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My First Sexual Encounters!

Short story By: HornyJohn

A little true story of my first sexual encounters!

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A little true story for you!

My first encounters with sex!

When I was about 18, I worked for a fruit shop and one sunny day when I was clearing rubbish in a side enclosed passage which led down a rear garden area with outbuildings used for burning and storage, one of the shop assistants came out for a smoke. She was about 25, ginger and had a very generous pair of tits, I had noticed them! A couple of times when I squashed past her passed her in the passage she made no effort to move back and in fact seemed to make sure her tits caught my arm!

I noticed this and decided to go back very quickly and see if I could brush them again.

Sure enough the same thing happened and I instinctively knew that she was enjoying teasing me.

I decided that I might as well take a risk and advantage of this! I went back to pass her but stopped as I did so, she just looked at me and kept her tits pressed against me, I looked at her and slowly moved towards her mouth, she didn't move and we kissed, MMMmmmmm it was good, she was a good kisser. I took her by the hand and led her to the end of the passage and round the corner so no one could see if they came out of the shop door into the passage looking for her. I pressed her against the wall and we kissed for ages, she loved to kiss, it was a very nice way to spend 20 minutes instead of working. The next day I made sure I went out when she went out for a cigarette break and she followed me round the corner and we kissed and I slid my hand up to her tits, she seemed a bit reluctant somehow but I had her pinned against the wall and made sure I had a good feel, they were everything I had imagined, I had a thing about large tits and had fantasised about them a few times, particularly since kissing her. At lunch time I was down the bottom of the long garden area where there was an old out building used to store some bags of potatoes and other things and a bit further down we burned rubbish from the shop. I saw her come out which I wasn't expecting and was thinking should I go up there and meet her round the corner when she started walking down towards me as she approached I went into the store and she followed, I knew she was interested and I closed the door and shoved her back onto a pile of sack of potatoes. I lay on top of her kissing her and feeling her tits through a tee shirt, oh fuck I wanted to see those tits naked and I wanted to fuck her there and then. I had my leg in between hers and kept pressing my knee up into her crutch area, she eased her legs open and I rubbed it with my knee and she kissed me harder and was enjoying it. She was getting excited and so was I, I put my hand down and got hold of her tee shirt and lifted it up to reveal her bra, I kissed her breasts sticking out of it and then kissed her and ran my hands all over them. I went to get them out of her bra and she stopped me and said someone might come, I said no one will come down here, they don't know you are here and with a little struggling and forcing her I got her bra up and over them and got hold of them naked, very nice! Her nipples were hard and stuck right out and I went down and sucked them and still managed to keep up the rubbing pressure on her pussy area.

I then went down and started undoing her jeans but she quickly grabbed me and stopped me, I thought well next best thing is enjoy her tits and keep rubbing her pussy and she might be desperate for it. I kept rubbing her and she was rubbing back and in no time she pushed hard and froze and held her breath and I knew she had cum. She kissed me and said she had better get back; I let her up and put her hand on my hard dick poking through my jeans. She didn't respond much to that. This went on for quite awhile, I would make sure I was down there at lunch time and she would come down and I would rub her and make her cum, I was desperate to get down her knickers and feel that pussy, to see that ginger pussy. On day I was so desperate I fairly forcibly undid her jeans and shoved my hand down them she was objecting but once I got down there and had my hand on her panties' crutch area and rubbing her she calmed down and started to enjoy it. She came quickly and wanted to leave. Eventually I got my hand down her knickers and fingered her but try as I might she would not let me get them down.

