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The Blackmail Affair

Short story By: HornyJohn

When a blackmail opportunity presents John he takes it and takes his payment out of her body!

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The Blackmail Affair

Chapter 1

John was 50 and worked hard, long hours and boredom crept in, he started to notice a work colleague taking an unusual keen interest in him, turning up in secluded places unannounced, joining him when doing jobs, bringing him coffee when he was busy. Susan was younger a very voluptuous figure and jet black hair. She had smiling eyes that captivated John and when she smiled her whole face smiled. As time went on he noticed it more and more and was convinced she was interested in more than friendship. He loved big juicy breasts, he was definitely a tit man and she had tits that stood out in the tight sweat shirts she wore. He had eyed them up on numerous occasions and was sure that she had realised that on a few occasions.

One day when they were alone they had been talking about sexy stuff and flirting, she had to go out to do some work but he decided that if she came back she was interested and he would make a move. Came back she did and he got very excited talking to her again then he kissed her and took her hand and put it on his hard dick (to let her know how she was exciting him). To his surprise and consternation she broke free and ran out of the room, he thought he had blown it and was worried that he had upset her and she would be crying somewhere and tell someone. He never saw her for the rest of the day. The next couple of days were awkward as she definitely seemed to be avoiding him but nothing was said.

The following week he was at work very early as usual, he was in a deserted corridor when she appeared, he asked her if she was alright and if he had upset her, she said it had freaked her out but she was ok. He knew from her body language and the fact that she was there close to him she wanted more. He slowly moved forward, she didn't back off, until he was kissing her, it quickly got very passionate and he was very excited. He could not contain himself any longer and his hand slid around her side, he sensed her intake of breath as her senses sent sparks of pleasure through her. His hand reached her breast and he caressed and fondled it, enjoying the fullness of it. She didn't stop him and he lifted her top and felt it through her bra. Then he slid his hand down her body and slid it between her legs rubbing her crutch. She moaned and opened her legs in anticipation he massaged her for a little while then he could wait no longer, the passionate kisses were too much, he knew she was enjoying it and he was experienced enough to know she was excited as he was. He moved his hand and slid it down her waistband and felt her knickers, she didn't stop him so he slid it down them coming across her bush on the way, he found her slit and with a little help from her legs parting he slid a finger into her and he couldn't believe how wet she was. He rubbed her clit, she was wriggling her groin around and kissing him and groaning in pleasure. She came on his finger and they smiled kissed and tidied themselves up before other colleagues arrived. They often arranged to arrived at work very early and have sex before anybody arrived. She loved to hang around him while he worked and he loved to chat about sex to her winding her up and getting her all excited. They often used to go to a storeroom in the basement where nobody went and have passionate sex in all sorts of positions.

One day he got her on the usual subject of sex and she confided in him that when she was 13 she stayed over at a much older woman's house who was a friend of the family, she had come into her room in the night and excited her. She didn't object and in fact went there on a regular basis for a number of years. He asked her if she was still excited by women and she admitted she was but would never have the courage to make a move on one. She eventually confided that she had spent the night with Claire one of her friends. Now John knew Claire as well and he was taken aback and tried to get her to tell more. He found out some of the story but she was hesitant knowing he knew her and that she was now married.

They often used to take the same half day or finish early and meet up for hours of sex. On a couple of occasions they met at Claire's house where Susan was feeding the cats while they were away. They had sex a number of times and once, while in their bedroom John noticed a bra (a very nice looking lacy bra!) on the radiator, when Susan was in the loo he took the opportunity to have a closer look and found it was a lovely sexy lacy number but what struck him was the size of the cups and his mind soon wandered to her juicy voluptuous tits, She was ginger and that excited him also, he had a thing about ginger pubes! When Susan returned from the loo he grabbed her and fucked her hard over the end of the bed because he was imagining it was Claire he had there.

They had a very passionate time for a number of years until she got a new job and they drifted apart. One day he ended up in conversation with Claire, her husband across the room talking to someone else. Without thinking the consequences he told her he knew about her and Susan, she was shocked and very embarrassed glancing to her husband. John knew she was worried and didn't want Bob to find out so he pressed her making her more uncomfortable. She said look go away Bob is heading this way; I don't want him to find out. He smiled and said ok, but we need to discuss this further so you had better ring me when you can talk in private. She nodded and intimated he disappear.

