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The Special Prison

Short story By: HornyJohn

Two girls are accused of murder and taken without anyone knowing their whereabouts to a prison where they find sex is rife!

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The Prison

Chapter 1

Helen and Liz were just 18 when they went on a summer school in the mountains of Montana. They enjoyed the outdoor life and had a great time with other girls on camp. They were virgins and didn't bother too much with boys, much preferring the active life and enjoying doing things and keeping busy. On the fifth day they set off on an orienteering course into the forest. They were over half way round when they somehow took a wrong turn and got lost. The fact that they didn't come across the next check point and the now unfamiliar terrain confirmed they had strayed off route. They sat down to study their map and course and were just about to set off when they heard some shouting. They decided to investigate and ask directions back to the track if they were locals. They made their way towards the noises and as they drew closer it became clear that there was an argument going on, so they slowed and crept forward warily. As they neared a small clearing they noticed it had gone quiet and they heard someone running away from them. On creeping into the clearing they noticed a woman laid on the grass, she was bleeding from head wounds and her chest, her skirt was ripped and her knickers were a few feet away where they had been quickly discarded.

They quickly realised to their horror that this woman had been raped and then beaten and stabbed, Helen decided that the only option was to go for help and Liz would have to stay with her. Helen set off after studying the map, she decided that the best option was to head north and it should intersect with a road and hope that someone came along, if not it was a long run to the nearest houses along its route. They parted company and Helen ran and ran and eventually reached the road, as she stopped for a breather on reaching this milestone she heard a vehicle coming. She looked and to her amazement it was the local sheriff's car. She jumped into the road and waved her arms, flagging him to stop. The car pulled over and a big guy got out, Helen explained and the sheriff got his rifle from the car and they set off back into the woods to find Liz.

When they found Liz, the woman was dead, Liz was sat cuddling her and was covered in her blood. The sheriff took them both back to his car and radioed in. They found themselves in the Police station in an interview room and answering questions from a detective. He kept going over and over what had happened and Helen thought it was strange at the line of questioning. Before they realised what was happening they were in a cell and the next morning were told that they were under arrest for assisting in rape and murder. They couldn't believe it, they were held in the cell until mid afternoon when they were dragged out by an officer and handcuffed and led out and into a waiting squad car. They were driven for miles into a desolate area and eventually arrived at a prison, which must have been miles from anywhere. They were driven through the outer gates and handed over to a couple of female guards.

They were led through a number of a series of gates which opened only once the ones behind them closed. They eventually ended up in a large room with a desk in one corner and a series of cupboards along one wall and at the far end it looked like a shower area. One of the guards asked Helen her name, she was crying and shaking with fright, she protested that they had nothing to do with it they were innocent. The guard said 'most that come in here say they are innocent!, just answer the questions', she filled in the paper work and then said to Helen 'strip!', Helen was shocked, 'what??'


'I can't strip here in front of people!'

'You can and you will one way or another, there is no privacy here, now get your clothes off!'

Helen looked at Liz and looked around at the other guards, who were now looking tense and edging towards her.

She reluctantly started to undo her top.

'Hurry up!' the guards shouted.

Helen quickened her undressing until she stood there in her bra and panties.

'What have you stopped for?, All off!'

Helen's mouth dropped open and said 'no way!'

Before she realised it, a guard had an arm each and another was undoing her bra and made sure it came off her arms then came round the front of her and eyed her body then slid her hand down her body to her panties and bent down and dragged them down to her ankles. She stood up again and looked her up and down, 'NOW STEP OUT OF THEM' she ordered.

Her clothes were collected up and put in a box and placed in one of the cupboards. The first guard then started the same process with Liz. Liz now knew it was useless to resist or object so she quickly obeyed and soon stood there completely naked next to Helen. They were kept there, naked, for what seemed like ages, while she did paperwork and locked their clothes up in the cupboards.

The guard looked up and then said 'this way' and led them across the room and pressed a button on the wall which turned on a couple of showers in the corner. 'Shower thoroughly!' she snapped.

They both reluctantly went in the shower and embarrassingly showered with 4 guards watching intently. They came out of the shower and stood there freezing, Helen trying to cover her tits and her erect nipples. They were led back to the line in front of the desk and told to stand there. They were shivering, stood there naked and dripping wet.

