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The False Arrest

Short story By: HornyJohn

My arrest by South African Militants.
My interrogation and my punishment.

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I was staying with friends Mike and Linda in South Africa we had a great time and I had enjoyed my time there. Their place was quite, a few miles from town and was on the edge of a plantation. Towards the end of my holiday we heard about some trouble at the local town which had got out of hand and whites had been involved with blacks over land and plantation rights.

That night I was asleep and was awoken by noises, I realised very quickly something was wrong, I could hear screams and Mike was shouting, before I could get to the door to see what was happening it burst open and three white guys burst in and grabbed me by my wrists and dragged me very roughly out. They took me to a truck parked outside and pushed me up into the back of it, Mike and Linda were already in there and two guys with guns. Linda's nightdress was torn and in the dark i could see her tit showing. The truck drove off and Mike and Linda asked if I was ok, I said I was and we tried to ask these guys what they wanted, where they were taking us but they would only say that we were being arrested for helping terrorists.

The truck stopped and I heard gates open then it drove in and stopped again. I heard doors open and we were told to get out. We were taken through big heavy doors into what looked like an old jail. We seemed to go down corridors for ages then we were separated and I was led into what looked like a cell, i could hear screams down the echoey corridors. I was very frightened about what was happening here. Eventually the door opened and two guys dragged me out and led me down a corridor, I could hear awful screams. I was taken into a room where a guy was standing and they held my arms and paraded me in front of them. He looked me up and down, I could tell he was having a good look at my generous tits poking through my nightie. He was tall and quite good looking, he asked me what Mike had been doing with the rebels. I said there had been no contact with the rebels, we had been sightseeing only for the last three weeks I was on holiday. He shouted 'liar! I ask you once more, what have you been doing?' I answered again and he shook his head, then told the guards to take me to somewhere else I didn't understand. They turned me round and marched me out and down the corridor, I could hear the scream again and they were getting louder, it was a chilling experience and I was getting really worried.

We stopped at a room and they took me just inside the door, I could not believe what I was seeing. There was what looked like a vaulting horse in the middle of the room and Linda was completely naked straddled across it face down, her arms were tied to the legs at the front and her legs were pulled forward and tied to a cross member, her naked arse was up in the air at the end of the horse. She turned her head and looked at me, her face was covered in tears and she looked terrified. I noticed that there was a big guy there with a thin cane and then i noticed the red marks, some oozing blood on her arse and I came all over cold as it dawned on me what he was doing to her.

The guy with the cane looked at me and smiled then without warning quickly lifted his arm and whacked it down on her arse with a lot of force. Linda shrieked out in pain, her body shaking and pushing against the ropes holding her, she sobbed, I lunged in shock, the guards held me tighter, he hit her again and again, oh my God, she sobbed uncontrollably, He shouted to her 'are you going to tell me now?' she shouted back she didn't know anything and that brought a swift response of the cane again. The whole of her arse was red raw but he kept on thrashing fuck out of it with this cane. I have never seen anyone take a beating like that before. The guy was enjoying it. He stopped for a moment and moved closer to her and rubbed his hand over her arse, feeling it, squeezing it, she yelped as he did so. Then he ran his hands down her inner thighs, looking across at me all the time taunting me with what he was doing and intending to do then he rammed his finger in her pussy, she grunted, he smiled and nodded. He obviously liked what he felt!

He nodded to the two guards and they turned me round and dragged me out. They took me some way down another part of the building and into a room where there was a big busty woman stood, she pointed to the rope hanging from the middle of the ceiling and they fastened these leather straps on my wrists and clipped the rope to them then one went over to the side of the room and started pulling on a rope it went to pulleys on the ceiling and started pulling my arms up above my head when they were stretched he tied it off and they left, the woman stared at me and then walked around me a few times, sometimes stopping behind me leaving me wondering what she was doing or whether I was about to be thrashed. Then I saw the tall leader guy come in, shut the door behind him and sat down in an armchair in front of me. Nobody moved or said anything for what seemed like ages then suddenly she had grabbed my hair from behind and yanked my head, I screamed as she yanked my hair. He said 'now are you ready to tell me? you have seen what to expect' I was squirming and wriggling against the rope at the thought of being beaten like that, i was scared and crumbling at the thought of it. I pleaded with him that I was just on holiday and we had only been sightseeing and didn't know anything. He shook his head again and nodded to the woman behind me. I was waiting for a searing pain of a cane or something hitting me but instead she came round in front of me and looked me up and down again.