The very next day John got a call in the middle of the day and it was Claire saying she agreed to talk about it. John knew he had her worried and she was at his mercy. He arranged to go over to her place in the middle of the next day while her husband was at work. His fantasies worked over time that night, those incredible juicy tits, her ginger bush, he was convinced he could blackmail her into letting him enjoy her delicious body.

The next day he turned up at her house and she invited him in, offered him a cup of coffee and he could tell she was very embarrassed. He knew he had the upper hand and said 'let's not beat about the bush here, let call a spade a spade! What do you want me to do?' she immediately said 'forget it, not tell anyone, I don't want Bob to find out'

'well, how much do you want me to forget it, how far will you go to make sure I don't say anything?'

She gasped, 'what do you mean?'

He smiled and said 'I think you know what I mean, you are desperate to keep this quiet otherwise you wouldn't have rang me, so let's not fuck about, I have fantasised about your juicy breasts ever since I saw one of your bras lying around here when I fed your cats with Susan one evening.' Her mouth dropped open with shock, but there was already an ache deep down in her groin at the thought of this much older experienced man touching her.

'I want to make you cum 4 or 5 times this afternoon and I will forget I ever heard it!' Claire flushed and broke into a smile and blurted out 'what!! I can't..... I have never....' she stopped short knowing she was about to reveal deep secrets. Too late John knew what she was about to say. 'Well I assure you, I will make you cum till your eyes are popping'. Without stopping for breath he ordered her 'come here in front of this window'. The window over looked the back windows of a row of houses in the next street, Claire reluctantly went to look out of the window. John grabbed her from behind and made her look across the street. 'Have you ever stood here and wondered who is at those windows watching you, have you ever felt excited, wanted to be watched?' 'Sort of' she responded.

'Well imagine it now, how exciting it is, thinking about someone over there watching you' and at that he slid his hand round her side and across her left breast, caressing the nipple protruding through her top. He fondled it again and again, Claire stiffening with streaks of pleasure running through her. Her eyes shut, John saying things into her ear then nibbling her lobe and kissing down her neck. Her long curly ginger hair falling aside as she leaned her head to one side enjoying the senses that tore through her body.

He lifted her top up and forced it over her head, whispering in her ear 'now let's give them something to see and enjoy' Claire took a sharp intake of breath as her top came off and she was stood in front of the window in her bra. John eased himself to her side to take a better look at her breasts. He fondled them with both hands feeling the thin net lace covering them, feeling the large, hard erect nipples sticking through the fabric. He was still kissing her neck and ear, she was breathing deeply and her body responded. Without her even realising it he had unclipped her bra strap and it jumped free and loose, he slid the straps off her shoulders and made sure it fell to the floor. Now he had those juicy naked tits in his hands, her erect nipples large between his fingers, she moaned as he squeezed and pulled on them. 'there is someone across the street enjoying these' he whispered in her ear. Claire was lost to the situation her body a mass of seething senses that were overflowing, she wriggled slowly under his hands as he explored her. He eventually undid her jean waistband and slid them down to give him access to her knickers. In a flash his hand was sliding down them, he felt the short hair in her bush as he made his way south. Then the moment they both were craving, his finger slid down the length of her slit, getting deeper as it went until it found her very wet slippy hole. Oh boy was she wet! He slid his finger in and out of her slowly then slid the wet juices up her slit till he reached her clit and gently massaged it in improving the lubrication. With his left hand holding close against him and squeezing and pulling her left nipple his right hand was down her knickers two fingers running circles around the base of her clit, making sure the tip was caught on every circle. She was gasping, moaning, wriggling, stiffening but he held her firm and kept up the same relentless motion, 'FUCK!..' she gasped 'I am going to cum!...'

'That's the general idea!' he whispered

'OH! FUCK ME!....' she cried

'There is plenty of time for that' he whispered and held her tighter and made sure he kept up the motion.

With a squeal and a bucking of her body and a sagging on her legs she came.

