheeks amplified in this position, his hand caressed round one then the other then back to first, squeezing it, feeling it, enjoying it. 'Very nice tight arse!' then his finger slid down between her cheeks until they found the start of her 'damp' it soon turn into 'wet' and his emotions danced with glee as he felt her wet slippy pussy for the first time. 'FUCK!, your right, what have we got here, I think we have struck gold, I am going to enjoy this' and his thumb easily slid into her slippy hole while two fingers found her clit, one each side. He rubbed it and eased his thumb around at the same time looking for that 'spot of pleasure' to rub.

As his thumb moved across her 'spot' she stiffened and that was just the sign he was looking for, 'there it is he thought to himself', now he was set his thumb rubbed around in little circles while at the same time a finger on each side of her clit slid back and forth.

She was now lost in her fantasy world and her body responded quickly to the amazing stimulation it was getting, she arched and stiffened and her breathing became irregular, holding her breath in bouts of sheer pleasure. She knew if she stayed wrapped up in this world she would explode on his fingers very soon. Could she do this in front of four guys, it was one thing cumming in the privacy of your bed but her now in front of guys watching waiting, actually the thought excited her even more and she soon gasped and groaned out loud as she exploded on his monotonous movements.

'I thought so! Well that was easy, Good Girl,,,, now its full of your cum lets see how it feels on my hard dick'. He quickly undressed and by the time she had recovered her breath and could process his statement, he was naked and was behind her with his rock hard dick in his hand ready to guide it home. He eased closer to her and slid her right leg sideways with his foot then did the same with the left making sure she was open wide and accessible to him, and to make sure she didn't close her legs too much and spoil the entrance. He had no trouble finding her entrance, it was still wide open and wet and slippy from the earlier orgasm and she could feel it easily slipping in to her. She gasped as it went in full length, easily slipping in the still excited pussy. He arched and groaned as the same time, 'OH FUCK!!! That is good, JESUS' and soon started thrusting in and out of her, slowly at first and gradually building speed and strength and depth till he was slapping into her arse with each thrust.

She gasped out with each deep thrust, which hit her insides and sent spasms running round it. Before she knew it her pussy was clenching at his dick, she was instinctively shouting out 'uhh! Argg!' with each thrust.

He could feel her clenching at his dick and he loved it and knew she was enjoying this as much as he was; she soon built and started pushing back against him to ensure she got his full penetration on each thrust and he felt it. She stiffened and cried out in joyful climax as he thrusted deep into her, he felt her tighten and stiffen and knew she was cumming and that tipped him over the edge and he lunged deep and hard into her and held it there as he blasted his lot deep inside her pulsating pussy.

She was gasping rapidly and so was he as he relaxed and flopped over her holding it on her as long as possible, not wanting to lose that ecstasy he was experiencing.

Eventually he eased himself up off her and slowly withdrew, his cock dripping with bodily fluids from her. 'FUCK! That is one of the best fucks I have had!' and he slapped the right cheek of her arse with the flat of his hand, she lept in surprise and shock and delight!

The next guy was already stripped for action and was now very eager to sample this good fuck. He eagerly got in between her and had it deep in her before she had got her breathe back. She moaned out loud as he rammed into her. She couldn't believe she was getting it again, so quickly, after such a mind blowing experience. He was like a rabbit, eager and fast, fucking the arse off her. Her orgasm had been so intense it was still in the throes of dying down, so it was no surprise to find it quickly reacting to this stimulation and combining to a multiple orgasm.

She had spent an afternoon with an older much more experienced guy once and he knew how to excite her and make her cum. She had experienced mind blowing sex and knew what it was like to have multiple orgasms. That afternoon she had lost count of the time she came but as they drove home and chatted about it she reckoned that over the course of 4 hours she had cum about 10 times. For the first time she had had her fill and was happy to stop and go rather than grabbing his dick in the hope she excited him and he would do her again.

She was gasping and gasping as she built, she knew it was going to be deep and she throbbed for release. In a final massive thrust he came in her and she clenched it as tight as she could hoping it sent her over the edge she now so desperately wanted to cross. It did and she pulsated on his dick for minutes.