I pleaded out to her please, please but she just smiled and ignored me and disappeared again round the back, I felt her get hold of the top of my nightie and in a really hard yank that made me jump and wince at the same time, she ripped it down the back with both hands, she then appeared again and reached out to my shoulders and took hold of the remaining nightie and again forcibly ripped it off me, she then pulled any remnants off me so it was in pieces on the floor, which left me stood in a pair of knickers. She said 'don't worry! This body is too good to waste on harsh beatings, I have other things in mind for it my little beauty' She moved to the side still looking me up and down and I then realised the guy was sat there with a full view of me he was smiling, obviously enjoying the view which kind of excited me sexually. She reached out and touched my left tit and played with it, she then said 'well it likes that, didn't take that nipple long to get erect', I was so preoccupied I hadn't realised but when she mentioned it I think it had aroused me. She played with my erect nipple a while then ran her hand slowly down my body across my stomach and then down across my panties. She felt my crutch and said 'Yes that's excited you, I think we will get along nicely!'. At that she went round the back of me again and I felt her grab hold of my knickers and she started yanking at them to rip them off. They were a bit stronger than the flimsy nightie so it took a few yanks but she had them off in ribbons on the floor.

She then grabbed my ankle and slid it to the side and I realised she was strapping it into a ring on the floor, she then did the same with the other one and then shortened the straps to ensure my legs were well apart. He was looking keenly at my naked body now and kept smiling, that excited me to think that he was enjoying my naked body. She stood up in front of me and said 'now lets see how wet it really is shall we?' She ran her hand up my inner thighs until i could feel it touching my pussy then she slid a finger in without any problem. A wide smile appeared on her face and she said 'yes, very nice, its coming along nicely'. She then stripped down to her panties revealing her very voluptuous tits, her nipples were stuck out very erect, all this playing and tying me up had obviously excited them. She moved in closer to me and started caressing my tits with both hands sometimes gentle and sometimes hard, occasionally twisting my nipple between finger and thumb. She then started rubbing her nipples against mine, oh fuck that was so exciting, I had never felt that before and it was so exciting, I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter stood there with my legs held wide open. Then without warning she squeezed my nipples very hard, I let out a scream and she laughed out loud then flicked them a while, oh fuck they were tingling now and i could feel that they were rock hard, they liked it and she knew it.

Without realising it her hand had gone down between my legs and she was now rubbing me back and forth then slid two fingers into me, I squirmed in delight and she exclaimed how nice and wet I was and how nice it was. She had an incredible touch and knew exactly how to excite a woman! I could feel myself building to orgasm very quickly. Stood here tied up totally naked and with a guy watching was so arousing. I was so excited by it all, my mind was thinking great orgasm, i was looking forward to the release, to that moment when it almost hurts and you explode and tighten everywhere. Those thoughts and her precise touching were making me start to gasp as I built into the final stages, I was just about to cum when she suddenly stopped and withdrew from me. Oh fuck I thought what are you doing, I haven't cum, you have killed it.

She looked me straight in the eyes with a big smile and said 'not yet! No orgasms just yet!' I felt deprived of what was going to be a wonderful experience. Then she slowly started again rubbing me and fingering me deep, rubbing my clit with her thumb. It felt amazing again she knew just what to touch and when, slowly she built me up again until i was almost there, I thought to myself this is going to be better than the last one now! But then right at that last moment she stopped again, I gasped out loud in disappointment. She said 'Ah! Ah! Not yet! Do you want to cum?' I ignored that last bit. She started the process again and again right at the last moment she stopped it. It was excruciating because each time it was getting deeper and deeper and more exciting. I was throbbing! And she knew it. Time after time she brought me to the brink then stopped and each time it throbbed even more, fuck I just wanted release, I wanted to cum! I wanted to cum!

She asked me again 'do you want to cum?' I nodded this time, she shouted at me 'I can't hear you! Do you want to cum?' I said 'Yes', she shouted 'louder! Do you want to cum?' I shouted out 'yes, fuck please make me cum, please' she started rubbing again and I thought oh fuck yes this it she is going to make me cum but again she stopped it and waited a few minutes the started again, oh fuck this was beginning to make me ache, i throbbed soo much. I was starting to scream out in the pain or excitement of it I am not sure which, I noticed the guy get up and disappear out of view, I thought he was leaving, she brought me to the brink again then stopped and I gasped in disbelief, oh fuck please let me cum! I could see she was really enjoying this, she had had this done to her and she knew how agonising it was! After a few minutes she started again and this time I was gasping for breath and I thought she was going to let me when she stopped, oh fuck I don't believe it!

