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Milk Maid Tales Part 2

Short story By: HornyJohn

The continuing story of our little ginger milk maid!

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We were busy for a couple of days and didn't have much spare time and nothing happened except for Rich grabbing my tits in the parlour one morning. I was starting to feel neglected and ready for sex. At the morning coffee break John came over and whispered in my ear 'are you ready for a threesome?' a threesome? What does he mean? My mind worked overtime for the rest of the day and my juices were definitely flowing. When we went to the changing room John was already there and there was a mattress on the floor. Rich came in and shut the door behind him then grabbed my arms and held me while John ripped open my coverall and roughly grabbed my tits. 'You have wonderful tits Gill, let's have them out' and he dragged my bra cups up and over my tits and let them fall free. He played with them for a while then started to strip in front of me. When he dropped his pants he was already very hard and my pussy knew it was me that had done it and it was throbbing.

He dragged my coverall down, then my panties then dragged me down on top of him on the mattress, I knew from a couple of days ago in the shower that I was expected to slip onto him. I sat up and lowered myself onto him. Rich was now stripped and his hand came down my belly and was rubbing my clit while i bounced up and down on John, fuck it was very exciting and the rubbing after 2 days of nothing quickly brought me to a clenching orgasm. John then pulled my head down towards him so i was laid on top of him and he slid in and out of me. Rich was feeling my arse and giving it a few gentle taps then his fingers went down round my pussy and he felt me and rubbed fluids up and over my other hole. He did this a few times before easing his thumb into it. I moaned out loud while he played. Then he straddled me and I knew he was going to try and slip it into me. He guided it in and eased it carefully in until his head was in me then in one thrust it slid right in. OH FUCK!!!! Two dicks at the same time and they thrusted at the same time so as to bang into me at the same time! Double pleasure, double quick orgasm!

He withdrew from me and John rolled me off saying 'I want to fuck that arse now', Rich lay down his dick still hard, John pushed me towards him and said 'get on him, ride that dick' i protested 'i have just cum' he said 'stop moaning you're going to cum again in a minute' and pushed me down onto Rich I had no choice but to slip onto him and before I knew it John was in me as well. I took a sharp intake of breath as it went in. They both fucked the shit out of me slapping my arse and squeezing my tits and he was right I exploded onto him in about a minute. They continued to fuck like rabbits until both came in me.

I went to bed that night very sore! But very satisfied and i soon drifted off to sleep dreaming of double penetration. When I woke as the alarm went off I realised I was very wet. Unfortunately I didn't have time to relieve myself! I went down to the milking parlour and Rich was there already and when I was getting things ready he came across and said 'did you enjoy yesterday?' I said 'I did very much!' he smiled and fondled my tits and said 'If there was more time I would have them out!'.

We finished the shift and John came in and said he wanted to see me in the filter room when we finished. I finished up in the parlour and went to the filter room, there was a large padded box just like a vaulting horse in the room which had metal loops fastened down each corner. John appeared and shut the door and he said 'take your coverall off!' I hesitated and wasn't sure about this but before I knew it he went behind me and yanked it down over my shoulders, undid my bra and dragged me to the vault box and pulled me over it face down. He quickly fastened one of my arms down the front corner and then the other. I then felt him pulling my coverall down over my arse and down my legs. He gave me a hard spank across my arse and said 'When i tell you to strip you strip! Do you understand?' 'YES' I shouted and I could feel myself begin to get aroused at the thought of his animal instincts and the position I was in. He yanked at my panties and I heard them rip making me gasp out loud as they were ripped off me. He pulled my ankle round the corner of the vault and fastened it to the shackle then the other side. He then came to my head and said 'I have a little surprise for you' and laughed. I heard the door open and someone came in behind me, they came over to me and stood in front of me and John said 'this is my mate Derek' he moved to my side and I felt his fingers trail down my naked back and across my arse and then gave it a good squeeze. I heard him say 'Fuck! You're right she is a lovely little thing, I have been thinking of this all night and all morning' he started to strip off in front of me and I could feel myself start to dribble as my arousal increased. John went behind me and I thought he was going to fuck me from behind but instead his fingers penetrated me and as they slid into me he said 'wet and ready! She is always wet! I have been looking forward to this all week' I thought he meant fucking me over the vault but as Derek stripped I began to notice a very large bulge in his underpants and when he dropped them his dick sprang out. It was fucking huge both in length and girth and the more I looked the more I began to shudder at the thought of how painful it was going to be when that dick forced its way into me and stretched my young pussy. Before i knew it I was shouting out 'NO, NO I can't take that, NO stop, I don't want it' and began pulling at my tied arms and legs but they were fast. Derek said 'oh you will take it! you will stretch and I will enjoy this tight little ginger pussy!' he went behind me and tapped and stroked my arse , John was laughing and stood in front of me saying 'I want to watch your face when that dick goes in' and he bent down to , look straight into my eyes. I was pulling and tugging at the ropes and screaming for them to stop but I could feel Derek's dick touch the cheeks of my arse and he was guiding it towards my wet pussy. He rubbed it up and down the lips for a while then suddenly pushed against me shoving it into me, i could feel it stretching and stretching and I could feel it easing its way into me, I screamed out as it stretched me beyond pleasurable. He kept pushing at me until he was in me. He stopped and held it in me for ages as if letting me get used to it then he started easing it out till it felt like it was coming out then in again, getting faster and harder with each thrust, I groaned out loud through gritted teeth with each thrust as it devoured my pussy. He shouted 'Oh fuck that is lovely, what a pussy' he banged away at my arse for ages I think I came twice but with mixed emotions of pain and arousal. Then he screamed out loud and held it in me as he shot his hot load into me. He pumped and pumped me each time another jet of hot fluid spat against my insides, deep deep inside me. I could feel him relaxing as he slowed and started to withdraw from me. Fluid ran down my thighs from my wide open pussy as he slipped out of it.