The door opened and in walked a man dressed in a suit, he walked over to the desk and stood staring at the girls, they did their best to cover their private parts. The guard shouted 'hands by your sides, i told you, you don't have any privacy any more' The two girls were so embarrassed they didn't obey, before they could make any further decision a guard moved forward and struck Liz across the back with a cane, She cried out and lunged forward in agony.

'I told you hands by your sides now, last chance!'

They both looked at each other and tears ran down their cheeks, they hesitantly moved their hands to their sides, trying to keep their legs half crossed to hide their crutches. The man spoke 'I am Jim Waters, the Governor of this prison, now there are a few rules in here. You do as you are told first time every time, you have no rights, nobody knows you are here, you have been taken as have all the other girls on this special wing, they know the rules and you will obey them or you will learn the hard way'

Liz spoke up 'you can't do this we have rights'

He snapped back 'I told you, you don't have ANY rights in here, YOU belong to us now'

He smiled and spoke to the chief guard 'They will do very nicely, make sure they are ready' and he then walked out of the room.

The guard smiled at them, moved from behind the bench and walked up close to the girls and inspected them up and down walking around behind them, she tapped Liz's arse and said 'nice, its mine!'

She returned to the desk, looking them straight in the eyes she said 'I should give you both a good thrashing for answering back to the governor but as a gesture of faith and your good behaviour I will forgo it' she threw them a smock type dress and said 'put them on, then go with the guard'

They quickly and thankfully put the dresses on which were quite short and they felt their bare arses were showing. They followed the guards and were given a room which had a loo, sink, 2 beds and a small cabinet in it. They curled up on the bed and immediately burst into tears, they sobbed most of the afternoon.

That evening as it fell dark they were taken to a room at the end of a long corridor and giver pretty dresses and told to put them on. They did, then the chief guard arrived and looked them up and down, 'there is a washroom there, go and wash and make sure you are tidy and presentable, you have a dinner invite', the girls went over to the washroom and found there was some make up, soap and towels and hair brushes. They tidied themselves believing they were been freed and taken to dinner. They were then handcuffed to a guard and escorted out into a grassed area and led across it towards a gate in the fence, as they neared the fence they could see on the other side was a bungalow and terrace and there were lights shining on the terrace and a number of people sat around. They were taken through the locked gate and walked across the neatly mown grass on the other side, they were led up to the terrace and uncuffed. The guards stepped back and stood around the edge of the terrace in an on guard manner. Helen and Liz looked around and they saw the warden, the sheriff, the detective and another man. There was a large table set for dinner and to one side, what looked like a doctor's couch, further over there was a swimming pool which was lit.

The governor came over and said 'good evening girls, please sit down and enjoy your dinner'. They sat down and ate a very nice meal. When they all had finished eating the governor said 'now gentlemen it's time for the entertainment' he walked round the table and eased Helens chair back for her to get up. Two guards came forward and led her towards the couch, as she neared it she noticed it had straps on it and it started to dawn on her that this was not all it seemed, she stopped in her tracks but the guards grabbed her wrists and pulled her backwards onto the couch, each strapping a hand to the top end, then they grabbed an ankle each and secured it to the nearest legs of the couch. Helen was screaming 'please let me up, I can't do this, please'.

The big chief guard appeared in her view and leaned over her and said 'stop it, just enjoy this' then she got hold of the top of Helens dress and yanked it hard, ripping it down the front, she parted the remains of it exposing her naked body then she ran her hand down it until it reached Helens bush where upon she gave it a little rub and then stepped back. A guard was making sure Liz stayed in her seat.

The sheriff got up and walked over to Helen and looked her up and down, 'Better naked than I had imagined, and a virgin to boot' and ran his hands up and down her body, stopping at her tits to give them a good squeeze. Then he stepped back a pace and started to strip.