As soon as her gasping eased and she relaxed as her orgasm subsided he spun her around and eased her back onto the sofa that was alongside the window. He dragged her jeans off then kissed his way up her right leg until he was high up her thigh, she took a sharp intake of breath as he neared her most pleasurable spot. His tongue ran slowly and seductively up her inner thigh then back down, teasing her slightly, then he return and ran it round the leg of her knickers, he could feel her shuddering and wriggling, he could smell her arousal from moments earlier, he could wait no longer, he moved to her knickers gusset which had a wet patch on it from her excitement, he nuzzled it pushing the material into her lips then feeling her erect clit protruding out he got his teeth around it and gave it a gentle squeeze. Then he was rubbing it and licking it, his hands searching gently her inner thighs. He could hear her building up again and could feel her body tightening beneath him. He pushed his mouth harder against her pussy hiding beneath the material but he knew was open and wanting. She grabbed his hair, grabbed the sofa edge, banged her fist, and screamed out as if she was having a birth contraction. Then she went quiet, her breath held, as she came so deeply. Eventually she gasped and started to breathe again gasping for breath.

He stood up and started to undress, 'now its ready to fuck' he exclaimed, 'I don't think I can after that' she said, but he continued to undress and her eyes widened as he removed his underpants revealing his hard dick. She half lay, half sat, her knees still bent up, her feet on the sofa, her eyes like saucers as he bent down and took hold of her panties and pulled them down and off her legs. He eased himself down in between her legs and took hold of his dick with his right hand and guided into her open pussy. He eased himself into her, her eyes closing, her back arching, her breathing stopping, until he had it all the way in then he started the slow and methodical rhythm, sliding in and out of her, making sure each thrust hit right home. He kept up this relentless rhythm which was driving Clair wild her nipples were full to busting, her tits wobbled back and forth with each thrust, her clit felt so engorged it sent her into another world each time he thrust into her and pressed against it. She was clawing at the sofa, clawing at her hair, clawing at his arse, then he felt her pushing hard against him her body stiffening, her hips rocking back at an angle to make the most of it, the walls of her juicy wet hole were now contracting and gripping his dick with each thrust, milking it. He knew she was on the brink and pounded her harder pulling her harder into him. She shuddered and trembled and screamed out loud as she came. He could hold on no longer now he knew she had cum on him again and he too pushed in hard and held it there as he blasted her insides with his seed.

He collapsed onto her and when they both subsided and got their breath back rolled over onto the sofa. They lay there for ages in each others arms. Eventually he said 'I think that was more pleasure than reluctance'. Claire opened her eyes and looked at him, they were glazed over, as if she had drunk far too much, 'it certainly was! I have only ever cum about half a dozen times in all my years of marriage during sex with Bob, he is fucking rubbish in bed. Even those times I was fantasising about other things'

'What do you usually do then rub yourself off when he is not there?' he asked bluntly.

Embarrassed she gingerly answered him 'He often rubs me after he has cum and makes me cum, when I am pent up I have a Rampant Rabbit Vibrator hidden. I have never cum more than once in row like that before'

Smiling broadly John said 'So now you have, what is your verdict?'


'I have often fantasised about long hard rough fucks where I could cum before he did' she confessed.

John got dressed and kissed her and said as he was leaving 'Well debt paid and all forgotten! Thanks' for making it enjoyable'

A week later John got a text

Come round this afternoon and let me pay that debt again! J

He smiled to himself and instantly felt hard at the memory of that wet ginger pussy and those incredible juicy tits! His mind raced as to some scenarios that he had fantasised about since her confession at the end of his last visit.

He text back

See you at 1, wear a skirt, low cut top, no underwear!

He knocked on her door at 12:55, She opened the door and his mouth dropped open.

She usually dressed a bit frumpily and little make up, even a bit unkempt but she had made a big effort here! She was wearing a short-ish skirt neatly ironed, a tight top showing loads of cleavage, her braless nipples sticking through the tight material, her hair was nicely groomed and clipped back with a comb band and she had spent a long time putting make up on. She looked amazing! A different woman, An SO SEXY John was hard instantly.