One of the guys holding her had swapped with the leader, who was now holding her left arm, caressing the small of her back where he knew he had crossed an erogenous zone. The next guy was soon in her and pounding her, before she had chance to build again he came in her and collaped onto her.

The fourth guy was soon in there and he was more gentle and slow and easy, funnily enough, this was exciting her, and she soon started to enjoy the slow relentless motion, he grabbed a handful of her long black hair and pulled her head back towards him, arching her back and making sure she was hard against him as he thrusted into her. The leader slid his hand down underneath her till he found her bush resting against the edge of the table and soon slid down her slit and found her erect clit. She gasped out loud as he touched it and he knew he had found the spot she liked. He rubbed it from side to side and got more frantic and she stiffened and arched and lifted herself off the table as she built into ecstasy. She cried out as she shuddered and spasmed as a massive orgasm ripped through her. He came deep deep in her as she did.

When she came back to reality she realised she was not held down any more and it was quiet. She opened her eyes to look around, thinking they must have all left, three of them had but the leader was sat on a dinning chair just looking at her. She didn't know whether to smile, cry, scream, shout, run or just close her eyes and continue to be lost in the post coital dreamy state she was in.

Before she could decide he got up and took her hand and pulled her up off the table and led her through to the bedroom, for some bizarre reason Suzanne just followed as if in some trance. He laid her back on the bed and climbed on it, and started caressing her tits, rubbing over her nipples until they were erect then he leaned down and sucked them. She loved it and held her breath with each deep suck. He caressed her stomach and pubic area running his finger tips through her generous pubes.

'I love your big tits and your hairy pussy!' he exclaimed in her ear.

Suzanne was deep in thought, It was mostly dirty erotic thoughts and she had decided she was going to attempt to get her own back on him. She eased up on her side to access him, her hand slid over him and down to his cock. It was fairly limp but she was now on a mission. She ringed her finger and thumb around his shaft and started rubbing it up and down, he rolled over onto his back, his dick was already growing. She slowly eased herself down towards his dick, he looked down and knew where she was heading. She soon had it in her mouth and ran her tongue around it and sucked hard on it. He gasped out in pure delight, she just took him all the more and soon had him rock hard and moaning. She swung her leg over him and sat up on him.

'I want that dick!' she said looking him right in the eye and eased her open pussy onto the erect dick. It slid straight in and she momentarily closed her eyes as she dropped her full weigh on it and it was in her full depth. She was soon bouncing up and down on it, She was a weighty woman and each drop made sure she took the full length. Her eyes were wide and staring him in the eyes with great determination. She was determined to fuck him till he came just as he had done to her and he knew from her determined stare that was exactly what she was doing. He reached up and squeezed her tits that were dangling in front of his chest. Her eyes widened and stared him direct in the eyes as he squeezed her tits. She continued to fuck him with intense determination, she could feel her pussy tightening and soon she had to grit her teeth and concentrate even harder and dispel thoughts to avoid cumming first. She could feel him getting harder inside of her and she knew that it was imminent, she pounded harder and more determined to finish him off and it did. She then arched her back and closed her eyes and let out a great 'Argg......' as she came again and then collapsed on him.

They sucked, licked, sucked, fucked, licked, caressed, touched, fucked and generally made each other cum for hours until they just collapsed in the bed and fell asleep.

When she woke she was alone and she felt like she had been in a boxing match, she ached all over, her tits felt like they had been battered and squashed, her pussy felt like it still had a large dick in it, her groin ached which she recognised as cumming too much. Her thighs were sticky with dried spunk. She wondered if she had dreamt it but her body told her that was rubbish. She swung out of bed desperate for a wee. Her clit let her know it was still there as her lips rubbed it when she moved.

Her ripped dress was still on the floor and as she went to the bathroom her knickers were still laid on the hall floor where they fell off her ankles. She had a wee and went to make a cup of tea. On the kitchen table was a piece of paper with writing on it. When she looked closer it was a message from him, 'If you fancy a repeat performance anytime just text FUCK and the number of guys you can take to 07932 749140 and we will be round within the hour!'

She smiled to herself and felt sexually satisfied for the first time in years.


Want some more of this genre????

Horny John


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