I gasped as it did and I knew that I had cum on that weapon when i felt him deep inside me.

John said 'fuck that excited me, I think its my turn now' and disappeared from my view and i felt him grab my arse and without wasting any time he rammed into me with a gasp of delight. He fucked me like a man possessed until i arched and came with a massive orgasm that triggered him into his own.

It took me days to recover from that pounding and my pussy felt normal.

A new girl was employed to fill in when Rich and I were on days off, so occasionally she would be working alongside me. Suze was about my age and had long jet black hair, had very nice looking boobs that looked very firm and perky, I had looked at her in her undies when we changed at the end of the shift. She was quite chatty and this morning let me know that she had had a session with John and Rich. At the end of the shift John came in and said 'I need a word in the filter room you two', I knew what that had meant in the past but didn't think that would be the case with two of us there. When we went in there was two chairs in the middle of the floor facing each other and John shut the door behind us, old Bill was stood in the corner against the filter vessel. John said 'Its playtime! I want you to strip naked and sit on the chairs facing each other and I want you to play with yourselves and make yourself cum. The first one to cum gets a good shag, the looser has to suck off old Bill over there!' Suze said 'your joking!' I said 'I don't think so, he is serious!' John said 'that's right, if you want to keep your job get cracking the clock is ticking!' We both looked at each other in disbelief but when he started counting to ten we knew he meant it. We both stripped quickly and sat down, I opened my legs and immediately got my fingers down there, I thought I would try the slow and gentle approach, and let my mind and thoughts work overtime and fantasize. I rubbed my clit in a slow circular motion and fixed my eyes on Suze, her tits were very nice and she had a very nice looking hairy bush of black hair which was smooth and groomed towards her slit rather than a mass off curly pubes. She was using the fast approach and was frantically rubbing herself. It really turned me on watching her playing and getting excited, her pussy glistened with her wet juices as she parted her lips. I was concentrating cos I really fancied a good fuck, then mind wandered to the thought of loosing and having to suck old Bills dick, oh shit! Well that's subdued my building orgasm. I could tell Suze was getting very excited and was moaning out loud as she started to build to release. Oh shit come on you daft bitch, concentrate, cum, cum. Then before I could build enough she exploded and lay back in the chair, her body pulsating with each wave of pleasure she was experiencing. John stepped forward and took Suze by the hand and said 'Good girl! I think this is my prize and Gill is all yours Bill' he came forward with a big smile of his face and immediately undid his trousers and let them drop then slid his underpants down revealing his hard old dick. He was obviously excited at watch two naked young women playing with themselves in front of him. I gulped and thought to myself just imagine its the dick of a young stud rather than a grey hair old git. Come on just do it, i closed my eyes and gulped again and reached out and took hold of it and rubbed it a little before taking the tip in my mouth and sucking it, I knew it speed things up the quicker I could make him cum and get this over. I ringed my fingers around his shaft and rubbed up and down as fast as i could while sucking hard on the tip of his dick. He groaned and moaned as i continued to excite him then I heard Suze groaning out loud and i opened my eyes and turned my head and saw her on her hands and knees on the floor and John pounding the ass off her. Her generous tits swinging to and fro beneath her with each thrust particularly turned me on. Her head was arching back and she was about to cum again.

At that point I suddenly realised Bill was cumming and he moaned out and spat a massive load in my mouth, fuck it felt like he was cumming forever, has he not cum for months? He eventually went limp and when i looked he was beaming all over his face. I was so turned on by the sight of Suze's tits swinging I had to join in and quickly got up and went over to them. My hands went straight down under her and cupped her tits. Oh fuck thats nice. I caressed them for a little while then i ran my hand down her belly and across her hairy bush till i felt her open crack. I slid my finger down it till i found her erect clit. She gasped out as i crossed it. I quickly started circling it and she responded her body bashing back to meet John dick coming in. They fucked hard for a while before she exploded on him. I could feel her pussy pulsating as she came on him while he continued to pound her trying to bring himself to peak. Now its your turn he said as he grabbed me and flung my down onto my hands and knees finding his mark without any hesitation. He thrusted away at me for a couple of minutes then he exploded in me. I felt frustrated that day, so much excitement but no orgasm!


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