Helen squealed and tugged at the straps securing her, trying with all her might to free herself as she knew what was about to happen. Her pleas getting louder and more tearful as he got nearer to being naked. He slid down his underpants and stepped out of them his hard dick springing out at her eye level, She shuddered knowing what was soon to be happening and then with her body bucking and riving at her bonds she grippingly watched him make his way to the foot of the couch where her legs were held apart and her pussy would be staring him in the face. He had a big smile of his face and took hold of his dick in one hand and pressed on her pelvic area with the other and eased towards her guiding his dick towards her pussy. He pushed it in, she was screaming blue murder as loud as she could, he rammed into her, she screamed, he continued to ram into her, she continued to scream at each thrust, He shouted to the watching group, 'I love a tight pussy and i love to hear it scream'. He thrusted away at her until he groaned out loud and slowed his motions cumming deep in her pussy. He withdrew, she sobbed, then she opened her eyes as she felt herself being touched below again, it was the governor guiding his dick into her and he gave her a good shagging. That quickly followed by the other two. Then Helen was released from the straps and dragged in a collapsed state to the side of the terrace, Liz was marched to the couch and strapped to it. The whole process repeated itself.

The girls were marched back across the lawn to the gate, they were wincing and dragging their feet, their pussy's sore and each step reminded them of it. Once through the gate they turned sharp right and followed the fence line rather than across to the block where they came from. When they were a few hundred metres along they stopped and two guards handcuffed Liz's hands outstretched high above her head to the chain link fence then spread her legs and cuffed them to the fence as well, so she was spread-eagled against it.

The big chief guard stood in front of her and quickly stripped naked. Her enormous tits dangling free. She then looked her in the eye and said 'I could tell you only came once during that and you didn't enjoy it. I am going to teach you how to cum. When you are fucked you enjoy it and show them you enjoy it and cum with them' She moved forward.

Liz pleaded 'PLEASE NO! Please, i am so sore, please no more, please'

The guard replied 'oh I expected you to be; in fact I was banking on it'

Before Liz had time to object any more her hand went between her legs and found her clit without needing any help. She rubbed it, Liz screaming out, she squeezed her tits, 'firm girl!' and began frantically rubbing her. Liz's body had no choice but to respond and she soon gasped out an orgasm. 'Good girl' she whispered and slowly slid her fingers up and down her slit crossing her clit. Each time she did so Liz's pelvis bucked her clit still erect and excited. She continued that for some time, Liz whimpering each time her fingers ran over her erect little soldier. The monotonous motion soon had her gasping and as she forced her finger deep into her she came deeply, screaming out in pleasure.

The guard freed her right ankle and said 'bend your leg' she placed her foot on the fence about a foot up from the floor so that her knee stood out. She then eased her leg over it and started rubbing her pussy on Liz's leg. Liz could feel her wet juices rubbing up her thigh; she squeezed Liz's tits and soon came! She stepped off and one of the other guards made Liz cum again. Liz pleaded them to stop.

'Now that's how to cum!, when I have finished with you, You will beg me to let you cum'

They released her and led them both back to their cells.

They collapsed on their beds completely exhausted.

At the early morning officers meeting the chief guard told them that Liz and Helen were to be given a hormone powder in their drinks and food, this was designed to increase their sex drive and desires. They were also to be subjected to 8 hourly training sessions.

The next morning they were given breakfast (which un be known to them, had been laced with hormones) then taken to the showers. At 9 O'clock two guards took Liz to the far end of the block and taken into a room. In the room there was just a bench and the chief guard stood there naked and smiling. They laid her on it, her legs dangling over the edge while the guards held her. The chief guard bent down and parted her legs, easing her lips apart exposing her clit. Liz wriggled to free herself but she was held fast. Her tongue slowly caressed Liz's clit which soon became erect and her body responded to the direct stimulation it was being given. She slowly built until her body gave in to the relentless stimulation her clit was getting from the tongue. She exploded in a gasping spasm.

She told her that if she touched herself she would be canned. They took her back to the cell and took Helen, She could see from Liz's expression that she was about to get the same treatment.

They were both excited separately every 8 hours for days. As time went on the way they were excited was varied, sometimes just fingers, sometimes tongue and fingers, sometimes a vibrator in their pussies, sometimes on their clit, sometimes the vibe on their clit and fingers on their G spot. They knew what was happening and by now were starting to enjoy it. After a few more days they were actually looking forward to it.

The chiefs logic was that the more used to it they became the more they craved it, just like a drug. (As well as the drug they were being given orally). One day when Liz was taken to the room she was stopped in her tracks as they entered the room. A naked guy was laid on the couch on his back and one of the women guards, also completely naked was on top off him, her legs astride and sat upright and was bouncing up and down on his large erect dick. She gasped out loud with each drop onto him. Her large tits bouncing up and down with her movements. Her groans got louder and her bouncing got faster, her head leaning back, her eyes closed, he reached up and caressed her tits, she could resist no longer and came long and deep, slowing her pace until she was slowly sliding up and down his erect tool. She was totally satisfied and lobbed forward and collapsed on top of him.