She went to the securing rope that was holding me up to the ceiling and released it then undid my hands, she shouted at me 'bend over, put your hands on the floor', I did as she asked, she went behind me and started feeling my arse, squeezing it and gently slapping it. Then once again started touching me this time it was different, I was in a different position and it was so fucking arousing, God I hoped that this was the time, just fucking let me cum! She kept it going slowly and was shouting 'do you want to cum now?' 'yes, yes, oh fuck yes' i replied. That added to the excitement as well, I was gasping and screaming out, oh fuck, my insides are going to explode, then the rhymic rubbing stopped and I dropped my head in disbelief and cried out 'oh no!' then as soon as her fingers disappeared I felt a new feeling, I gasped out loud, OH FUCK!! FUCK!! A fucking big hard dick slid right into me, I was already throbbing and seriously engorged, then he banged right into me. Oh FUCKING HELL! Within about 6 strokes I screamed out and came and came and came and came, he kept thrusting in me, I kept cumming, he was obviously excited by watching all this for so long and kept waiting it wasn't long before he came deep inside me. Oh FUCK, I just couldn't hold myself up in this position any more and I collapsed onto the floor in sheer exhaustion, I had been brought to the brink of orgasm for what seemed like an eternity then that unbelievable massive release!

I had never cum like that before nowhere near, not even close, It was fucking unbelievable.

She undid my ankles and rolled me over onto my back, he grabbed my ankles and brought my feet over right over me bending me double. Then she got on her hands and knees and started tonguing my pussy, Oh FUCK no not again, she was getting harder and faster and kept moaning out in pleasure, at one point she came up for air and said 'fuck, that is gorgeous, so wet, so ready'

In what seemed like no time she made me cum again, Then I heard him say 'quick let me fuck that pussy with fresh cum in it' she jumped up, took over my legs and he dashed round and slid into me. He had a pretty big dick and it made me gasp out loud when he sank it into me, He groaned and arched his back as he slid into it, 'Oh Fuck, that is incredible, so fucking wet' he exclaimed.

He thrusted hard for ages before cuming in me for a second time!

He withdrew got dressed, told the woman to keep going and left. She undid the straps on my ankles and I thought fuck that is great I am free to move but she quickly came back across to me carrying a bar of some kind. She told me to sit down and placed a clamp at one end around my neck and secured it then she put one of my wrists into a similar smaller loop at the side of the other end. She then lifted my legs up so that they were inside my arms sticking straight up and then fastened my other arm into the side of the bar. This had the effect of keeping my legs straight up in the air and I could not move them because they were locked by my arms. She then clipped the rope to a ring in the centre of the bar and hoisted it up a way so I was suspended in this sort of ball fashion.

She said to me 'lets try a different tack now, if you thought that was a good orgasm then you are going to burst now'. I think I visibly shook at the thought of it, please no, not more of that absolute fucking torture. She went away and came back carrying a bucket and slowly tipped water over me, I thought what is she doing. Then she came back with a bottle of something and tipped some on her hands and started to rub it over my pussy, I realised it was oil, she rubbed it all over it then moved down and rubbed it around my arse hole, then with some more on she shoved her finger in.

She disappeared again and came back carrying a clip thing which she clipped onto my left nipple, it hurt as it gripped my nipple and I screamed out, She laughed and said 'you will get used to that' then she appeared with a silver metal torpedo shaped object about 3 inches long and an inch thick. She started pushing it into my arse hole, Oh fuck I screamed out 'argh!!!! no stop, stop' she just laughed and pushed harder until I felt it slide all the way in. It stopped throbbing then she went to a box with a knob on it and got out some wires, she trailed them over to me and clipped one on the nipple clip and one on the torpedo in my arse, she slapped my pussy a few times then went back to the box. She turned the knob and i could feel a tingle sensation running through my nipple and down my body to my arse, it wasn't unpleasant but then she turned the knob up and it got more intense, i gasped out at first with the sudden change but then it settled down. It created a tingling feeling in me and it was starting to turn me on when all of sudden I screamed out loudly, i could feel my body shaking and i was screaming continuously, she had turned it up to an unbearable level. It subsided and i felt relieved, that was unbearable. My whole body tingled as if I had been electrocuted. It returned to a very pleasant level that was persistent and was arousing.


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