He quickly went in and slammed the door behind him and said 'FUCK Claire, you look amazing! WOW' he took hold of her and they kissed passionately in the hall, John's hands were all over her, he felt her arse and up under her skirt to make sure she had obeyed him and was not wearing panties. It was naked! After long passionate kisses and caressing each other, John moved her backwards through the doorway into the front room which was used as a dining room, large table and six chairs, bay window looking out onto the street. When they reached the table he spun a chair round and sat down and before she knew it was bent over his knees with his arm across her back so she couldn't move. He lifted up her skirt revealing her naked arse, he felt it, squeezed it, caressed it, 'thats very nice!' he exclaimed, then without warning slapped it with his right hand across her right cheek, Claire jumped and gasped, and before she could object he laid another on her and another, Claire tensed and got more and more excited at each stroke, somehow she trusted him and knew he would excite her not punish her. He interspersed the spanking with massaging and caressing her cheeks, occasionally rubbing across her pussy making it contract and ooze arousal. He continued this pattern for some time until Claire could hold on no longer and stiffened and groaned and she orgasmed across his knee. He swiftly and roughly pulled her up and threw her face down across the table pinning her with one hand, He undid his belt and waistband on his trousers and let them fall then shoved his pants down. He eased closer to her and shoved her feet apart with his, making sure she was wide open. Without any hesitation he rammed into her and when he felt her drooling pussy he started thrusting into her for all he was worth. Banging into her arse and occasionally spanking her arse with his free hand.

'What if someone sees through the window?' she blurted out between gasps of delight

'Well they will be able to enjoy it as much as I am and watch you cum!', the sound of those words and the deep excitement that caused her to think that someone would see took hold of her and with each hard thrust she felt herself building to a massive second orgasm. Her mind raced, thinking about someone watching, her husband coming in and catching them, her impending mind blowing orgasm, the thrill and the rough pounding, she had longed for, and was getting, was just too much to bear and she exploded, spasms raged through her pussy, it clenched at the hard dick still pounding it, she gripped the table edge as the orgasm racked her, she screamed out, he pounded harder, making sure she kept her deep orgasm lasting as long as possible. Eventually she stops holding her breath and gasps an intake of breath. Her orgasm subsiding, her rapid breathing easing, a natural smile appearing on her face, she relaxed feeling totally satisfied.

John had different ideas, his dick still hard and his load still waiting to discharge and satisfy his horniness. He roughly pulled her off the table and got her on the floor then went down between her legs and licked and nibbled her clit, he could taste her juices from her massive orgasms, her pussy lips were slippy and she oozed fluid from all the excitement. Once he noticed her body responding again he kissed back down her thigh and continued down her leg to her ankle then before she had chance to object he popped her ankles on his shoulders and flopped forward pushing her legs over on top of her bending her double with his weight. Her pussy naturally opening and offering up due to the position she was in. Due to this position she was also naturally held down by his weight, her legs held on his shoulders by his arms reaching forward and taking some of his weight, He eased into her and used his weight to push whole length into her, she gasped and arched her head back as he gave her his full length. He held it in her and felt her muscles crunching on his now massive hard dick. He eased up and moved his hands onto her chest, exploring her breasts under the low cut top she still had on, he took a firm grip on each side of the neckline and with a sudden yanking to the side ripped it open exposing her chest and her throbbing tits. She gasped out loud in disbelief, shock, sheer excitement, terror, expectation. He started pumping her and exploring her naked tits and erect nipples, occasionally squeezing her nipples and pulling them. Claire gasping at each nip and pull, her pussy muscles contracting on his dick, her stomach muscles pulling on her and her arousal getting stronger and stronger.

'don't you dare cum yet!' he sternly shouted.

'I want to cum!' she shouted back.

'NO! Don't you dare or I will have to spank you!'

He stopped pumping her and let her subside a little then his right hand gripped and pulled at her nipple, his left hand grabbed her throat and squeezed it, in just the right spot to stop her breathing, she struggled but he looked her straight in the eye and said 'don't worry, trust me, it heightens your orgasm, trust me'

She relaxed a little, he eased his grip and let her take a breath then he gripped her again and started pumping her pussy hard, his balls slamming into her arse with each thrust, she could hear the rhythmic slap of his groin slapping hers, heightening her arousal further. Each time she thought she was going to pass out and started to panic he eased his grip and let her gasp a breath, her gasping getting quicker each time, his thrusting getting harder and quicker, he could feel her pussy chomping at his dick and it took all his self control not to cum.