The chief guard went over to them and pulled her off him. She took hold of his dick in her hand and rubbed it to ensure it was hard and erect. She looked across at Liz, Liz's eyes were big and wide and she was transfixed on the sight of what she had just witnessed. After all the 'training' over the last few days she craved sex after watching it, the chief beckoned her over and encouraged her to touch his dick. She showed her how to excite it, how to suck it, Liz was so excited she lifted her short smock and climbed up and slid onto the dick she had been exciting. She groaned as it slid right in and she remembered how the guard had climaxed and immediately started to bounce on him. In no time they both climaxed and she felt the satisfying feeling of warm cum splatter her deep in there!

She was satisfied; they took her back to her cell.

By the time it was time to go back to the 'play' room she was throbbing down below at the thought of it. She was marched down the corridor and taken in the play room and strapped face down over the edge of a table so that her arse was sticking up in the air. She heard the buzz of a vibrator and she could feel her pussy oozing fluid in excitement at the thought of cuming. The chief guard (Linda) know how to excite a woman; she had plenty of practice and was an expert! She gently rubbed her wet lips and her upper thighs then she rubbed the vibe along her pulsating slit. Liz arched her back and took a big gasp as she felt pulses of energy running through her abdomen. Her pussy throbbed and she felt fingers slide in her until they were massaging her G spot and the vibe was playing merry music on her clit. She was building very quickly and starting to gasp out loud. Linda knew she was getting excited and just as she was nearing climax she stopped and withdrew from her. Liz was surprised and shocked; she wondered what had happened and what was going on?

Had someone come in and stopped her completing her mission?

She strained against the straps to try and look behind her to see what was happening but she could not see anything untoward. Linda waited a while then started touching her again, she eased into a now very wet hole and massaged her where she knew brought her to climax very quickly then as Liz was almost there she stopped and withdrew again. Liz sighed and flopped as she knew the sinking feeling of not managing her climax. 'What's wrong?' she shouted, Linda knew she was getting to Liz and knew Liz was getting desperate for orgasm, which is just what she was banking on, what she had told her she would be doing when she started this 'training', 'Nothing!, do you want something?' she replied with a smirk on her face. 'You know I do' Liz snapped, 'what do you want?' Linda quickly replied. 'I want to cum!' Liz said with urgency. Linda stroked her again slowly, teasing her, exciting her, tantalising her, then before she made it she stopped. Liz sagged and knew she was been played with but she was desperate to cum, 'Please don't stop' she shouted, 'WHY?' Linda snapped back, 'COS I need to cum' she replied. 'How much do you want to come', 'I am desperate now!' she retorted. 'Do you want to cum?' she said as she trailed a finger tip up her slit every now and again, just to keep her on song! 'Oh PLEASE! PLEASE!'

Linda bent down and eased her pussy open with both hands and suddenly buried her tongue in her dribbling wet pussy. She licked her erect clit, ran down to her hole entrance and teased it, then back to her clit. This was too much for Liz and after all the previous stimulation she screamed out and exploded onto Linda's face.

Now she was satisfied!

Linda unstrapped her and sat her up and said to her 'I think you are ready for some real sex now and some special treatment, do you want to spend the night in a proper bed, in luxury in freedom?' Liz's face said it all she smiled and nodded. After tea she was collected from her cell and taken down the long corridor and then through a series of doors she had not been through before, they came to a door on the left and opened it and Liz was shown in. The guard closed it behind her and left. Liz went in, it was a luxurious room with a large sofa and chairs and fireplace. Very nicely decorated and furnished, you could tell it was all very expensive! She heard a voice shout from a door in the corner of the room 'make yourself at home'. After a while Linda appeared, she was dressed in expensive tight sexy clothes which accentuated her generous breasts, her nipples were poking through the thin tight material. 'There is a bathroom through here and some nice clothes, why don't you relax in a hot bath and slip into something. She got up and went through the door which led onto a corridor and at the end she could see a light on through an open door, she went in and there was a sumptuous bed and furnishings and through another door she could hear water running, which she knew was a bath filling, her eyes widened and she dreamt of lounging in a steaming bath. She went in and there was a sunken bath with steam coming from it and candles lit and soft music playing. On a dresser there were piles of expensive clothes. She went over and quickly looked them over. Some seriously sexy silky underwear that must have cost a fortune, some very nice clothes and some perfume and toiletries. God I am in heaven, she thought. She relaxed and soaked in a glorious bath for what seemed like hours, so good after weeks of occasional cold showers in front of others. She eventually got out and picked some underwear and clothes from the dresser.