Her mother used to work there part time as well and she was not what I would call good looking but had a good body. One night I had the shop van and was told to give her a lift home because I had to go to our warehouse in town near her house. I drove to the warehouse which was empty and parked outside and unlocked the door and went in to collect some stuff. I had left her in the van and got a shock when I turned round and heard her come in. She came over to me and said our Pauline tells me you like tits, Well I nearly died, I thought fuck she is going to have a go at me for groping her daughter, then she got hold of her top and lifted it up and off over her head and stood there in her bra in front of me I knew I had to take up the invitation and I had a good grope of them, I reached round and undid her bra and she let it drop off onto the floor and I had a good eyeful off her large tits which hung there nipples stuck out. Then she kissed me and I was starting to think I am going to get fucked her by an experienced woman who knows what she is doing? She then slid her hand down and felt me, she could feel me rock hard and straight away she stopped kissing me and dropped down on her knees in front of me and undid my jeans and dragged them down to my ankles then got hold of my pants and did the same, my dick sprang out from them as they went down and she wasted no time taking hold of it and rubbing it up and down its full length. She pulled my foreskin back and in what seemed like a rehearsed dance move she had it in her mouth and her hands were behind my arse pulling me towards her. She started slowly sucking up and down and I could feel her tongue running around it each time she when down onto it and oh fuck it was gorgeous. She started getting faster and faster and in a few minutes I exploded in her mouth, I was embarrassed at that but she just kept sucking and sucking as if sucking every last drop out of me. Then she stood up turned round to pick up her bra. I thought, she is not getting away so lightly and I put my arms around her and grabbed her tits from behind and stood her back up giving them a good grope from behind, then I ran one hand down to her skirt and kept easing it up until it was all the way up and I could feel her knickers, my hand went round them and she took a deep breath as my hand touched the gusset area. I rubbed gently for a while then found the top of them and shoved my hand down inside them until I felt her bush and then her slit and my finger just slid down it across her clit and on down till it found a very wet hole. She moaned out loud in enjoyment and I started fingering her with one hand and rubbing her tits with the other, in no time at all she came with a massive scream and a shudder. She turned kissed me and smiled and got dressed and we left.

I fingered her daughter a few more times then she left and I never saw her again. Then one night I was told to give the mother lift home again, as I drove to town I was thinking dare I suggest going to the warehouse again when I am not supposed to be going there or should I just go and go in as if I am collecting something. I decided on the latter and went in and just waited to see if she came in, two minutes later she did and she came over to me stripped me, stood there in front of me and took all her clothes off and said I am going to enjoy that dick and pushed me back onto a pile of market

Stall covers on the floor and almost leapt on top of me and in seconds hand my dick in her pussy, oh fuck that was amazing. She started sliding up and down it and then started fucking the life out of it, gasping out loud with each thrust forward, I grabbed her dangling tits and squeezed the shit out them, then she screamed out loudly and pushed hard onto my dick and held it there all rigid and arching her back, well that did it for me and I exploded into that pussy pressing hard against me. After what seemed like an eternity she flopped on to me and relaxed and rolled off, I (being the horny fucker I am!)I went straight down to her pussy and started fingering and feeling her to see if I could re-excite her and get more of this. She eased her legs open and let me and was getting excited again, her clit was like a little erect dick, I had never known one could be that big and as I got obsessed with it rubbing it and feeling it she was getting very excited, I decided I wanted a closer look at this massive clit so I rolled over in between her legs and went down to tongue it, I eased the lips of her pussy open and there it was stood to attention like a an erect penis, it was about an inch long and was erect and pink and glistened with bodily fluids. I ran my tongue around it and then rubbed it hard with it, she gasped as I did so, she was wriggling about in excitement and I could not wait any longer, I want my dick in it, I wanted to fuck the arse off her. I eased up and grabbed her ankles and put them on my shoulders then pressed forward bending her double until her ankles were either side of her head and she could not move and her pussy was sat there pointing up at me just asking to be fucked. Holding onto her ankles I slid into to her and started thrusting into her, she gasped out loud with each thrust and this just got me more excited and I started banging harder and harder, I could hear a slap with each thrust as my loins hit her thighs. Then she screamed out very loud and went tense, I initially lost my rhythm as I thought I had done something and she was in pain but then I realised she was cumming and she grabbed my arse with her hands and pulled me hard into her and held me there and was swivelling her pelvis somehow, which had this effect off rubbing my dick which responded with another blast of cum deep inside her.

We left the warehouse and when I dropped her off she smiled widely and said thank you that was fabulous. A number of times after that she came up to me and said if I came round her house after work we could do a repeat performance and we did quite few times until I started work properly and gave up my little job and didn't see her any more.


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