She built and built under his control until she stiffened, shook, rolled her eyes, pulled her legs pulling him into her, shaking (at first he thought she was fitting!). Then she suddenly gasped a breath and started shouting 'FUCK! OH MY GOD! FUCKING HELL!' That took him over the top and he allowed himself to relax and immediately filled her spasming pussy with his hot seed.

When he left her she had that beaming satisfied smile permanently on her face. The next two or three weeks saw repeat performances then on the next occasion she answered the door in her sexy underwear, expecting him to give her the rough satisfying fucking she had enjoyed over the last few weeks, something she never even glimpsed with her husband over the years. Something she realised she needed and wanted and ached for. He took a step back and pulled a woman from aside the doorway into view. Claire was surprised as he shoved her in and followed. As he closed the door he said 'Hi! This is Tracy' Claire was taken aback and didn't know what to say she was embarrassed.

John said 'I thought we would add some extra excitement into it, and fulfil your desires further!' they went into the lounge and after a pause, 'Strip her seductively! Make her cum!' she stared at him wide eyed and said 'I can't do that with a stranger!',,'I have never done that.. just played, experimented'

He glared her in the eyes and said 'if you don't I will have to spank you in front of her!'



Claire's mind raced; can I do it, do I want to do it, where will this lead, do I want to know, who is she, do I trust them.

She was brought back to this reality by John 'come on Claire, you know you want to!' and he leans over and eases her towards Tracy. Tracy reaches out and cups Claire's head and eases it towards her, she gently kisses her. Claire doesn't object but is very cool.

John is sat on the sofa watching and says 'Claire think of what excites you, do it to Tracy, you know what excites, what you like, what turns you on, where you enjoy being touched, how you like being touched, come on use you knowledge, I am watching' she glances round then returns to the job in hand. She realizes that she has to do this and feelings from her past come flooding back and she actually wants this, She would just rather it was on her terms.

They start to passionately embrace, eventually Claire's hand makes it's way to Tracy's tits, she rubs them slowly, exploring them and eventually taking hold of her top and lifting it up over her head. She looks at the partially naked body and kisses the top of her breasts while slipping her hands round her back and deftly unclipping Tracy bra. Now her tits are naked and Claire likes what she sees and soon has them in hand, cupping them, squeezing them and caressing them, she bends down and licks and sucks her nipples bringing them up to attention. Tracy soon responds and drops the flimsy camisole off Claire's shoulders revealing her voluptuous tits. Now they both enjoyed each others and things were getting very steamy and frantic.

Claire then slid her hand down to Tracy's crutch and rubs it, Tracy responds and eases her legs open and gasps in delight. She then frantically drags her jeans down and shoves her down o the floor and starts kissing her upper thighs and makes her way around her crutch, she licks and sucks at the panty gusset. Tracy wriggles and runs her hands through Claire's hair. John strips and bends down and drags Claire's camisole down her legs. He then heads to Tracy tits while Claire toys with her bulging panties, she then eased them down and Tracy eased her knees up bending her legs allowing Claire full access to her pussy. She takes it licking around her clit then sucking on it, then her fingers find her hole and frantically rub it while sucking her clit. Along with John exciting her tits and thrusting his tongue down Tracy's throat she soon tips over, Claire knows the signs all too well and keeps up the pressure on her prolonging her orgasm.

Eventually it subsides and Tracy returns to the current reality. John says 'Right take her', Tracy leaps up and shoves Claire back and dives down on her hands and knees and get between her legs. Her tongue finding the spot in seconds. John can't wait any longer and get down behind Tracy's arse and slips into her pounding that pussy, slamming into her pushing her head into Claire's pussy with each thrust. They both grunted with each thrust, until Claire spilled. Tracy got up and straddled her head then eased down on her mouth ensuring Claire's tongue connected with her clit. John grabbed Claire's ankles and pushed them over till they were resting on Tracy back and her pussy was tipped up and oozing her cum. He offered his hard dick to it and it slipped right into that waiting hungry pussy. He pounded her, Tracy rubbed her dribbling pussy on her getting more excited as she felt her being pounded by John. They both came together!

Claire reflected on the day and knew that she wanted more of her fantasies!!


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