When she went back to the lounge Linda had prepared some supper and they sat and ate it and saw off a bottle pinot grigio. Then Linda suggested they go to bed. They went down the corridor and into the sumptuous bedroom where Linda started undressing; Liz stood there not sure what to do or where to go. 'Where is my room?' she asked 'You are sleeping here with me' she replied. Liz was visibly shocked and said ' I don't think I can do that', 'Of course you can, just think of all the beautiful experiences I and other women have given you, all you have to do is do the same and enjoy', and at that peeled her bra off releasing her voluptuous breasts, her nipples were stuck out and very excited. Liz was captivated by them and when she came over to her and pressed them against her and stroked her hair and kissed her neck, she felt a surge of excitement course through her body ending in her groin. She kissed Liz's neck and worked her way up and around till she was kissing her mouth, her tongue running round her lips. Liz felt herself enjoying this and responded, Linda rubbed her breasts and felt her arse, then lifted the top up and over her head. Her hands quickly going back to her bra and the flesh exposed at the top of it. She ran her hands round her back and undid it and peeled it off her. Her hands were gently caressing her nipples, how could a woman be so sensuous when she can be so cruel, she thought. Liz was lost in the moment and before she knew it she was caressing Linda's very fulsome tits and playing with her massive hard nipples.

Linda stripped to her panties and got into bed, Liz followed suit. They caressed each other and toyed with each other nipples, Liz eventually going down and sucking them, She remembered how fantastic it felt to have hers sucked and wanted to please Linda. Linda groaned and moaned as she nuzzled on them. Then she took her hand and slid it down her body until it was between her open legs. Liz felt the lovely silken panties and she also felt a wet patch and she knew why. She rubbed and caressed her as they kissed each other. Eventually Liz knew she wanted to touch her naked pussy and feel its wetness that was showing through the silk panties. She slid her hand down the front of the panties and could feel a curly hairy bush as she went. She soon found the source of the wetness and her finger easily slid into a waiting and wide open slit. She felt her hard erect clit and heard her moan as she ran across it. She knew she was exciting her and that excited Liz. She concentrated on her clit, rubbing it with monotones motion as she knew how quickly that drove her wild. In no time she could feel her stiffening and gasping and her legs widening, her belly heaving up as she neared climax. Liz felt so good and excited at bringing her to climax she could feel her own panties wet between her legs.

Linda recovered quickly and removed her panties and got hold of Liz's and pulled them of her, then on the journey back up she found that wet area which gave off the aroma of excited hormones and her tongue soon found the source and licked it till it convulsed and sprayed in her face. They fell asleep in each other's arms. Liz slept well but kept wake-ing to her throbbing pussy being manipulated by Linda. Each time she returned the favour and made sure Linda climaxed. Each time it got deeper and deeper and more intense and more enjoyable.

They enjoyed each other numerous times that night.

The next morning they woke and had a vast breakfast.

Linda then said to Liz 'Would you and Helen like to live and enjoy the bungalow and live a luxurious life style instead of the cell?', 'Well yes I would but what's the catch?'. Linda smiled 'Just enjoy life and do what you have found, enjoy sex. You need sex so you might as well be rewarded for it'.

Liz wasn't sure she could do it and it showed in her face.

Linda said 'Look, stay here today and I will arrange for Helen to join you, talk to her and let me know your decision tonight'

Liz and Helen had a great relaxing luxurious day and decided they could get used to this.

When Linda came in at the end of the day Liz told her they would do it.

The next day they were taken to the bungalow and given their own room and wardrobes full of clothes and told to join the warden and Linda round the pool. They both put on bikinis and headed out to the terrace. The warden and Linda were on a sun bed and he was on top of her fucking her. They both stopped in their tracks and stood and watched her get a pounding until she came and then he came in her. The scene had got Liz very horny and she wanted some of that to quell her desires.

** TBC


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